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					RTO Mail
                                                                       November 2009 • Training and International Quality

Welcome to the November edition of RTO Mail, the

Department of Education and Training’s newsletter for
registered training organisations from the Training and

International Quality Branch.

A smarter way of doing business                          program.
The Department of Education and Training’s
Training and International Quality Branch has            Should it be successful and the web survey tool
been helping RTOs conduct their business with            is implemented, it will enable the branch to
the branch more efficiently with the introduction        better identify and meet the needs of clients in
of various online services.                              the future.

RTOs can now pay their annual registration fees          Training and International Quality is continuing
online via a credit card payment service.                to investigate opportunities to make RTOs’
Feedback on this service since its launch on 1           interaction with the branch more convenient and
July 2009 has been excellent with RTOs                   responsive.
praising how easy and convenient the service is
to use. It is expected the number of RTOs taking         For more information about the online payment
advantage of this online payment option will             service or the web survey tool phone 3247 5608
grow as more become aware of the service.                or email

Training and International Quality is also aiming        2010 professional development
to use online surveys in the near future to better       schedule released
identify and meet the needs of RTOs.                     Training and International Quality’s 2010
                                                         schedule of professional development sessions
In November and December, the branch will trial          for RTOs and course copyright owners has now
a web survey tool. The tool will allow the branch        been released.
to collect feedback online from participants
attending its professional development sessions          The schedule includes an overview of each
on RTO registration requirements, the Australian         session, as well as session dates, times and
Quality Training Framework and accreditation             locations. The schedule, including information
and vocational placement.                                on how to register, can now be viewed on the
                                                         department’s workshops and information
It is expected the trial will prove the web survey       sessions webpage.
tool is a more time efficient and effective way of
implementing surveys and collating and                   Participants are encouraged to register early as
analysing feedback than the manual method                sessions can fill up quickly.
currently used. The identification and analysis of
trends over sessions, time and facilitators will         RTO Mail will continue to publish each month’s
better inform opportunities for the continuous           upcoming sessions.
improvement of the professional development

November 2009 • Training and International Quality

If you have any questions regarding workshops            These units are the 11 compulsory units from
and information sessions contact the Training            the CHC30708 Certificate III in Children’s
and International Quality professional                   Services and the one ‘recommended’ unit
development team via email at                            CHCCN305A Provide care for babies in which or via phone                candidates must be competent before they are
on 3237 0092 or 3237 9955.                               enrolled in the CHC50908. Candidates can
                                                         complete these units:
                                                             • by fulfilling the required training and
Reminder – Entry requirements for
                                                                 assessment or
CHC50908 Diploma of Children’s                               • through credit transfer or
Services (Early childhood                                    • through a RPL process.
education and care)
                                                         Students cannot be enrolled directly into
RTOs are reminded not to enrol students in               CHC50908 and then complete the 12 units first
CHC50908 Diploma of Children’s Services                  before progressing to the diploma. The
(Early childhood education and care) unless              qualifications cannot be packaged together.
they have met a series of entry requirements.
                                                         These entry requirements do not form part of the
To gain entry candidates must demonstrate                CHC50908 but are specific to the knowledge,
competence through a recognised training                 skills or experience required to enter the
program or recognition process in the following          qualification and successfully undertake the
units of competency:                                     training and assessment program. It is
                                                         considered that because of the nature or
CHCCHILD401A Identify and respond to                     specialisation of the CHC50908 that candidates
children and young people at risk                        may be better equipped to undertake the
CHCCN301A Ensure the health and safety of                training and assessment if they bring with them
children                                                 prior knowledge, skills and experience.
CHCCN302A Provide care for children
CHCCN303A Contribute to provision of                     The Community Services & Health Industry
nutritionally balanced food in a safe and                Skills Council is responsible for the CHC08
hygienic manner                                          Community Services Training Package which
CHCCN305A Provide care for babies                        states that there are entry requirements for the
CHCCS400A Work within a relevant legal and               CHC50908. Any enquiries about delivery
ethical framework                                        requirements or qualification packaging rules
CHCFC301A Support the development of                     can be directed to the skills council or
children                                                 Registration Services via email at
CHCIC301D Interact effectively with children    or via
CHCPR301A Provide experiences to support                 phone on 3227 8808.
children’s play and learning
CHCPR303D Develop understanding of                       Consolidating applications for
children’s interests and developmental needs
HLTFA301B Apply first aid                                registration
HLTOHS300A Contribute to OHS processes                   Did you know that consolidating your
                                                         applications for registration can reduce the time

