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Rough guide

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 Rough guide
 Tenzin Choegyal & the Monks of
 Vin Garbutt
                                  blues, gospel
                                  + jazz
                                  Kelly Auty’s Wild Women Show
                                  Blue Shaddy
                                  Jim Conway’s Big Wheel
                                                                        bluegrass +
                                                                        country roots
                                                                        Troy Cassar-Daley
                                                                        Dev’lish Mary
                                                                        Ted Egan
                                                                                                         children’s festival
                                                                                                         + street in•vaders
                                                                                                         Jonathon Acorn
                                                                                                         Art Activities in the Bag
                                                                                                         Benny B
 The Greencards                                                         Suzannah Espie & The Last Word   Big Rory and Ochie
 Nanci Griffith                                                         Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel   The Bong Bong Hat Band
                                  Tom Richardson Project
 Colin Hay                                                              Louie & The Rustlers             Bushwahzee
                                  Tank Dilemma
 Eilen Jewell                                                           The Pigs                         Joseph D’Amour Bouffon
 Brian Kennedy                                                          Van Walker                       Fratellini Magic Circus Band
 Ego Lemos                                                                                               Gee Whiz Kidz!
 Dougie MacLean                                                                                          Giant Seagulls
 Eleanor McEvoy
                                  celtic roots                                                           The Great Gondos
 John McCutcheon                                                                                         Lee Hayes
 Narasirato Pan Pipers            Celtic Fire Featuring Angela Little
                                                                        roots, rhythm                    Heidi Hodeo Rodeo
 Máirtin O’Connor Band            Claymore
                                                                        + rock                           Céd Le Mélédo
 Lulo Reinhardt Band              The Craic                                                              Justin Sane
 Kim Richey                       The Fooks                             The Badloves                     Long Shadow Stilt Theatre
 The Saw Doctors                  Damian Howard &                       Bonjah                           Los Zampoñistas
 Chris Smither                      The Ploughboys                      Brian Cadd                       Miss Australia 1963
 Emily Smith & Jamie McClennan    The Message                           Kim Churchill                    Nick Nickolas
 Truckstop Honeymoon              Saoirse                               Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea     Patrick Escape Artist
 Uncle Earl                       Gibb Todd                             Alanna & Alicia Egan Band        Red the Clown
 Josh White Jr                                                          Jaimi Faulkner                   Sopa De Carne
 The Whitetop Mountaineers                                              Hussy Hicks                      Tina Sparkle
                                                                        The Sky Rockats
                                                                        Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing
                                                                        The Tealeaves
                                  world roots                           Rick E Vengeance
 acoustic                                                               Kate Vigo & The Underground
                                  Band of Brothers
                                                                          Orchestra                      fr•in•ge
 Nick Charles                     The Crooked Fiddle Band
                                  Dereb Desalegn & Lion Of Judah                                         Bree-Arne Trio
 Kerrianne Cox
                                  Ganga Giri                                                             Jenny Biddle
 Rory Faithfield
                                  Rafa Godoy                                                             Mick McHugh Duo
 Festival Choir
                                  I Viaggiatori                                                          Tara Minton
 Shane Howard                                                           comedy +                         Shanachie
                                                                        WOR DworX
 Jigzag                           Kavisha Mazzella Trio
                                  Mihirangi                                                              String Theory
                                  Pigram Brothers                       Glover & Sorrensen               The Tiger and Me
 Enda Kenny Band
                                  VulgarGrad                            Jim Haynes                       Zeptepi
 Ashleigh Mannix
 Archie Roach                     Zydeco Jump                           Peter Mace
 Danny Spooner                                                          Dennis O’Keeffe
 Totally Gourdgeous                                                     Paddy Ryan
 The Wheeze & Suck Band

 QuicK guide
