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                                                            ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH
                                                                     October 24, 2002
promote the health, and preserve the environment for all people in the Orange County community.

THE ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH MET ON October 24, 2002 at the Government
Services Center, Hillsborough, North Carolina.

BOARD OF HEALTH MEMBERS PRESENT: Jonathan Klein, Chair; Mel Hurston, Vice Chair; Barry
Adler; Alan Rimer; Martha Stucker; Lee Werley; Kate Wilder; Alice White


STAFF PRESENT: Rosemary Summers, Health Director; Wayne Sherman, Personal Health Services
Division Director; Donna King, Health Promotion and Education Services Division Director;
Angela Cooke, Dental Health Services Division Director; Ron Holdway, Environmental Health
Services Division Director; John Sauls, Animal Control Services Division Director; Anne Miles,
Administrative Assistant

GUESTS PRESENT: Jennifer Horney, Pam Dickens, UNC School of Public Health; Jim Anderson,
Deloris M. Chandler, Chandler Soil Consultants; Sharon Sunkel, Douglas Sunkel, Property
Owners; Karen McAdams, Orange County Cooperative Extension.

I.          Welcome and Introductions

            Jonathan Klein called the meeting to order at 7:10 P.M. and introduced the guests.

II.         Approval of October 24, 2002 Agenda

            Jonathan Klein requested Item IV.D. be moved to V.C. for discussion.

            The motion to approve the Agenda of October 24, 2002 as amended was made by Kate
            Wilder, seconded by Martha Stucker, and carried without dissent.

III.        Public Comment for Items NOT on Printed Agenda


IV.         Action Items on CONSENT Agenda

            A.           Minutes approval of September 19, 2002 meeting.

            Motion to approve the minutes of September 19, 2002 was made by Martha Stucker,
            seconded by Lee Werley, and carried without dissent.

            B.           Agreement Renewal Dental Health Director

                         The UNC School of Dentistry has provided for the services of a Dental Director for the
                         Health Department since the beginning of the Dental Program 20 years ago. The
                         Dental Director provides clinical oversight and consultation to health department staff
                         and to the variety of dental attendings, residents, and students that provide actual
                         clinical services to the program. The Dental Division will be exploring the
                         consolidation of the dental director role with the part-time faculty that the department
Board of Health Minutes Transcription completed by V. Anne Miles              1                     September 19, 2002
                                                            ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH
                                                                     October 24, 2002
                         also utilizes through the School of Dentistry.

                         This agreement is for $10,000 and has not increased.

            C.           New Personal Health Clinic Fees

                         Three new fees are proposed to be established for services that our patients are
                         requesting that we provide. Unless a fee is established, we cannot charge for the
                         services we provide. The proposed fees are for the Mirena IUD device and insertion
                         and uricult laboratory charge.

            Motion to approve items on the consent agenda was made by Martha Stucker, seconded
            by Lee Werley, and carried without dissent.

V.          Reports and Discussion with Possible Action

            A.           PHEADS Committee

                         1.           Sunkel Hearing Report and Recommendation

                                      Douglas Sunkel appealed the staff’s decision to revoke an Improvement Permit
                                      issued for a property he owns. The decision to revoke the permit was based on
                                      erroneous laboratory findings submitted to the staff that affected the
                                      determination of the site suitability. Once the correct laboratory findings were
                                      submitted, they did not support the site suitability classification and the permit
                                      was accordingly revoked.

                                      A hearing was held by the ACEH Committee on October 10th and the transcript
                                      from the hearing was included as part of the Board of Health packet. The Board
                                      has the authority to affirm, modify, or reverse the staff decision in the appeal
                                      according to NCGS §130A-24. The Committee is recommending that the Board
                                      affirm the staff decision.

                                      Deloris M. Chandler, Chandler Soil Scientists, addressed the Board on behalf of
                                      the property owners.

            Motion to affirm the hearing officers recommendation was made by Alan Rimer,
            seconded by Martha Stucker, and carried without dissent.

