The Real Face of the Schengen Agreement by thefifthseal


This is a pamphlet written by Metropolitan Seraphim of the Greek Orthodox Church. It's a warning directed to the Christians about the dangers surrounding the Schengen Agreement and the ID cards citizens of the E.U. are required to take. This was written in the late 90's.

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									   [Translated from a Greek Orthodox Christian leaflet regarding the Schengen Agreement.]

      The Real Face of the Shengen Agreement

Holy Metropolis of Stagon and Meteora
Holy Monastery of Meteora

Prologue of Metropolitan Seraphim

   With deep feelings of concern in the last days we witnessed political and governmental
decisions and legislative actions with great importance and consequences for the
principles and the hypostasis of the Orthodox Hellenes (Greeks). From the ratification of
the Schengen Treaty by the Hellenic parliament arise many dangers for the country and
its people, since this treaty brings painful wounds to the body of our constitution, the
Orthodox Christian Church and our tradition. Connecting all these consequences with the
impending issuance of electronic ID's and use of the number 666 in them, which is the
number of the "beast" of the Apocalypse, renders a minatory danger to our faith and our
salvation. In our demanding days, our vigilance and the informing of our faithful people
is essential. For this reason our Holy Metropolis proceeded to proportional actions by
calling a meeting with its guided monasteries and priests. The result of these meetings
was the issuance of a resolution in order to inform and support our Christian people. For
the greater analysis on this subject, the Holy Monasteries of Meteora undertook the
publication of this informative brochure that I, as a bishop and Metropolitan of this
province, support, encourage, and bless.

   In the last days, with a number of decisions and actions of the Hellenic government,
the demanding procedure for the submission of our country to the regime of the Schengen
Treaty and its corresponding electronic information system was fulfilled. The procedure
of configuring the essential legislative grid started on the 6th November of 1992 with the
accession of Hellas (Greece) to the agreement for the enforcement of the Schengen
Treaty, and it ended on 11 June of 1997 with its ratification by the Hellenic government.
The process to the ratification of the treaty was deeply marked by the action of the
government to accede to it without informing the Hellenic people, and despite the various
reactions that existed. Something similar happened with the passage of the bill
"Protection of the Person from the Processing of Private Information."
   The text of the Schengen Agreement is one of the most blatant blows against our God-
given freedom and democracy. It is a phenomenal violation of the sovereign rights of the
private and social lives of men. Struggles and conquests over centuries for the foundation
and protection of freedom, the principle and right of personal autonomy and self-
definition of the citizen are being passed over and abolished. In the name of a pretending
regard for the safety of border transfers, a police-state climate of suspiciousness is being
cultivated and enforced with the form of an unalloyed protectionism that crushes the
citizen, abolishes the person, and subtends and judges citizens with totalitarian criteria
that undermine the human substance.
   The treaty operates in the same destructive way against the national, religious, and
cultural character of the people because the criteria that are being legislated in order to
judge the citizens are completely ambiguous and subjective, adapted each time to the will
and the purposes of those that define them.
   Therefore, it evokes a dominant ideology that obtains universal power and is being
enforced within a system of controls and limitations. The ability for the survival of
Hellenism is therefore nonexistent. In a Europe of disjunctions and supplantations, where
ideas and behaviors are being judged and specified, the Hellenic uniqueness, the national,
religious, and cultural hypostasis are being eroded, corrupted, and condemned. Europe,
being heterodox in its majority and tending to sanction the religious syncretism and new
ecumenism, Orthodoxy is endangered to be a controlled minority, tied to the control of
Anti-Hellenic and Anti-Orthodox centers. Of the same importance is the danger of
misquote and forgetting Orthodox principles within this confusion and disorientation.
The electronic information system Schengen, the vehicle to implement the treaty,
becomes a powerful central system of supplying and processing data, capable of
controlling, judging, defining and misguiding human decisions and actions.
   The weakening of institutions, with the undermining and infraction of vital principles
of our democratic constitution, guide us political captives bond of modern electronic
   The combination of the operation of the electronic system Schengen and the issuance
of the appropriate electronic ID's reduces our freedom further. The use of the number 666
(number of the Antichrist) in the new ID's transfers us to the sayings and the environment
of the Apocalypse.
   The descriptions in the Scriptures about the universal dominion of the Antichrist and
the threat of economic embargo are brought to life in our days and give to the modern
events eschatological dimensions since there appear matters related to our faith and
   By not accepting the new electronic ID's, we refuse to endanger our values of our faith
and our country. We refuse to voluntarily surrender our freedom and give it to foreign
control and power centers that enforce a totalitarian and disaffected climate.
   On the opposite side of this climate, in the roots of our civilization and our tradition, in
the heart of the meaning of life and of our existence, the Hellenic Christian Orthodox
experience expresses the value of mankind’s freedom. In the Orthodox Church a man is
promoted to a person. He takes meaning and individuality and is raised from the level of
selfness to the level of consecration and theosis.
   As receivers and conveyors of such a tradition, the monks of the Holy Monasteries of
Holy Meteora feel the oppression that the Schengen Treaty imposes even more, and we
refuse to resign under the pressure of orders of a foreign center, endangering the integrity
of our principles and beliefs. We consider it a duty to inform the faithful of the Hellenic
Orthodox tradition what is happening against them.

