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                                          Roller Screens
                                          Screen IT
                                          The 2C Screen IT is a clever roller screen.
                                          Perfect for mounting in rooms where you
                                          don’t want your screen on display all of
                                          the time. Fitted with an IR remote control
                                          for easy operation, the screen also has a
                                          low voltage trigger input for hooking up
                                          to your projector. The Screen IT requires
                                          a 240V outlet for operation.
                                          Available in 4 different Aspect Ratios.

                                          Code     Dimensions          Format
                                          2C504    1780 x 1780mm       Multiformat
                                          2C505    2030 x 2030mm       Multiformat
                                          2C506    2030 x 1520mm       100” 4:3
                                          2C520    2030 x 1145mm       92” 16:9
                                          2C521    2340 x 1320mm       106” 16:9
                                          2C525    2030 x 1270mm       94” 16:10

                                          • White aluminium casing
                                          • Built in IR Remote control with fine
                                            adjustment buttons
                                          • Fixed mounting brackets
                                          • Now available in 94”, 16:10 format
                                          • In-built 12v trigger and manual
                                            override switch
                                          • All casing dimensions 110 x 110 mm

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