November 2009 • Training and International Quality

it takes for the department to assess each                       (d)     a decision about an employment
application?                                                             exemption for a young person in
                                                                         the compulsory participation
Where possible, consolidate the qualifications                           phase.
and courses you wish to apply for and submit
them as one application. This will allow the              Under the QCAT, persons aggrieved by any of
department to assess the maximum number of                the above decisions will have the right to lodge
qualifications at one time and reduce the                 an appeal within 28 days of receiving notice of
potential number of audits required.                      the decision. The tribunal will then take into
                                                          account all relevant evidence without the need
This could be particularly useful at peak times           for legal representation, unless approved before
such as term commencements when the                       proceedings, and come to one of four decisions:
department receives a marked increase in the                      (a)     refer the matter back to the
number of applications.                                                   decision maker to reconsider the
                                                                          decision (usually when new
Change to appeals process under                                           evidence is brought to light)
                                                                  (b)     confirm or amend the original
the VETE Act 2000                                                         decision
With the establishment of the new Queensland
                                                                  (c)     set aside the decision and
Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT), which
                                                                          substitute its own decision
begins formal operations on 1 December 2009,
                                                                  (d)     set aside the decision and return
there will be a change to the appeals process
                                                                          the matter to the decision maker
under the Vocational Education Training and
                                                                          for reconsideration with any
Employment Act (2000).
                                                                          directions the tribunal considers
While appeals about registration and
accreditation decisions are currently heard by a
                                                          The VETE Act and website content regarding
Magistrate, under new laws (Queensland Civil
                                                          reviews will be updated before the December 1
and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009 and the
Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
(Jurisdiction Provisions) Amendment Act 2009)
                                                          QCAT will publish more information about
they will be heard by the QCAT.
                                                          reviews in the coming weeks. For more
                                                          information see the Queensland Civil and
Amendments will be made to the provisions of
                                                          Administrative Tribunal website.
the VETE Act to allow a person aggrieved by
any of the following decisions to apply to QCAT
for a review of the decision:                             What’s new in accreditation?
        (a)     a decision about the registration         This month the following courses have been
                of a training organisation                accredited:
        (b)     a decision about the accreditation
                of a course                               39255QLD
        (c)     a decision about the recognition          Certificate III in Indigenous Australian
                of a group training organisation or       Performance
                principal employer organisation           Department of Education and Training

November 2009 • Training and International Quality

P: 3248 4672                                             E:
                                                         For more information visit
Course in Evaluating and Planning the                    For more information on course accreditation:
Installation of Solar and Heat Pump Water                • attend an accreditation workshop
Systems                                                  • purchase the resource A guide to course
Department of Education and Training                        accreditation for VET
P: 3248 4675                                             • visit the department’s website
E:                                   • phone 3237 1764
                                                         • email
Course in Managing Human Factors in an                   Remember to save time, save paper, save the
Aviation Maintenance Team Environment                    environment - submit your paperwork
Australian Aerospace Ltd                                 electronically to the above email address.
P: 3637 0802
                                                         New look for Apprenticeships Info
30860QLD                                                 website
Diploma of Organisational Leadership                     Apprenticeships Info, the department’s major
Ann Rose Blackburn                                       source of information for apprentices, trainees,
P: 3848 4225                                             their guardians and employers, launched a new
E: or                           look website on 17 November.
                                                         While the site has retained its trademark orange
30861QLD                                                 and green colours, it now has a modern and
Diploma of Performing Arts (Classical and                visually engaging design which is more closely
Modern Dance)                                            aligned with corporate branding. Some changes
MA Fleming & TA Myles-Whittington                        to content have been made, however no
P: 3205 9456                                             information has been removed in the process.
                                                         It is hoped the new site will engage even more
30862QLD                                                 users and continue to provide its audience with
Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Classical           valuable information.
and Modern Dance)
MA Fleming & TA Myles-Whittington                        Visit the new site at
P: 3205 9456                                   
                                                         The Apprenticeships Info website was
30864QLD                                                 developed in February 2007 as part of a key
Course in Implementation of Traffic Guidance             initiative of the Queensland Skills Plan to
Schemes                                                  provide increased support to apprentices.
Department of Main Roads
P: 3834 2646