The Chronicle of the Agreement
   The "Schengen Treaty" was contracted on the 14th of June, 1985, in the town of
Schengen, Luxemburg with the greatest possible secrecy. The countries that signed were
France, Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. The signing of this agreement was
revealed three years later by the French Senator P. Masson in November of 1988.
   The signing of some other secret agreements had preceded this, such as the one at the
European session in the Fontenebleau of France, the 17th of June, 1984. One month later
on the 13th of July, an agreement called "Experimental Agreement Saarerbruck" was
signed that, according to it, all the street control between France and Germany ended.
   The chronicle of the other E.U. countries accession’s are:

 *27th of November, 1990, Italy accedes
 *25th of June, 1991, Spain and Portugal accede
 *6th of November, 1992, Hellas(Greece) accedes
 *March of 1994 Denmark accedes as an observer
 *June of 1994 Austria accedes as an observer
 *Britain and Ireland declined to accede

  The sanction of the agreement from Hellas premised the adoption of the bill
"Protection of the Person from the Processing of Private Data." The reactions that caused
the deposal of this bill have lead to continuous postponements until its adoption in March

The Real Face of the Agreement
   By signing the Maastricht Agreement and with the creation of the E.U. without
borders, the need for regulating border transfers arose. The Schengen Agreement
determines the control and transfer procedures of the citizens for the countries that have
signed it. The operation of the agreement is being made with the use of an electronic
information system and the collection and processing of the private data of citizens. An
enormous electronic filing system is established with the ability to process the data of
millions of citizens.
   The operation of the system is based on the connection of local national networks with
the central computer of Strasburg. At any moment, the control headquarters can know
anything about the private life of each citizen. This means that the various nations are left
forceless in front of the reality that enforces the totalitarian spirit of the European
   It is a full counterfeiting of the principles and values of a united Europe. The vision of
the citizens for peace among the nations is crushed by the creation of a police state of
controls and separations. A powerful electronic dictator undertakes the regulation of
men’s lives and keeps a database of their history.
  And this nightmare remains, despite the adoption of supposed protection bills. The
various reactions that have been caused show exactly the will of the citizens of Europe
who do not want to exchange their personal freedom with their political and economic

The Violation of Principles and Rights
   With the Schengen Treaty, citizens’ sovereign rights are being violated and abolished,
and it is an assault on fundamental personal freedom. The Schengen Agreement itself, in
its spirit and substance, is illiberal, anti-democratic and anti-constitutional. Specifically
the Schengen Agreement induces:

