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									                                                                                                                                                             SKIN CARE & HYGIENE
                                                                                          Solar Radiation

  SKIN CARE &                                                                             In Australia two out of three people will develop
                                                                                          some form of skin cancer during their lifetime.
                                                                                          Often the best way to protect skin from the sun is

  HYGIENE                                                                                 with the use of clothing and shade. However, any
                                                                                          remaining exposed skin should be protected by a
                                                                                          sunscreen of at least SPF15 and preferably SPF
                                                                                          30+. There are two main types of sunscreens,
                                                                                          chemical absorbers & physical blockers. These
                                                                                          can be effectively combined with an insect
                                                                                          repellent for dual protection. Refer to the
                                                                                 guidance note for
                                                                                          protection of workers from ultraviolet radiation in
APPLICATION                                                                               sunlight.

When engineering and administrative control measures
are unable to reduce exposure to processes or                                             Insect Repellents
environments capable of producing skin irritation and or                                  Employees who are required to work outdoors
disease, employees should have access to appropriate                                      in areas where insect borne disease may be
levels of preventative measures including hygienic                                        contracted (e.g. Ross River & Dengue virus) must
protective equipment and place of work.                                                   be provided with an adequate supply of insect
                                                                                          repellent. For regions where insect borne diseases
                                                                                          are present, health authorities recommend the
RISK ASSESSMENT                                                                           use of repellents containing between 5 – 20% of
                                                                                          N,N-diethyltoluamide (DEET).
The specifications for site hygiene and skin care
standards should be assessed following a survey of work
areas, plant processes and the external environment
to which workers are exposed, and with reference to                                       SAFETY TIPS
applicable state regulations or codes of practice.
Site hygiene requirements are likely to focus on                                          1. Use cotton liner gloves and barrier creams to
amenities such as rest rooms, toilets, wash rooms,                                        reduce the effects of sweat on hands.
lunch rooms, etc. Skin care, by necessity, focuses                                        2. Don’t wear another person’s gloves, and be
on protective clothing such as disposable garments,                                       aware of chemical permeation.
gloves, etc. to prevent the skin coming into contact
with contaminants. Consideration should also be given                                     3. Treat all cuts and abrasions no matter how
to issues such as the cause and elimination of industrial                                 minor.
dermatitis.                                                                               4. Wear long sleeve shirts for outdoor tasks.
                                                                                          5. Remember to re-apply sunscreen in line with
Industrial Dermatitis                                                                     recommendations.
Industrial dermatitis can be caused by a range of factors                                 6. Use the mildest possible hand cleaner.
depending on the industry concerned. There are a
                                                                                          All workers should be trained in the correct use and maintenance
number of common elements such as regular wet work,                                       of personal protective equipment.
wearing gloves that do not breathe for long periods,
and frequent use of harsh hand cleaners and abrasive
soaps. It is also very important to select the mildest
hand cleaner. Also consider the use of barrier creams
under gloves to help prevent skin damage, and after                                       HAND CLEANERS                                            74
care lotions to assist in moisturizing.

                                                                                          SUNSCREENS                                               75

  AS/NZS 2604:1998 Sunscreen products –                                                   CLEANING CHEMICALS                                       76
  Evaluation and classification.
  AS/NZS 4501 Set:2008 Occupational protective
  clothing set.                                                                           DISPOSABLES & EQUIPMENT                                  77

DISCLAIMER: The information detailed above is not provided as a solution to the control of workplace hazards. It is an outline and has not been
prepared as any statement of law nor is it intended to replace or substitute for professional and/or legal advice which is strongly recommended.
                                                 ‘Citra Scrub’                                                  Protecta ‘Gold’ Hand
                                                 Hand Cleaner                                                   Cleaner
                                                                                       - 100% solvent free industrial hand cleaner
                                                                                       - pH controlled to match the skin
                        - Citrus based industrial hand cleaner - 100%                  - Removes heavy deposits of
                          solvent free                                                   grease, oil, coal dust &
                                                                                         most soils
                        - Removes ingrained soils, grease, dirt, etc
                                                                                       - Provides moisturisers to
                        - Contains lanolin & moisturisers                                the skin to prevent
                          to help prevent dryness                                        industrial dermatitis

                        - Waterless, contains
                                                                                           CODE         DESCRIPTION
                          enviro scrubbers
                                                                                           JHCG5        GOLD 5 LTR TIN
                        - Dispensers to suit                                              JHCG20       GOLD 20 LTR PAIL
                                                                                          JHCGC4    GOLD 4 LTR CARTRIDGE