                                                                                                                          JAIMI FAULKNER                           RAFA GODOY                                 HUSSY HICKS
                                                                                  Sat    5.00pm     Surf Club
                                                                                                    Celtic Jam Session    Sat     12.30pm    Stage 3               Sat     2.30pm     Stage 5                 Sat      12.30pm    Stage 3
                                                                                  Sun    3.15pm     Stage 5                                  The Guitar Factory    Sat     8.00pm     St Pats Hall                                The Guitar Factory
                                                                                                                          Sat     4.30pm     Fiddlers Green                                                                       (Julz Parker)
                                                                                  Sun    5.00pm     Surf Club                                                      Sun     1.30pm     FOLKworX
                                                                                                    Celtic Jam Session    Sat     11.00pm    Reardon Theatre                          Journey Through the     Sat      3.30pm     The Shebeen
                                                                                                                                                                                      Music of Venezuela                          CD Launch
                                                                                                                          Sun     2.30pm     Stage 4                                                          Sat      8.30pm     Lighthouse Café
                                                                                                                                                                   Sun     5.30pm     Stage 2
 KELLY AUTY’S Wild Women Show            TENZIN CHOEGYAL & THE MONKS              THE CROOKED FIDDLE BAND                 Sun     5.30pm     RSL Hall
                                                                                                                                             APRA Songwriter                                                  Sun      2.30pm     Railway Stage
                                         OF TIBET                                 Fri	   9.30pm	    ON•SHORE	Stage	                          Speaks
 Sat    10.15pm    Stage 5
                                         Sat    10.30am   Stage 5                 Sat    4.30pm     FOLKworX                                                       THE GREENCARDS
 Sun    10.00am    Stage 3
                   The Blues is Gospel
                                                                                                    Traditions Evolving                                            Sat    12.30pm    Stage 3                  I VIAGGIATORI
                                         Sat    4.00pm    Folk Circus Area
 Sun    6.30pm     Stage 5                                Making Sand             Sat    7.00pm     Lighthouse Café       FESTIVAL CHOIR                                             The Guitar Factory
                                                                                                                                                                                     (Jake Stargel)
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sat      4.00pm     St Pats Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Band Plus Film
                                                          Mandalas                Sun    7.00pm     Railway Stage         Sat     12.00pm    School Hall                                                                          CD Launch
                                         Sun    10.30am   Stage 5                                                                            Rehearsal             Sat    9.30pm     Stage 4
                                                                                                                          Sat     3.30pm     RSL Hall              Sun    12.00pm    St Pats Hall             Sun      4.00pm     St Pats Hall
 THE BADLOVES                            Sun    2.45pm    St Johns Church                                                                                                                                                         Band Plus Film
 Sat    8.30pm     Stage 1                                                        DEREB DESALEGN & LION OF JUDAH                             Retro Open Stage
                                                                                                                                                                                     Meet The Greencards
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sun      5.00pm     Surf Club
                                                                                  Sat    2.00pm     The Shebeen                                                    Sun    8.30pm     Stage 1                                      Celtic Jam Session
 Mon    12.00pm    Stage 1                                                                                                Sun     2.00pm     School Hall
                                         KIM CHURCHILL                            Sat    10.00pm    Stage 1                                  Rehearsal             Mon    12.10pm    Stage 3                                      (Dave De Santi)
                                         Fri    6.30pm    Lighthouse Café         Sun    10.00pm    Stage 1               Mon     10.00am    Stage 1
 BAND OF BROTHERS                        Sat    12.30pm   Stage 3                                                                            Performance
                                                                                                                                                                   NANCI GRIFFITH                             EILEN JEWELL
 Sat    12.30pm    Stage 3                                The Guitar Factory