November 2009 • Training and International Quality

SATs review                                                Recognition of prior learning - not
The Office of the Training Ombudsman has                   a mountain of paperwork
finalised consultations with 498 stakeholders              Small Business owner Lynne Walker was
across Queensland as part of the office’s review           pleasantly surprised when she gained the
of school-based apprenticeships and                        Certificate IV in Retail Management through
traineeships (SATs).                                       recognition of prior learning (RPL) without
                                                           having to submit masses of paperwork.
Training Ombudsman Peter Ruhanen and the
SATs review team would like to express their               “I did not know what to expect with the RPL
thanks and appreciation to the department’s                process and I imagined heaps of paperwork and
Skills Queensland, Education Queensland and                a plethora of questions - instead the process
Training Queensland Divisions, and the                     was timely,” Lynne said.
Queensland Catholic Education Commission,
the Association of Independent Schools of                  Lynne, 57, completed the recognition process
Queensland and the Queensland Studies                      with First Impressions after undertaking an
Authority for their assistance and input into this         interview with Skilling Solutions Queensland.
                                                           “The Skilling Solutions Queensland consultant
The Ombudsman and his team would also like                 explained the whole process to me and was
to thank the Queensland employers, school                  able to assist me in accessing a training
communities and industry stakeholders who                  organisation that was able to assess me in a
participated in the review. Without the honesty            timely manner,” she said.
of their feedback, the review would not reflect
the richness and diversity of their experiences            “I found the service from both First Impressions
within the school-based apprenticeship and                 and Skilling Solutions Queensland to be
traineeship system.                                        excellent.”
The SATS review aimed to help increase                     Lynne had accumulated extensive experience in
student participation in SATs through                      retail and management as the owner of Fresh
investigating ways to increase awareness of                Fields Newsagency.
SATs in the community, identifying barriers to
the employment of SATs, and by sharing good                As a Gold Lotto agent and publisher, Lynne was
practice with industry, education and training             required to obtain the certificate IV qualification.
                                                           “I knew that I had a lot of practical, hands on
A final report will be presented to the Minister for       experience from being a small business
Education and Training in December 2009.                   operator for many years,” she said.
For more information, contact the Office of the            Lynne contacted Skilling Solutions Queensland
Training Ombudsman via phone on 1300 306                   and undertook an interview in Bowen, a location
699 or via email at                                        that is regularly serviced by the Mackay                    customer service centre.

November 2009 • Training and International Quality

After her interview Lynne was provided with her                    placement scheme(s) and the
report and referral letter to First Impressions, a                 competencies within the qualification
training organisation contracted with Skilling                 •   will state the required hours per calendar
Solutions Queensland, to complete the formal                       year a learner will spend in the
recognition of her skills.                                         vocational placement for that
Lynne was also eligible to access the Skilling                 •   are required to identify a clear separation
Solutions Queensland subsidy towards the cost                      between the three parties involved in the
of the formal recognition process.                                 placement:
                                                                        o the organisation
“I am so happy with Skilling Solutions                                  o the student
Queensland that I have encouraged others to                             o the person to provide the
access the service,” she said.                                              placement.

