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									A Guide to Elder Planning
Author: Weisman

Edition: 1

Let’s face it... in today’s world, senior citizens and their families face more complicated financial, legal
and personal planning decisions than ever before-and making the wrong decisions can be catastrophic. In
this book, Steven J.J. Weisman, renowned estate planning attorney and host of the nationally syndicated
radio show "A Touch of Grey," offers you practical, simple guidance on every one of these issues. Written
with simplicity and humor, Elder Planning uncovers strategies and loopholes for retirement, health care,
long-term care, asset protection, investments, taxes, social security, housing, Medicare/Medicaid, estate
planning, substitute decision, and more. This book is easy to read and easy to use, making it the
indispensable resource for anyone needing to protect themselves, their parents and their heirs.
, their parents and
their heirs.

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