                                                                                                                Protecta ‘Pink’ Heavy
                                                                                                                Duty Hand Cleaner
                                                                                       - Petroleum based fast
                                                                                         working hand cleaner
                                                                                       - Removes grease, oil,
                                                                                         metal dust, carbon black,
                                                                                         printer’s ink, paint &
                                                                                         most industrial soils
                         CODE                DESCRIPTION                               - Contains lanolin to
                        JHCCS4           CITRA SCRUB 4 LTR TIN                           help prevent dryness
                        JHCCS20          CITRA SCRUB 20 KG PAIL
                        JHCCSC4       CITRA SCRUB 4 LTR CARTRIDGE

                                              Protecta Dispensers                          CODE          DESCRIPTION
                                                                                          JHCPP4         PINK 4 LTR TIN
                      Metal Dispensers                     Plastic Dispensers             JHCPP20       PINK 20 KG PAIL
                      - (4L and 20KG)                      - (4L, 20KG & 20L)             JHCPPC4    PINK 4 LTR CARTRIDGE

                                                                                                                Protecta ‘Grit’ Extra
                                                                                                                Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
                                                                                       - Petroleum based hand cleaner
                                                                                         containing pumice
                            JHCXDM4       JHCXDM20K           JHCXDP4      JHCXDP20K   - Quickly removes tar, carbon,
                                                                                         varnish, paint & ingrained soils
                                                                                       - Contains lanolin to help
                                                                                         prevent dryness


                                                                                           CODE           DESCRIPTION
                                                                                          JHCPG4          GRIT 4 LTR TIN
                                                                                          JHCPG20        GRIT 20 KG PAIL
                                                                                          JHCPGC4     GRIT 4 LTR CARTRIDGE

                                              Protecta Barrier & Skin
                                              Repair Creams
                      Protecta Plus                                 Protecta Guard                          Protecta Care
                      - Water repellent barrier cream               - Solvent resistant                     - After work skin
                      - Protects against water,                       barrier cream                           repair cream
                        moisture, water borne                       - Protects against dry                  - Designed to assist the
                        irritants, acids, alkalis                     powders, dust, grease,                  skin to repair itself and in
                      - Non-greasy, non-oily                          oil & solvents                          the prevention of dermatitis
                      - Contains added moisturisers                 - Non-greasy, non-oily                  - Provides natural
                                                                    - Contains added                          moisturising

                        CODE               DESCRIPTION                  CODE        DESCRIPTION              CODE               DESCRIPTION
                       JHBPP500         PROTECTA PLUS 500ML         JHBPG500    PROTECTA GUARD 500ML       JHBPC500          PROTECTA CARE 500ML

                  Sunscreen SPF30+ Lotion

                                                                                                                                  SKIN CARE & HYGIENE
- Broad spectrum UVA
  & UVB rays
- 4 hour water resistant
- Vitamin E - PABA free
- TGA approved

                                   ASBL250          ASBL250S                       ASBL8                            ASBL12

      CODE                         DESCRIPTION                             CODE                       DESCRIPTION
     ASBL250            SUNSCREEN SPF30+ 250ML FLIPTOP                     ASBL8               SUNSCREEN SPF30+ 1 LTR PUMP
    ASBL250S             SUNSCREEN SPF30+ 250ML SPRAY                     ASBL12           SUNSCREEN SPF30+ 2.5 LTR PUMP
     ASBL10               SUNSCREEN SPF30+ 500ML PUMP                      ASBL5               SUNSCREEN SPF30+ 5 LTR PUMP

                  Sunscreen SPF30+ Lotion                                              ‘Red Eyed Gotcha’
                  with Insect Repellent                                                Insect Repellent

-   Broad spectrum UVA & UVB rays                                     - Tropical strength
-   2 hour water resistant                                            - 6 hour protection
-   Tropical strength - PABA free                                     - Neutral scent, non greasy
-   TGA approved

     CODE               DESCRIPTION
               SUNSCREEN SPF30+ WITH INSECT                                 CODE                       DESCRIPTION
                 REPELLENT 125mL FLIPTOP                                  AREG100A             RED EYED GOTCHA AEROSOL 150ML
               SUNSCREEN SPF30+ WITH INSECT             ASBL9             AREG100P              RED EYED GOTCHA PUMP 100ML
                    REPELLENT 1 L PUMP                                    AREG100RO            RED EYED GOTCHA ROLL ON 100ML