                   The Guitar Factory                                             DEV’LISH MARY                                                                    Sun    8.30pm     Stage 3                  Sat	     10.45pm	   ON•SHORE	Stage	
                                         Sat	   9.15pm	   ON•SHORE	Stage	
                   (Slava Grigoryan &
                   Joseph Tawadros)      Sun    2.00pm    RSL Hall                Fri    10.00pm    St Pats Hall          FLAP!                                    Mon    10.55am    Stage 3                  Sun      6.30pm     The Shebeen
                                                          Retro Open Stage                          Tim Whelan’s          Sat     10.00pm    Lighthouse Café                                                  Mon      12.10pm    Stage 2
 Sat    3.30pm     Stage 4                                Host                                      Welcome
                                                                                                                          Sun     11.30pm    The Shebeen
 Sun    8.15pm     Stage 2               Sun    4.30pm    FOLKworX                Sat    2.00pm     St Pats Hall
                                                                                                                          Mon     10.00am    Railway Stage
                                                                                                                                                                   COLIN HAY
                                                          Experimental Acoustic                     Hoedown Under                                                  Fri    9.00pm     Stage 3                  JIGZAG
                                                           Guitar                 Sat    5.00pm     Surf Club                                                                                                 Fri      7.30pm   Stage 2
                                                                                                                                                                   Sat    6.00pm     Stage 3
 BLUE SHADDY                             Sun    11.00pm   Reardon Theatre                           Celtic Jam Session
                                                                                                                          THE FOOKS                                                                           Sat      10.55am Stage 2
 Sat    5.30pm     Railway Stage                                                  Sun    1.30pm     Fiddlers Green
                                                                                                                          Sat     5.00pm     Surf Club                                                        Sat      11.00pm St Pats Hall
 Sun    12.30pm    The Shebeen
                                                                                  Sun    3.30pm     RSL Hall                                 Celtic Jam Session    JIM HAYNES                                 Sun       10.00am Stage 3
                                                                                                    Retro Open Stage                                               Sat    9.00am     The Shebeen
 Sun    10.00pm    Stage 2               Fri    10.30pm   Stage 1                                   Hosts                 Sat     9.00pm     Surf Club                                                                           The Blues is Gospel
                                                                                                                                             Celtic Connection                       Aussie Breakfast                            (Liz Frencham)
 Mon    11.00am    Lighthouse Café                        DVD Launch                                                                                                                 Show
                                         Sat    6.00pm    Fiddlers Green                                                  Sun     10.30am    Fiddlers Green        Sat    12.00pm    Lecture Hall             Mon      12.00pm Lighthouse Café
                                         Sun    10.00pm   The Shebeen
                                                                                  ALANNA & ALICIA EGAN BAND               Sun     1.00pm     Stage 5                                 On Our Selection
 BONJAH                                                   John Ploenges Tribute   Sat    1.15pm     Stage 5                                                        Sat    3.00pm     Lecture Hall
 Sat    11.30pm    The Shebeen                             Show                                     CD Launch                                                                        I Remember,              JUGULARITY
 Sun	   11.00pm	   ON•SHORE	Stage                                                 Sun    12.00pm    Stage 1               GANGA GIRI                                                 I Remember:
                                                                                                                                                                                     History of Kids’ Verse
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fri      11.00pm    Stage 5
                                                                                                    A Woman’s Voice       Fri	    11.00pm	   ON•SHORE	Stage                                                   Sat      4.00pm     Railway Stage
                                         JEN CLOHER & THE ENDLESS SEA             Sun    4.30pm     Fiddlers Green        Sat     1.30pm     FOLKworX              Sun    9.00am     The Shebeen              Sun      10.15am    Stage 2
                                                                                                                                                                                     Aussie Breakfast
 BRIAN CADD                              Fri    8.00pm    Stage 1
                                                          ‘Music Deli’ Live
                                                                                  Sun    7.00pm     RSL Hall                                 Didgeridoo Workshop   Show
 Fri    10.45pm    Stage 3                                                                          Retro Open Stage      Sat     7.00pm     Railway Stage