            B.           ACEH Committee

                         1.           OCART Plan

                                      Kate Wilder reported that in December 2001 the ACEH Committee was
                                      presented with an animal disaster response team (OCART) plan progress report.
                                      The second revision was presented for Board review and input. Although there
                                      are remaining pieces of the plan to be developed, including a glossary, the
                                      Board was asked to provide feedback prior to adoption of the basic plan. Once
                                      adopted, the working group will proceed with volunteer recruitment and

Board of Health Minutes Transcription completed by V. Anne Miles              2                            September 19, 2002
                                                            ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH
                                                                     October 24, 2002
                                      When the final plan is adopted it will go to Emergency Management and become
                                      part of the county multi-hazard plan.

                                      The Board acknowledged the hard work of the committee members that pulled
                                      this information together and prepared the draft, especially Dr. Sherry Nutter
                                      and Karen McAdams.

                         2.           External Review Proposals for APS

                                      The Committee met and discussed each of the proposal summaries, from the
                                      Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and the American Human Society
                                      (AHS), and ideas for a public input process in preparation for making
                                      recommendations to the Board of Commissioners.

                                      The Committee asked staff to continue seeking more information on each of the
                                      organizations proposals through recommendations/references from previous
                                      clients. John Sauls presented the results of his conversations with clients of
                                      both organizations and Board members agreed that HSUS would provide more
                                      value for funds spent.

                                      The Board of Commissioners has scheduled a work session on October 28, 2002
                                      to hear the recommendations of this Board and to consider the next steps.

                         Motion to recommend to the Board of County Commissioners that the Humane
                         Society of the United States (HSUS) conduct the external APS review was made by
                         Alan Rimer, seconded by Alice White, and carried without dissent.

            C.           New Food and Lodging Plan Review Fees

                         The North Carolina General Assembly recently enacted legislation to allow local health
                         departments to charge fees for plan reviews of any food service establishments such as
                         restaurants, food stands, meat markets, etc. This act became effective on September
                         30, 2002 and details of implementing the fees are left to local boards of health.

                         Staff prepared a draft fee schedule along with a fee policy for the ACEH Committee’s
                         consideration and it was reviewed at their meeting on October 10th. The policy
                         excludes elderly nutrition sites and school lunchrooms from the fees. The schedule is
                         adjusted for size of facility due to reduced staff work for smaller facilities.

                         Motion to approve the policy and fee schedule and forward these to the Board of
                         Commissioners for review was made by Martha Stucker, seconded by Alice White,
                         and carried without dissent.

VI.         Board Comments/Announcements

                         Rosemary Summers distributed pink ribbon pins to Board members from the Breast
                         Cancer Awareness project.

                         The Health Department was a recipient of approximately $5000 from Carolina Dancers
                         for Breast Cancer Awareness. Carolina Dancers held a benefit dance and turned over
                         the proceeds to agencies for breast cancer projects. The department will use this
Board of Health Minutes Transcription completed by V. Anne Miles              3                         September 19, 2002
                                                            ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH
                                                                     October 24, 2002
                         money to pay for mammograms for women who cannot pay for them.

                         Counties within the ten-mile radius of Shearon Harris are in the process of distributing
                         potassium iodide pills the first week of November. The Health Department will be
                         posting a fact sheet for the public on the department web site of what to do in case of
                         a radiation emergency and information on where to access additional information and
                         videos about radiation emergencies.

                         Martha Stucker announced that another orientation will be held for volunteers next

VII.        Adjournment

            Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Alan Rimer, seconded by Kate Wilder, and
            carried without dissent.

The next Board of Health meeting will be held on November 14, 2002 at the R. E. Whitted
Human Services Center, Health Department conference room, Hillsborough, North Carolina at
7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Rosemary L. Summers, MPH, DrPH
Health Director
Secretary to the Board

Board of Health Minutes Transcription completed by V. Anne Miles              4                     September 19, 2002

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