                  Germ Buster Anti-Bacterial
                  Sanitising Hand Gel & Foamer

-   No water required
-   Kills germs, dries instantly
-   TGA approved
-   HACCP Accreditation
-   AQIS Approved
      CODE                DESCRIPTION
    AGB0050         GERMBUSTER FOAMER 50ML
    AGB0150        GERMBUSTER GEL 150ML TUBE
                                                                AGB0050                          AGB1000                AGB5000

                              ‘ProBloc’ SPF30+ Sunscreen

- SPF30+ with moisturising
  Vitamin E
- Broad spectrum
- 3 hr water resistant

                                    ASS125               ASSS250                     ASSS500                        ASSS1

     CODE                          DESCRIPTION                             CODE                       DESCRIPTION
    ASSS125                   PROBLOC125ML TUBE                           ASSS500                  PROBLOC 500ML PUMP
    ASSS250                  PROBLOC 250ML BOTTLE                         ASSS1                    PROBLOC 1LTR PUMP

                                     Sun Protective Headwear

                      Kalahari Hat                                      Tanami Hat                                    Attach-A-Flap
                      - Covered vents &                                 - Lightweight & cool                          - Adds shade to
                        releasable back panel                           - Permanently                                   cap or hard hat
                        for improved ventilation                          attached flap                                - Variable coverage
                      - Soft toweling sweatband                         - Soft toweling                                 to face
                      - Adjustable headstrap                              sweatband                                   - Cool and
                                                                        - Shower proof                                  comfortable

                         CODE       DESCRIPTION                        COLOURS                                SIZES
                        HSKHM       KALAHARI HAT      NAVY, ORANGE, YELLOW, ATLANTIC BLUE              ONE SIZE FITS ALL
                         HSTM       TANAMI HAT*             NAVY, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN                S-M, M-L, L-XL, 2XL       * NOT ALL COLOURS AVAILABLE
                                                                                                                                   ALL SIZES, OTHER COLOURS
                         HSAAF      ATTACH-A-FLAP           NAVY, ORANGE, YELLOW, WHITE                ONE SIZE FITS ALL           AVAILABLE.

                                    ‘Easy View Net’ &
                                    ‘Net N Shade’                                                            Sun Safe Gloves

                                                                                           - Multi-purpose, fingerless
                      ‘Easy View Net’ -
                                                                                             for maximum dexterity
                        extra long black net
                                                                                           - Synthetic leather/suede
                        blocks 40% UV, wear
                                                                                             palm with ‘Sure Grip’ patch
                        individually or
                                                                                           - Nylon lycra fabric
                      ‘Net N Shade’ - adds
                       UV screen to hat
                       brims & hard hats

                                                    HSEVN               HSNNS

                         CODE         DESCRIPTION            COLOURS
                         HSEVN        EASY VIEW NET            BLACK                         CODE      DESCRIPTION                     S
                                                                                                                                 COLOURS             SIZES
                         HSNNS        NET N SHADE           NAVY, ORANGE                    GLSSSG    SUN SAFE GLOVE         BLUE, BLACK, GREEN     XS - XL

                                        Spray & Wipe                       C-Thru Glass                                    Lemon X5 Disinfectant
                                        Surface Cleaner                    Cleaner                                         Cleaner
                      - Anti-bacterial                                     - Window & glass                                - Concentrated
                        general purpose                                      cleaner, sparkling                              1:120 dilution,
                        surface cleaner                                      streak free finish                               cleaner,
                      - Lemon charged,                                     - Removes smears,                                 disinfectant &
                        suitable for most                                    finger marks,                                    deodoriser
                        washable surfaces                                    smog, tobacco tar                             - Suitable for
                                                                             residues & other                                canteens,
                                                                             soil deposts                                    amenities
                                                                                                                             waste bins, etc

                         CODE          DESCRIPTION                           CODE           DESCRIPTION                        CODE         DESCRIPTION
                         JCSW5       ‘SPRAY & WIPE’ - 5L                     JCCT5           ‘C-THRU’ - 5L                     JCLX20      LEMON ‘X5’ - 20L
                        JCSW750    ‘SPRAY & WIPE’ - 750mL                   JCCT750        ‘C-THRU’ - 750mL                    JCLX5        LEMON ‘X5’ - 5L

