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Ryszard (Ryk) Bliszczyk Leadership Psychologist


Ryszard (Ryk) Bliszczyk Leadership Psychologist

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									Ryszard (Ryk) Bliszczyk
M.Sc. (psychology), MBA (Melb), MBA (Chicago), MAPS, MAICD

Leadership Psychologist

With over 18 years experience as a strategy consultant, (including positions with
three of the world’s premier consulting firms and building his own successful
consulting business) Ryk has spent most of his professional career advising
companies around the globe. He has brought his many years of strategy and
business experience together, with his unique insights into human behaviour gained
as a clinical psychologist, to continue supporting corporate leaders with services in
leadership development.

Ryk combines economic insight and psychological therapy to provide uniquely
individual analysis of leadership skills and behaviour within the corporate setting.
His advice is particularly valuable for those leaders and leadership aspirants in
transition (promotion, changing jobs, moving on, personal crises) crafting strategies
based on his unique “whole-person” approach to addressing the challenges of

Typical executive coaches use simple behaviour modification techniques to address
workplace behaviour, never considering any of the other multitude of factors that
impinge on a leaders life. This is a standard approach that inevitably results in only
limited success.

Standard approaches ignore the very real potential for personality or mental health
issues to be a factor in leadership behaviour. Recent studies 1 have found that
between 25% and 50% of individuals presenting for coaching meet clinical mental
health criteria.

It is essential that, for genuine leadership development to occur, we must be able to
distinguish lack of leadership skill and/or experience from behaviour resulting from
an individual’s psychology - which may include personality disorders, mental health
problems, lack of self awareness or poor empathy.

Ryk’s approach is to seek out the fundamental drivers of behaviour in managers
and leaders aiming to address all aspects of an individual’s capabilities that are
limiting success. As a registered psychologist he is qualified to administer a variety
of tests and therapies to this end.

The aim is to teach leaders to take active responsibility for their own actions and
relationships, further developing their leadership skills as they grow into their roles.

Ryk maintains membership of the Australian Psychological Society and Australian
Institute of Company Directors; and is registered to practise as a Psychologist in

1   Grant, A.M. & O’Hara, B. The self presentation of commercial Australian life coaching schools: Cause for
concern? International Coaching Psychology Review, 1(2), 21-33

Contact      M PO Box 132 Armadale North VIC 3143 T 0417-711-711 F 03-9824-6603     E

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