 *Legalization of electronic filing with the institution and operation of a specific
information system (p.92-118)
 *Reduction of the human factor, overlooking of the individuality and variety, and also
vitiation of the concept of the person, and conversion to a subject-object for information
 *Abolition of the secrecy of private life and the right of the person to insulation and
anonymity with the collecting and processing of private character data.
 *Abolition of the right to free reformation of the personality since the constant ability to
access personal data of a person constrains the free will and its activation.
 *No possibility for the citizens to be informed of the personal data that has been
processed (p.109, 114.2).
 *Subversion of the innocence presumption. In case of the incrimination of citizens, it
rests on their shoulders to prove their innocence! (p.25, 40, 96, 99).
 *Cultivation of a climate of suspiciousness and incrimination of the citizens and even of
their intentions! (p.5.1d, e, 25, 40, 96.2b).
 *Cultivation of a climate of social racism by characterizing the citizens and sorting them
into catalogs of non-wanted with subjective criteria (p.5, 25).
 *Violation of the regulation regarding the granting of asylum and protecting the
refugees with ambiguous terms, violation of the Geneva Treaty (p.29-38).
 *Assignment to the proper mediums of the right to surveillance within the borders of a
country without its prior approval (p.40.1,2).
 *Lack of limpidness and democratic control with the inefficient legal protection of the
 *Contrast to the constitutions of the countries and to the international declaration of
human rights.
 *Creation of a national threat with the use and processing of data by third parties with a
possible hostile attitude against our country, now or in the future, can endanger our
security and our territorial integrity. In this spirit is placed the bill regarding "Protection
of the Person from the Processing of Private Data." It is a law that doesn't assure the
protection of the Hellenic citizen. Its provisions are characterized by an intense obscurity
of principles and measures that are self-contradictory. A range of intentional legal leaks
leave the citizen unprotected and compromised towards the control of the central control
   The voting of this bill was the essential precondition for the validation of the Schengen
Treaty from the Hellenic parliament. Its connection with the activation of the law
(1599/1986) for the issuance of electronic ID's renders it even more dangerous for the
freedom of the Hellenic (Greek) citizens and therefore its immediate recall is needed.

Electronic ID's
   For the effective operation of the Schengen Information System (SIS) the use of
electronic ID's is needed. Because only with these the immediate and easy access to the
information for each citizen is possible.
   The electronic ID's have two serious "advantages" for the information system:

 *The first "advantage" is the ability of the new ID to provide thousands of pieces of
information on its owner. This information will be encrypted in a proper medium and will
be possible to be read from a computer or some other electronic device.
 *The second "advantage" is the use of one unified coded number for each citizen. This
unified number will be useful for the crossing and recovery of information. The ability of
crossing information with the use of one unified number is the most powerful ability of
the electronic Schengen Information System. One question is aroused: "haven't we
already been filed", "Don't the organizations that hold electronic database files know
everything about us?" The crossing of all this data is what is added in the new
information system. This means that collecting from many files (police, services, clubs,
hospitals) will be possible so that a "profile" of the person is made, and as much as
possible, a clear view of the person's principles, attitude and activities.

    Regarding the collection of private character information, the concept of coincidence
remains undefined. The time, the motives, the purpose, and the condition under which
somebody did something is diverse, and should be taken into account.
    Other data collected is information regarding the religious or political action of a
person. This data could get in the hands of a foreign religious medium or the employers
or the police. The characterization of the citizen according their beliefs is accommodated!

Legislative Regulations
   In this direction, a range of legislative regulations of the Hellenic government during
the last decade have determined and adjusted the new type of ID's based on the criteria of
the information system. By reading the related bills, one can clearly see a careful attempt
to cover-up the purposes of the treaty and to disorientate the Hellenic people. Obscure to
the common citizen’s terminology combined with a number of legislative leaks, they
provoke confusion.
   Apart from the continuous fall backs of the government and the various legal covers,
reality remains the same. This new reality that tends to be created is related to the
sanction of electronic ID's as our control mediums from the central electronic information
   The legislative adventure began in the summer of 1986 with the election of the law
1599/1986 "The Sanction of New Type ID's." With this law (article 1) a "unified coded
record number" is established, while article 3 says that this "number will be formed from
13 digits and symbols." This means a bar code system will be used.