                                                                                                    Hosts                                                          Sun 11.30am       Lecture Hall
 Sat    5.15pm     The Shebeen           Sat    6.30pm    Stage 4
                                                                                                                          Sun     1.15pm     Stage 4                                 Pat Glover Memorial      BRIAN KENNEDY
                                         Sun    12.00pm   Stage 1                                                                                                                    Award                    Sat      6.45pm     Stage 1
                                                          A Woman’s Voice
                                                                                  TED EGAN                                                                         Sun    2.00pm     St Pats Hall             Sun      5.30pm     Stage 3
 TROY CASSAR-DALEY                       Sun    9.30pm    Reardon Theatre
                                                                                  Sat    12.00pm    St Pats Hall          VIN GARBUTT                                                The Real Dad n’ Dave
 Sat    4.00pm     Stage 1                                                                          Faces of Australia    Fri     8.20pm     Stage 2               Mon    9.00am     The Shebeen
                                                                                                                                                                                     Aussie Breakfast         ENDA KENNY BAND
 Sat    5.15pm     Stage 2               JIM CONWAY’S BIG WHEEL                   Sat    5.15pm     Stage 2               Sat     3.30pm     Stage 2                                 Show
                   Red Dirt Music                                                                   Red Dirt Music                                                                                            Sat      5.15pm     Stage 5
                                         Fri    10.00pm   Stage 4                                                         Sun     10.30am    Stage 1
 Sun    1.00pm     Stage 3                                                        Sun    4.45pm     Stage 5                                                                                                   Sun      9.00pm     St Pats Hall
                                         Sat    9.30pm    Stage 2                                                                                                  DAMIAN HOWARD & THE PLOUGHBOYS                                 Celtic Colours
                                                                                  Mon    10.30am    St Pats Hall
                                         Sun    5.00pm    The Shebeen                               Australian Labour
                                                                                                                          GENTICORUM                               Sat     10.00pm    The Shebeen             Mon      10.00am    Stage 5
                                                                                                                          Fri     11.00pm    St Pats Hall          Sun     7.00pm     Stage 1
 Sat    11.45am    Stage 5                                                                                                                   Tim Whelan’s                             CD Launch
                   CD Launch             KERRIANNE COX                                                                                       Welcome                                                          SAL KIMBER & THE ROLLIN’ WHEEL
 Sat    6.00pm     St Pats Hall          Sat    10.00am   Stage 1                 SUZANNAH ESPIE & THE LAST WORD          Sat     11.00am    Stage 3
                                                                                                                                                                   Mon     12.30pm    The Shebeen
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fri	     8.00pm	    ON•SHORE	Stage	
 Sun    2.00pm     St Johns Church                        Meet the Guests         Sat    11.10am    Stage 4
                                                                                                    CD Launch             Sun     11.00pm    St Pats Hall                                                     Sat      9.30pm     Reardon Theatre
 Sun    6.00pm     St Pats Hall          Sat    3.00pm    Stage 1                                                                            Celtic Colours        SHANE HOWARD
                                                                                  Sat    2.00pm     School Hall                                                                                               Sun      12.00pm    Fiddlers Green
                                         Sat    5.15pm    Stage 2                                   Gospel Singing        Mon     12.00pm    Stage 5               Sat     5.15pm     Stage 2
                                                          Red Dirt Music                                                                                                              Red Dirt Music Host     Sun      5.30pm     RSL Hall
                                                                                  Sat    7.00pm     The Shebeen                                                                                                                   APRA Songwriter
 NICK CHARLES                            Sun    12.00pm   Stage 1                                                                                                  Sat     7.00pm     Stage 5                                     Speaks
 Sat    12.30pm    Stage 3                                A Woman’s Voice         Sun    10.00am    Stage 3
                                                                                                    The Blues is Gospel
                                                                                                                          GLOVER & SORRENSEN                                          Conversation and        Mon      11.30am    Railway Stage
