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Sound operator job descr

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					                                  Circus Oz

                                Tour Manager

                             Position Description

Circus Oz is Australiaʼs internationally acclaimed contemporary circus. Circus
Oz performs in self-entrepreneured seasons in Australian capital cities, in
regional and remote Australia in theatres and other venues, and
internationally in theatres and other venues.

The Tour Manager is part of the management team on tour which includes the
Touring Production Manager, the Show Director and the Stage Manager.

Employment will be on a tour by tour basis.

The Tour Manager needs to have the following qualities and skills:

   • Excellent interpersonal skills
   • Ability to deal with a broad range of people in many different contexts
     and cultures
   • Capacity to take things in oneʼs stride and keep a cool head
   • Excellent problem solving abilities
   • Capacity to be flexible and undertake the range of duties efficiently in a
     variety of contexts
   • High level of organisational skill and capacity to manage and enjoy
     multiple tasks
   • Resilience and energy
   • Financial acumen
   • Capacity to understand the needs, requirements and priorities of the
     different parts of the organisation
   • Confidence, empathy and professionalism
   • Sound judgement and discretion at all times, including in stressful
   • Capacity to maintain confidentiality

The Tour Manager's job is a complex one. A lot of the duties are tangible and
are outlined below. Other parts of the role are less tangible and require
sensitivity to the physical and emotional needs of a large group of people who
work hard in circumstances that can be made more difficult by the fact that
people can be a long way from home.

The Tour Manager is the primary on-the-ground contact between the touring
group and the people Circus Oz works with around the world: local presenters
and venue managers, the box office, local publicists, media, the hotel or
motel, restaurants or caterers, travel agents, masseurs and physios, and so

The Tour Manager work involves liaison with members of the Executive
leadership, heads of departments, office staff and personnel on tour. The Tour
Manager reports to the General Manager.


All tours

   • Contribute to the development of schedules for each tour.

   • Book travel and accommodation.

   • Put together equipment and supplies needed for a touring office.

   • Organise merchandising in conjunction with marketing staff.

In addition, on self-entrepreneured tent seasons
    • Set up front of house, box office, canteen, bar and set up ordering

   • Set up merchandising stand and operations in conjunction with
     marketing staff.

   • Hire, in conjunction with the office, casual staff including Front of House
     manager, merchandising staff, ushers, canteen staff and box office

Season Management
All tours

   • Manage the season in conjunction with the touring management group
     and the office.

   • Coordinate and troubleshoot travel and accommodation arrangements
     on tour.

   • Set up and maintain an office at each location on tour.

In addition, on self-entrepreneured tent seasons

   • Oversee, with the Front of House Manager, the running of front of
      house, box office, canteen, bar and merchandising operations.

   • Manage the Front of House tent and attendant staff including the Front
     of House Manager.


   • Contribute to the development of budgets and manage expenditure
     within aras of budget responsibility (including staff amenities, gifts,
     travel and accommodation), and ensure that expenditure is within

   • Maintain financial records of each tour including reconciliations of box
     office, canteen, bar and merchandising receipts.

   • Manage, maintain and reconcile petty cash expenditure.

   • Undertake day-to-day financial operations of the touring company,
     including receipt and payment of bills, preparing financial information
      including cheque reconciliations, deposit forms and expenditure
      summaries, organisation of banking and managing petty cash.

In addition, on self-entrepreneured tent seasons
    • Manage financial aspects of the season in conjunction with the Circus
       Oz Box Office person.

   • Organise payment of casual wages through office.

Marketing and Publicity

   • Manage season publicity in conjunction with the Circus Oz Marketing
     Department, the publicist and in with regard to the schedule.

   • Liaise with publicists and the media, act as a spokesperson for the
     company, distribute press kits, provide information and participate in

   • Coordinate all publicity calls for the touring group.

In addition, on self-entrepreneured tent seasons

   • Co-ordinate the major press call, liaising with the Circus Oz Artistic
     Director, Marketing Director, the publicist and the press.

Occupational Health and Safety and WorkCover
  • Organise the care of injured and ill people including members of the
    general public present at the show.

  • Look after the occupational health and safety of the touring group
     including organisation of medical treatment for work-related injuries and
    the     monitoring of progress and recovery in relation to these injuries.
    Be aware and respectful of confidentiality.

  • Maintain WorkCover records on tour and provide the Melbourne office
    with information necessary for the processing of claims in a timely

  • Maintain up-to-date First Aid training.


  • Prepare information packs before each discrete tour detailing schedule,
    accommodation, travel arrangements, addresses of theatre/tent site,
    maps, currency conversions, any language or cultural hints and other
    useful details.

  • Prepare contact lists for the touring group.

  • Distribute room and telephone numbers to the group to facilitate

  • Disseminate information to all the touring group .

  • Schedule and coordinate the management (weekly) and touring
    (fortnightly) group meetings on tour. Ensure the minutes of these
    meetings are taken and passed on to relevant people in the office.

  • Prepare tour analyses and reports during and after the show.

Communications and Working Relationships

  • Maintain excellent working relationships with members of the touring
    group to
    ensure the smooth running of tours. Treat everyone with respect and
    maintain confidentiality.

  • Maintain excellent communications between the touring group and the
    Melbourne office.

  • Contribute to strong communication and sharing of information between
    different areas of the company (performers, technicians, office staff and
    Executive) in order that the company works towards its goals from the
    basis of shared understanding.
   • Maintain excellent relations with the management and staff of host
     organisations such as festivals, theatres and promoters while on tour.

   • Maintain good relations with the public and ensuring audience
     within areas of responsibility.

   • Behave in ways that reflect well on the company. The Tour Manager
     will often be people's first introduction to Circus Oz.


This is a big part of the job. A happy company makes for a better tour. If
people don't have to think too much about where to get food, where can they
do their washing, where is the swimming pool etc. when they are only in a
town for a couple of days they will be happier. Find out stuff like that,
preferably before youarrive, and pass it on.

An injury in the company does not only affect the injured person, it affects
everyone. Be aware of this and manage morale and communications

Birthdays. Celebrate them! Buy a gift. Think of special things to do
occasionally even if there is no special occasion. If it has been a difficult bump
in see if anyone is in need of a cup of tea, a sandwich, moral support, a
shoulder to cry on etc.

Ensure that all members of the company are treated with respect and in an
equal and fair manner.

   • Organise meals (between shows on two show days) and incidental food
      (during bump ins/outs, other according to schedule) for the working
      group (do not underestimate the importance of this task!).

   • Oversee the allocation of comps for the touring company.

   • Contribute to the development and implementation of future plans and
     long term objectives for the company.

   • Undertake other duties as directed.

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