                                        Citrus Power        Blockettes Perfumed                                            Neutral Lemon
                                        Washroom Maintainer Toilet Blocks                                                  Floor Cleaner
                        - Removes soap,                                    - Compressed                                    - Concentrate
                          scum, calcium scale,                               perfumed blocks                                 floor cleaner
                          bathroom plaque,                                 - Suitable in                                     safe to use on
                          grime & stains                                     toilets and                                     most washable
                        - Phosphate,                                         urinals as an                                   surfaces inc.
                          ammonia and                                        odour                                           floors, walls
                          chlorine free                                      suppressant                                     benches, tiles
                                                                             & air freshener                               - Non-alkaline
                                                                                                                             cleaner suitable
                                                                                                                             for the daily
                         CODE          DESCRIPTION                         CODE            DESCRIPTION                       cleaning of polished floors
                        JCCP20      ‘CITRUS POWER’ - 15L                   JCB15      TOILET BLOCKETTES - 15kg               CODE         DESCRIPTION
                         JCCP5       ‘CITRUS POWER’ - 5L                    JCB4      TOILET BLOCKETTES - 4kg                JCNL5      NEUTRAL LEMON - 5L
                        JCCP750    ‘CITRUS POWER’ - 750mL                   JCB9      TOILET BLOCKETTES - 9kg                JCNL20     NEUTRAL LEMON - 20L

                         VC600 Cleaning Wipes                                                      XP Solvent Wipe

                                                                                                                                            SKIN CARE & HYGIENE
- Exceptional strength,                                                  - Tough, long lasting and
  durability and absorbency                                                economical wipe that is
- Made from non woven fibre,                                                extremely absorbent
  spun laced with 90% viscose                                            - Made from a composition
  / 10% polyester                                                          of wood pulp and
- Extremely low lint,                                                      polyester fibres
  used wet or dry, ideal                                                 - Low lint wipe suitable for
  for a wide range of                                                      applications that involve
  applications                                                             grease, oil, diesel and dirt

                                                                             CODE                  DESCRIPTION                       UOM
   CODE            DESCRIPTION                COLOUR       UOM
                VC600 WIPERS 32CM X                                       JDW40502    XP WIPE 34CM X 30CM DISPENSER STYLE        50/BAG
  JDW600                                      WHITE      PK/50
                    60CM SHEET                                            JDW40503    XP WIPE 40CM X 29CM PERFORATED ROLL        500/ROLL

                        ‘De-Solv-it’ Multi-Purpose Cleaner

- Highly effective citrus based solvent for
 many degreasing, dewaxing and
  adhesive removal tasks
- Much safer than traditional hydrocarbon
  solvents - not a Class 3 Flammable
- No overwhelming vapours
- Biodegradable
- MSDS available

   CODE               DESCRIPTION
  JCS04W         DE-SOLV-IT CLEANER - 4L
  JCS20W        DE-SOLV-IT CLEANER - 20L
                                                 JCS003W     JCS0075W               JCS04W                           JCS20W

All Purpose Roll Wipers                                                  All Purpose Sheet Wipers
- High performance quality                                               - High performance quality wipes suitable
  wipes suitable for most surfaces                                         for most surfaces
- 4 colours to choose from                                               - 4 colours to choose from
- All purpose and                                                        - Also available in
  heavy duty options                                                       heavy duty weight

                                                                             CODE            DESCRIPTION                COLOUR       UOM
                                                                          JDW5630     WIPERS 60CM X 30CM SHEETS          WHITE    CTN/250
  CODE              DESCRIPTION               COLOUR       UOM            JDW5631     WIPERS 60CM X 30CM SHEETS           BLUE    CTN/250
 JDW5400    ALL PURPOSE 34CM X 65M ROLL         GREEN      ROLL           JDW5635     WIPERS 60CM X 30CM SHEETS           PINK    CTN/250
 JDW5403    HEAVY DUTY 30CM X 45M ROLL          BLUE       ROLL           JDW5653     WIPERS 60CM X 30CM SHEETS          GREEN    CTN/250

Premium 2 Ply Toilet Roll                         Premium Jumbo Toilet Roll                   Premium 2 Ply Facial Tissue
- Perfect combination of                          - Perfect combination of                    - Perfect combination of
  strength and softness                             strength and softness                       strength and softness
- 100% virgin grade                               - 100% virgin grade                         - 100% virgin grade material
  material with                                     material with                               with superior wet strength
  superior wet strength                             superior wet strength                     - 100 sheet pack, 215mm x
- 2 x 15gsm/Ply                                   - 95mm width,                                 120mm 2 x 14gsm/Ply
                                                    2 x 15gsm/Ply