                   The Guitar Factory    Sun    8.00pm    Stage 5                                                         Sat     9.45am     Lighthouse Café       Song
                   Host                                                                                                                                                               Book Launch
                                                                                                                          Sun     9.45am     Lighthouse Café       Sun     12.00pm    Stage 3
 Sat    4.00pm     Stage 5
                                         THE CRAIC                                RORY FAITHFIELD                         Mon     9.45am     Lighthouse Café                          CD Launch
 Sun    1.45pm     Stage 5                                                        Sat    10.00am    Railway Stage
                                         Fri    7.00pm    St Pats Hall
                                                          Tim Whelan’s            Sat    4.30pm     Lighthouse Café
                                                          Welcome                                   CD Launch
                                         Sat    3.30pm    School Hall             Sat    10.00pm    Surf Club
                                                          Irish Music & Dance                       Celtic Connection
                                                                                  Sun    11.30am    Stage 5

 50                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    51
EGO LEMOS                                KAVISHA MAZZELLA TRIO                    KIM RICHEY                               THE SKY ROCKATS                        GIBB TODD                              VAN WALKER
Fri   8.00pm      Stage 1                Fri    7.40pm     Lighthouse Café        Sat    10.00am    Stage 1                Fri   5.30pm      The Shebeen          Fri    8.00pm    St Pats Hall          Fri   7.30pm    Stage 4
                  ‘Music Deli’ Live      Sat    1.15pm     Stage 2                                  Meet the Guests                          CD Launch                             Tim Whelan’s                          CD Launch
Sat   10.00am     Stage 1                                                         Sat    10.00pm    St Pats Hall           Sat   2.30pm      Railway Stage                         Welcome Host          Sat   5.30pm    RSL Hall
                  Meet the Guests        Sun    10.30am    Stage 4                                  CD Launch                                                     Sat    3.40pm    Seniors’ Club Rooms                   APRA Songwriter
                                         Sun    12.00pm    Stage 1                                                         Sun   10.00pm     Lighthouse Café                                                             Speaks
Sat   8.15pm      Stage 2                                  A Woman’s Voice        Sun    12.00pm    Stage 1                                                       Sat    8.00pm    Surf Club
Sun   11.30am     Stage 2                                                                           A Woman’s Voice                                                                Celtic Connection     Sat   8.00pm    Reardon Theatre
Sun   3.25pm      St Johns Church                                                 Sun    8.30pm     Lighthouse Café        EMILY SMITH & JAMIE MC CLENNAN         Sun    5.45pm    Lighthouse Café       Sun   11.30am   Railway Stage
                                         THE MESSAGE                                                                       Fri   9.00pm      St Pats Hall
                                                                                                                                             Tim Whelan’s
                                                                                                                                                                  Sun    8.00pm    St Pats Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                   Celtic Colours Host
                                         Fri    8.00pm     Fiddlers Green         TOM RICHARDSON PROJECT                                     Welcome                                                     THE WHEEZE & SUCK BAND
LOUIE & THE RUSTLERS                     Sat    1.00pm     Railway Stage          Fri    6.30pm     Fiddlers Green         Sat   2.30pm      Stage 2                                                     Fri   8.00pm    Stage 5
Fri   8.30pm      The Shebeen            Sun    11.00am    The Shebeen                                                                                            TOTALLY GOURDGEOUS
                  CD Launch                                                       Sat    5.30pm     RSL Hall               Sat   11.00pm     Surf Club                                                   Sat   12.30pm   Lighthouse Café
Sat   10.00am     Stage 4                Sun    5.30pm     Railway Stage                            APRA Songwriter                          Celtic Connection    Fri    10.00pm   Stage 5               Sun   12.30pm   Lighthouse Café
                                                                                                    Speaks                 Sun   1.00pm      Stage 2              Sat    12.00pm   FOLKworX
Sun   4.30pm      Lighthouse Café                                                 Sun    10.00am    Railway Stage                                                                  Vocal Weirdness       Sun   4.00pm    Railway Stage
                                         MIHIRANGI                                                  APRA Songs in the                                                              (Mal Webb)
DOUGIE MACLEAN                           Sat    3.00pm     FOLKworX
                                                                                  Sun    12.00pm    FOLKworX
                                                                                                                           CHRIS SMITHER                          Sat    2.00pm    St Pats Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                   Hoedown Under Host    JOSH WHITE JR
                                                           Women’s Haka                                                    Sat   7.00pm      Stage 2