   The problem that exists in this remarkable technology are the three limit posts that are
in those types of lined barcodes. They correspond to the numbers 6-6-6. They are three
limit posts that guide the scanner. The two at the edges are named guard bars, and the
central one, central pattern. Special studies have shown that these three limit posts indeed
show the image of 666. And we ask:

 *Why was a central axis placed there since it could be recognized by two safety bars, or
with none, as it is in the bar code Interleaved 2 or 5 type that contains 40 numbers, but
does not need any limit posts?
 *Why is it separated from the limit posts in 6 digit levels?
 *Why in EAN-13 is the first digit of the country code (for Hellas 520) placed outside
the symbols? Maybe in order not to destroy the 6 digit levels between the 666?
 *Why so much insistence on the number 666 since there exist technical possibilities for
the use of another arithmetic combination? This reminds us of the computer
manufacturing company Apple that sold the first 299 P.C. Apple I computers at $666.66
(Wall Street Journal 11-11-81).

   Another confirmation of the deliberate use of this number is the fact that there exist
perspectives that this marking will be done with the forehead or hand techniques in order
to solve problems of stealing the card. Mr. Klotsonis-a legal counselor of the European
Committee that is based in Luxemburg-told us that at the primary discussion for the
Schengen Agreement it had been proposed that the citizens would be marked on the hand
or the forehead. This proposal had been made and is perhaps reconsidered.


   But even if the number or the bar code is not visible, there exist many possibilities that
the number 666 is placed invisibly into a magnetic strip (that exist in many cards today)
or in SMD microchips, as these that are being used in phone cards and other smart cards.
Something similar has happen in the USA in 1980 when some citizens of the USA
returned their credit cards because in them existed the number 666 as a prefix. It was said
to them that after 1982 it won't exist. Indeed, it disappeared from the one side of the
credit card but was placed on the magnetic strip that was on the back side, and read only
by the computer, invisible to the human eye.

  The Schengen Treaty, that enforces its limitless protectionism, converts Europe into a
police state based on the control and suspiciousness characterizing and charging citizens
and their intentions.

 *The electronic Schengen Information System (SIS) becomes a powerful center of
information processing and provision, and enforces a regime of "electronic dictatorship"
and hard totalitarianism.
 *The ability of collection and processing of information on a European range, this
enormous electronic filing system, nullifies the human factor, degrading the citizen into a
simple information object, abandoned to the estimations and will of those who collect
 *The connection of the treaty with the issuance of new electronic ID's enhances the
danger of a central and universal control. Each citizen will carry evidence about his
beliefs and actions, and these will be written on the new ID's.
  *The existence of the number 666, number of the "beast" of the Apocalypse on them
proves the connection of this control system with the impending global dominion of the
Antichrist. For these reasons, the Orthodox Christians, as free citizens of this country,
declare flatly our opposition to the ratification of the Schengen Treaty by our country,
and the issuance of electronic ID's.

We request:

  *The immediate recall of the ratification of the treaty from the Hellenic parliament.
  *The immediate recall of the law 2472/1997 for the supposed "Protection of the Citizen
from Private Data Processing."
  *The canceling of the issuance of electronic ID's, and especially of those with the
number 666.
  *The preservation of the old ID's.
  *The correct and full informing of the Hellenic (Greek) people for these topics.
  *The carrying out of a referendum in order that the Hellenic people themselves decide
about such a vital subject. We want to make clear that if the government, despite the
intense reactions of the people, proceeds to the operation of its decisions, it will find us
opponents as conscientious objectors. We deny flatly taking the new electronic ID's if
they contain the number 666, and any other that will serve the same illiberal plans of the
Schengen Treaty.

   The use of the number 666 in the new electronic ID's constitutes the last step before
the mark on the hand or the forehead. Therefore, receiving them by Christians means
denial of Jesus Christ and the accession to the front of Satan and spiritual death.
   But even with the use of another number other than 666 (for example 444,858 etc.), we
refuse taking them, because those ID's put us in a regime that is illiberal, inhuman,
dictatorial, anti-democratic, and totalitarian. They banish us to a powerful economic rule
and control system, and guide us as political and spiritual captives to an electronic
   They disaffect the national, cultural structure by introducing principles and ideas
foreign to our long tradition, corroding our Hellenic-Christian Orthodox substance and
undermining our ecclesiastic consciousness.

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