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									A Time to Protect
Faith at the Crossroads

Author: Lois Richer

TWO ATTEMPTS ON MAYOR'S LIFE by Colleen Montgomery (staff reporter)DRAFTMayor Maxwell
Vance was shot in an apparent assassination attempt yesterday. A second attempt on his life was made
at Vance Memorial Hospital, where nurse [leave her name out?] Chloe Tanner managed to stop the
assailant before being injured herself. She is currently under protection. [Note to self: disclose FBI agent
protecting her and her kids is my brother Brendan.] Speculation is that the mayor was shot in retaliation
for his strong antidrug stance, following the new surge of drug-related crimes in Colorado Springs. Does
the would-be killer want Chloe silenced forever?
Author Bio
Lois Richer
Lois Richer likes variety. From being a human resources manager to working at a salon to being an
entrepreneur, she's found life has held plenty of surprises."Having given up on fairy tales, I was happily
involved in building a restaurant when a handsome prince walked into my life and upset all my career
plans with a wedding ring. Motherhood quickly followed. I guess the seeds of my storytelling took root
because of two small boys who kept demanding, 'Then what, Mom?'"The miracle of God's love for His
children, the blessing of true love, the joy of sharing Him with others—that is a story that can be told a
thousand ways and still be brand-new. Lois Richer intends to go right on telling it.You can contact Lois at
www.loisricher.com, loisricher@yahoo.com or by writing to P.O. Box 639, Nipawin, SK, Canada S0E

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