Sat   8.00pm      Stage 4                                                                           Slide Guitar from                                                               (Andrew Clermont)    Sat   10.00am   Stage 1
                                         Sat	   8.00pm	    ON•SHORE	Stage	                          Scratch                Sun   7.00pm      Stage 3                                                                     Meet the Guests
Sun   5.30pm      Stage 1                                                                                                                                         Sat    5.00pm    Stage 4
                                         Sun    3.45pm     Stage 4                Sun    3.30pm     The Shebeen            Mon   10.30am     Stage 1                                                     Sat   2.45pm    Folk Circus Stage
Mon   10.00am     Stage 4                                                                                                                                         Sun    10.30am   FOLKworX
                                         Sun    8.00pm     Reardon Theatre        Sun	   9.30pm	    ON•SHORE	Stage	                                                                A Crash Course to     Sat   7.30pm    Stage 3
                                                                                  Mon    1.00pm     Railway Stage                                                                  Fiddlin’ (Andrew
                                                                                                                           DANNY SPOONER                                           Clermont)             Sun   10.00am   Stage 3
JOHN MC CUTCHEON                         NARASIRATO PAN PIPERS                                                             Sat    5.00pm      Wharf               Sun    1.00pm    Railway Stage
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Blues is Gospel
Fri   10.00pm     Stage 2                Fri    8.00pm     Stage 1                                                                            Shanties                                                   Sun    2.30pm    Stage 1
Sat   10.00am     Stage 1                                  ‘Music Deli’ Live      ARCHIE ROACH                                                CD Launch           Sun    3.00pm    FOLKworX
                                                                                                                                                                                   Music Funny Side Up   Mon   11.00am   Stage 4
                  Meet the Guests                                                 Sat    10.00am    Stage 1                Sun    12.00pm     School Hall                           (Mal Webb)
                                         Sat    5.30pm     Stage 1                                  Meet the Guests
Sat   4.30pm      Stage 3                                                                                                                     Just Sing           Sun    10.00pm   Stage 4
                                         Sun    3.00pm     Lighthouse Café        Sat    5.15pm     Stage 2                                                                                              THE WHITETOP MOUNTAINEERS
Sun   1.00pm      Folk Circus Stage                        Dance Workshop                           Red Dirt Music         Sun    6.00pm      St Johns Church
Sun   5.30pm      RSL Hall               Sun    7.00pm     Stage 2                                                         Mon    10.30am     St Pats Hall                                               Fri   9.10pm    Stage 2
                                                                                  Sat    9.00pm     Stage 3                                   Australian Labour   TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON
                  APRA Songwriter                                                                   CD Launch                                                                                            Sat   2.00pm    St Pats Hall
                  Speaks Host                                                                                                                 Songs               Fri    10.10pm   Lighthouse Café                       Hoedown Under
                                                                                  Sun    4.00pm     Stage 1                                                                        CD Launch
Sun   10.00pm     Stage 3                MÁIRTIN O’CONNOR BAND                                      ‘Music Deli’ Live                                                                                    Sat   5.00pm    Surf Club
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Celtic Jam Session
Mon   11.00am     Stage 2                Sun    7.00pm     Stage 4                                  CD Launch                                                     Sat    10.30am   FOLKworX
                                                                                                                           TAI CHI WITH BRENDAN DOWD                               5 String Banjo        Sun   7.00pm    Lighthouse Café
                                         Mon    10.00am    Stage 3                                                         Sat   9.15am      Stage 5                               (Mike West)
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sun   10.00pm   St Pats Hall
ELEANOR MC EVOY                                                                   PADDY RYAN                               Sun   9.15am      Stage 5              Sat    2.00pm    St Pats Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                   Hoedown Under
Sat   12.15pm     Stage 1                DENNIS O’KEEFFE                          Sat    9.00am     The Shebeen
                  CD Launch                                                                         Aussie Breakfast                                              Mon    12.00pm   Stage 4               ZYDECO JUMP
                                         Sat    12.00pm    Lecture Hall                             Show                   TANK DILEMMA