  CODE          DESCRIPTION            UOM            CODE        DESCRIPTION       UOM       CODE             DESCRIPTION            UOM
 JDT1001    2 PLY / 400 SHEETS - 44M   CTN/48      JDT1004    1 PLY ROLLS - 600M    CTN/8    JDT1003 2 PLY TISSUE - 100 SHEETS       CTN/48
 JDT1002    3 PLY / 700 SHEETS - 44M   CTN/48      JDT1005    2 PLY ROLLS - 300M    CTN/8    JDT1006      1 PLY TOWEL - 150 SHEETS   CTN/20

                                                Floor Cones &                                             Carts & Trolleys
                                                A-Frame Signs
                                                                                 - Janitor’s Cart - Designed to carry all a cleaner’s needs in
                      - Choice of two messages - ‘Wet                              one cart. Two upper shelves carry disposable refills - air fresh
                                                                                   aerosols, soap, chemicals & a maid’s basket. Lower shelf can
                        Floor’ or ‘Cleaning in Progress’
                      - Choice of two colours with both h                          carry a mop bucket. Hooks and brackets for sweeping tools,
                        messages available in easy-see                             mops, cleaning cloths & safety signs as well as a garbage bag.
                        pink or bright yellow                                    - X Cart - With an extra large, tough nylon bag supported by a
                      - Heavyweight plastic for longer                             collapsible X, and running on four rubber smooth flow wheels,
                        life and greater stability                                 the X Cart is ideal for collecting desk-to-desk garbage bags or
                      - Hinge limiter on                                           soiled bed linen in a motel or hotel.
                        A-frame signs
                        ensures legs
                        open to
                        correct position
                      - Cones - 900mm high   h
                      - A-frame signs -
                        600mm high

                        CODE                 CRIPTION
                                          DESCRIPTION              COLOURS
                       SFC001       FLOOR CONE ‘WET FLOOR’       PINK, YELLOW                 JEC1                               JEC2
                                    FLOOR CONE ‘CLEANING IN
                       SFC002                                    PINK, YELLOW
                                                                                   CODE                DESCRIPTION
                       SFS001      A-FRAME SIGN ‘WET FLOOR’      PINK, YELLOW
                                                                                    JEC1          JANITORS CART C/W BAG
                                   A-FRAME SIGN ‘CLEANING IN
                       SFS002                                    PINK, YELLOW       JEC2              X-CART C/W BAG

                                                Expanding Mobile Barrier

                      - Easy to move, wheeled mobile barrier
                      - 600mm x 330mm footprint when
                        folded, expands to a full 4.0m long
                        exclsuion barrier
                      - Consists of a series of 900mm high
                        bright yellow panels
                      - Essential where serious exclusion
                        for safety is required

                            CODE                     DESCRIPTION
                          TBEXPBAR           EXPANDING BARRIER 0.9M X 4.0M

                      Industrial Brooms                                          Roller Wringer Buckets & Mops
                      - Yard broom wood stock, 355mm head, all bass              - 15 L plastic roller wringer bucket ergonomically
                        bristles, supplied with wooden handle                      designed, lightweight, will not rust or leak, non-slip foot
                                                                                   pedal, (H) 370mm x (DIA) 310mm.
                      - Industrial plastic backed broom 450mm extra stiff
                        poly bristles, hard wearing, ideal for rough surfaces,   - Cotton mop head featuring premium textile blend
                        supplied with wooden handle                                for increased durability, 400gms, cut ends.
                      - Warehouse broom wood stock, 610mm head,                  - Aluminium handles 22 mm thread, suitable for
                        natural bassine fibre, supplied with wooden handle          large mop heads, (H) 1.35M x (W) 25mm.




                         CODE                      DESCRIPTION                      CODE               DESCRIPTION                 COLOURS
                        JEBR200              YARD BROOM 355MM & HANDLE            JEBK15RW      ROLLER WRINGER BUCKET 15L        YELLOW, WHITE
                        JEBR400      INDUSTRIAL POLY BROOM 450MM & HANDLE           JEMH01           COTTON MOP HEAD             YELLOW, WHITE
                        JEBR600     WAREHOUSE BLEND BROOM 762MM & HANDLE           JEH135A        ALUMINIUM HANDLE 1.35M         YELLOW, WHITE


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