101 on vocational placement                                 If a scheme is approved, the RTO will receive an
In vocational education and training (VET)                  information notice from the department. This
speak, the terms industry placement, work                   information notice must be kept as evidence of
placement and similar variables are considered              approval.
to be vocational placement.
                                                            The hours approved on the information notice
Vocational placement schemes will only be                   are the maximum hours (duration) for the
recognised under an institutionally-based course            placement. Once the student is assessed as
leading to a qualification or statement of                  competent as per the units on the training plan,
attainment.                                                 the vocational placement would cease.

The object of the placement is to give the                  Vocational placement hours are in addition to
student practical training and experience to                the nominal hours of delivery.
enable them to gain the competency outcomes
of the course/qualification. It is assessed as part         Some course/qualification documents state
of the student’s course.                                    vocational placement is a mandatory
                                                            requirement of that course. In such cases the
Applications for approval to offer a vocational             RTO MUST apply for, and gain approval of a
placement scheme:                                           vocational placement scheme and place
                                                            students in a vocational placement as part of
    •    will only be accepted from RTOs                    their course of study.
    •    may be lodged subsequent to an
                                                            An RTO must be satisfied the placement person
         application to deliver the qualification for
                                                            has the facilities, can provide the range of work
         which the vocational placement scheme
                                                            and supervise the training as required under the
         relates. Schemes will not be approved
                                                            training plan for the placement.
         until the RTO has the course/qualification
         on their scope of registration
                                                            Vocational placement is not work experience.
    •    are required to demonstrate the link
         between the intended vocational
                                                            Vocational placement:

November 2009 • Training and International Quality

    •    has assessable activities
    •    involves hands-on experience                    Remember to save time, save paper, save the
    •    is unpaid for short placements and paid         environment - submit your paperwork
         for long placements.                            electronically to the above email address.

Applications for vocational placement must be            Announcement!
made to the Training and Employment
Recognition Council for recognition of the               Attention – teachers, trainers, managers, and
scheme. They must have an associated training            VET sector support staff!
plan detailing the placement person’s
agreement to provide training.                           Dates for VET Teaching Conference 2010

For more information refer to the Vocational             20 and 21 May 2010
Education, Training and Employment (VETE)
Act 2000 chapter 4, sections 107 to 132 and              Product Services, Training Queensland would
VETE Regulation 2000, Part 5, section 30.                like to announce that following the success of
                                                         the VET Teaching 2009 Conference they will be
The RTO should conduct visits to the vocational          hosting the VET Teaching Conference 2010 – a
placement provider to ensure the student’s               Celebration of the VET Professional.
progress is being evaluated. This may include
assessment by an assessor.                               The 2010 conference will take place at the
                                                         Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on
Work experience:                                         Thursday 20 May and Friday 21 May 2010.
  • is not assessable
  • is unpaid and a maximum of 30 days per               Mark these dates in your diary so you don’t miss
      year                                               this important event on the professional
  • must be in writing and approved by the               development calendar.
      principal of the student’s school
  • must be one-on-one ratio                             To register your interest and to receive updates,
  • must have suitable worker’s                          email
      compensation in place prior to

Refer to the Education (Work Experience) Act
1996 for further information.

If you require further information on vocational
placement, the Accreditation and Vocational
Placement team within Training and
International Quality offer monthly workshops.

Visit the department’s website, phone 3237
1764 or email

  November 2009 • Training and International Quality

  What’s coming up?
  Below is a list of the course accreditation workshops coming up in December.

                       TOPIC                            LOCATION       DATE             TIME
Introduction to course accreditation                   Brisbane     Tues 8 Dec    9:00am – 12:00pm
Course accreditation – DIY units of competency         Brisbane     Wed 16 Dec    9:00am – 2:00pm

  To register for either of the above sessions or find out more information email or visit the Training and International Quality workshops and
  information sessions web page.


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