Sun   12.00pm     Stage 1                                  On Our Selection       Sat    12.00pm    Lecture Hall                                                                                         Fri   7.00pm    The Shebeen
                  A Woman’s Voice                                                                                          Fri   5.00pm      Fiddlers Green
Sun   2.30pm      Stage 3
                                         Sun    2.00pm     St Pats Hall
                                                           The Real Dad n’ Dave
                                                                                                    On Our Selection
                                                                                                                           Sat   11.30am     Railway Stage        UNCLE EARL                             Sat   12.30pm   The Shebeen
                                                                                  Sun    9.00am     The Shebeen                                                   Sat    10.00am   Stage 3               Sun   2.30pm    Stage 2
Mon   11.00am     Stage 5                                                                           Aussie Breakfast       Sat   3.00pm      Lighthouse Café
                                                                                                    Show                                                          Sat    2.00pm    St Pats Hall
                                                                                                                           Sun   2.00pm      The Shebeen                           Hoedown Under
                                         PIGRAM BROTHERS                          Sun    2.00pm     St Pats Hall           Sun   5.00pm      Stage 4
PETER MACE                               Sat    5.15pm      Stage 2                                 The Real Dad n’ Dave                                          Sun    9.30pm    Stage 5
Sat   9.00am      The Shebeen                               Red Dirt Music        Mon    9.00am     The Shebeen                                                   Mon    10.00am   Stage 2
                  Aussie Breakfast                          (Stephen &                              Aussie Breakfast
                  Show                                      Alan Pigram)                            Show                   THE TEALEAVES
Sat   12.00pm     Lecture Hall           Sat    8.30pm      Stage 5                                                        Fri   9.00pm      Stage 5              RICK E VENGEANCE
                  On Our Selection       Sun    8.30pm      Stage 4                                                                          CD Launch
                                                                                                                                                                  Sat    11.15am   Lighthouse Café
Sun   9.00am      The Shebeen            Mon    11.00am     The Shebeen           SAOIRSE                                  Sat   12.00pm     Fiddlers Green
                                                                                                                                                                  Sun    8.00pm    The Shebeen
                  Aussie Breakfast                                                Fri    8.00pm     St Pats Hall           Sat   9.00pm      St Pats Hall                          Sunday Singalong
                  Show                                                                              Tim Whelan’s                                                                   Host
                                                                                                    Welcome                Sun   11.45am     Stage 4
Sun   2.00pm      St Pats Hall
                  The Real Dad n’ Dave
                                         THE PIGS                                 Sat    12.15pm    Stage 2
                                         Fri    8.45pm     Stage 4
Mon   9.00am      The Shebeen            Sat    11.00am    The Shebeen
                                                                                  Sat    3.30pm     School Hall            MICK THOMAS & THE SURE THING           KATE VIGO & THE UNDERGROUND
                  Aussie Breakfast                                                                  Irish Music & Dance                                           ORCHESTRA
                  Show                   Sun    1.45pm     Lighthouse Café                                                 Fri   11.30pm     The Shebeen
                                                                                  Sun    8.00pm     St Pats Hall                                                  Fri    9.00pm    Lighthouse Café
                                         Sun    6.00pm     Fiddlers Green                           Celtic Colours         Sat   1.30pm      Stage 1
                                                                                                                           Sat   5.30pm      RSL Hall             Sat    12.30pm   Stage 4
ASHLEIGH MANNIX                                                                                                                              APRA Songwriter                       CD Launch
Sat   10.00am     Stage 2                                                         THE SAW DOCTORS                                            Speaks               Sun	   8.00pm	   ON•SHORE	Stage
                                         LULO REINHARDT BAND                                                               Sat   8.30pm      The Shebeen
Sat   1.45pm      Lighthouse Café        Fri    8.00pm     Stage 3                Sat    10.30pm    Stage 3
Sun   3.00pm      Fiddlers Green         Sat    12.30pm    Stage 3                Sun    4.00pm     Stage 3                                                       VULGARGRAD
Sun   7.00pm      Reardon Theatre                          The Guitar Factory                                                                                     Fri    10.00pm   The Shebeen
                                         Sat    2.45pm     Stage 3                                                                                                Sat    2.00pm    Stage 4
                                         Sun    4.00pm     Stage 2

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