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                               INTERIM REPORT

                                  SCEALE BAY

*Well – it’s certainly “crunch-time” in Sceale Bay this year, with Council having
undertaken an EXTENSIVE ROAD SEALING AND KERBING program – and it is
easy to tell, by sound, which are the new roads.
(BACK-FILLING along new kerbing, will follow on - we believe low, HURDLE
STYLE FENCING is planned, adjacent to the boat ramp car park – and the NAMING
OF STREETS is also scheduled, with the possibility of names being stenciled onto

*(Sceale Bay is also undergoing quite a BUILDING BOOM at present – with new
homes going up, existing homes being upgraded or extended – the building
application for the first new home off South Terrace, has been approved – and Sceale
Bay is to have a shop, shortly, on the ‘phone box corner.)

*The SCEALE BAY BUSH CAMP is another new addition to the left of the
approach leading in to Sceale Bay – having opened up prior to Xmas.

*The BEACH SHELTER provides a very useful facility, having been completed in
2004 – with Town Committee volunteers having undertaken construction, using
materials supplied by Council.
(Next, GUTTERING is to be added to the shelter, to direct rainwater into a tank – a
SOLAR LIGHT and BBQ are planned, too, with consideration being given to a free-
use gas BBQ.)

*The WASTE DEPOT is quite “empty” at present – with Council cleaning it out as
needed, transporting contents to the Streaky Bay landfill site.
Drums are provided for recyclables – and green waste can be dropped off to the left
of the approach to the dump itself.

*Sceale Bay’s TOWN WORKER cleans the public toilet – empties bins – and
oversees the waste depot – with we heard, Alan going “beyond the call” on behalf of
the town – and his property reflects strong, on-going revegetation efforts.

*CAMELOT – the Town’s stylish, stone-construction and composting public toilet,
continues to be a stand-out.

*Sceale Bay has a PERMANENT POPULATION of between 45 and 50, with 7
children traveling on to Streaky Bay, for School.

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA - where applicable
In assessing a complete town, we consider:-

   A. General appearance of the town. Including presentation and upkeep of all
      areas and aspects, such as shops, homes, reserves, buildings, roads, schools,
      businesses, etc. max 50 points
   B. Action by the community. Total impact of relevant clean up, beautification
      and development works by groups, clubs, the public, businesses, schools etc.
      max 25 points

   C. Works program. Covering the full range of relevant services provided by the
      Local Council or the Town’s Controlling Authority. Max 20 points

   D. Special Environmental activities, both physical and educational. Max 15

   E. Waste Management – Minimisation. Max 10 points

New initiatives, on-going programs and regular maintenance works, are equally appreciated and
recognised by KESAB, and climatic and geographic influences are taken into consideration, together
with the level of resources which are available or which have been secured.

Environmental Action and Education, and publicity and promotional activities are considered in
judging, together with heritage and cultural activities.

This is the 6th week of this year’s 25 week Statewide inspection schedule, which will
run through until the end of September – with results tentatively scheduled to be announced in
early December.


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