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									          Roof Mount Racking

ALZONE roof kits require no on-site cutting

Kits available for most solar module brands

Flat and corrugated Mounting Feet available

Certified to withstand highest Australian cyclonic wind loading (Region D)
    Some Reasons You May Choose
         an Alzone System

    Meets Australian Standards

         Quick Installation

Fully anodised finish, no maintenance

  Suitable for most module types

    No drilling of solar modules

   Pre-cut kits, no on site cutting

     Individual parts available

      10 year limited warranty
             Hardware and Components

                                                  Flat Foot
                                The Flat Foot is ideal for ground mount or in-
                                stallations on flat surfaces. Vertical slots in the
                                upright section allow adjustment of the rail to
                                compensate for uneven surfaces.

             Corrugated Foot
The Corrugated Foot has been designed for in-
stallation on the standard large profile corrugated
roofs. Vertical slots in the upright section allow
compensation for installation on uneven roofs. The
Angle Bracket (spmangle) may be used with the
Corrugated Foot to allow installation when
corrugations are at right angles to the desired
direction of installation.

                                                   Angle Bracket
                                  The Angle Bracket is an accessory that can be
                                  added to standard racking kits to increase ver-
                                  satility. The Angle Bracket is used to change the
                                  direction of rail by 90 degrees and is often used
                                  with the Corrugated Foot.
                Hardware and Components
                                           Solar Module End Mounts
                                  The Solar Module End Mounts are used at the
                                  beginning and end of each module string.
                                  Grooved lower surfaces ensure that even End
                                  Mounts fastened with finger tight bolts will hold
                                  modules quite firmly during installation.


  Solar Module Middle Mounts
The Alzone Middle Mounts are used between
adjacent solar modules locking the modules to the
Standard Rail. The grooved lower surface of the
Middle Mounts create a secure and attractive
finish without the need to drill holes in solar mod-

                                             Leg Cross Bracing
                                    The Leg Cross Bracing increases strength and
                                    adds rigidity and frame strength to ground
                                    mount rail kits. The Leg Cross Bracing has an L
                                    shaped cross section and is available in lengths
                                    up to 3.5m.
           Hardware and Components
                          Standard Rail & Legs
                   The Alzone Standard Rail forms the basis of
                   the solar array frame. The Standard Rails has
                   two Edge Slots that are most commonly used
                   as the anchor point for the Middle and End
                   Clamps. The Middle Mounts are generally used
                   for attachment for Legs, Feet and Angle Brack-
                   ets. Standard Rail is available in 3145mm or
                   3495mm lengths.
                   Legs are lengths of Standard Rail pre-cut and
                   pre-drilled to allow attachment to the Standard

                          Long Stainless Bolts
                   The 3/8" x 45mm Stainless Steel Bolt is used
                   where a slightly longer bolt is required to join
                   the Standard Rails to legs used in the Ground
                   Mount Kits. The bolts are supplied complete
                   with a flat washer, spring washer and nut that
                   are used to reduce the possibility of the array
                   bolts loosening over time.

                          Standard Stainless Bolts
                   The 3/8" x 25mm Stainless Steel Bolt is used to
                   connect the Standard Rail to Feet, leg and Cross
                   Bracing on Ground Mount or Roof Mount Kits.
                   The bolts are supplied complete with a flat
                   washer, spring washer and nut to reduce the
                   possibility of the array bolts loosening over time.
SPMB3825           The spring washer sits directly under the nut.
         Hardware and Components
                                  T Bolts

               The T Bolts are used in conjunction with the Middle
               and End Clamps. The T Bolts are slid into the Edge
               Slot of the Standard Rail and are held firm while
               the nut is turned.

                  Installing the Roof Mount Array
   Please read the Installer Responsibilities before
       commencing installation of the array.

                     Step 1
Ensure all leads and electrical connec-
tions to the solar module junction boxes
are made prior to assembling Roof Mount

Place all mounting Feet in their preferred
position on roof so they are aligned with
roof beams. Position Standard Rails so
that Mid Slots face the centre. Slide
Stainless Bolts SPMP3825, into the Mid
Slot of the Standard Rail and attach Feet
with two Stainless Bolts SPMB3825 per                                  Step 3
Foot. Feet are positioned on the inside of
the Standard Rail.                         When all Feet and Standard Rails are in
                                           position the Mounting Kit is checked, and
                                           made square. At this stage the Mounting
                                           Feet may be fastened to the roof.
                                                       Please Note: Dissimilar metals must be
                                                       separated to avoid corrosion. A
                                                       suitable membrane should be used to
                                                       between any dissimilar metals.

                                                                       Step 4
                                                       Insert two "T" Bolts with End Clamps into
                                                       the Edge Slot of the Standard Rail at the
                                                       position where the first or lowest solar
                                                       module will be installed. Then position
                                                       the first solar module and tighten the End
               Installing the Roof Mount Array
                 Step 5
Slide one "T" bolt into the Edge Slot of
each Standard Rail and then position the
second solar module.

                 Step 6
Attach Middle Clamps and nuts to "T"
bolts between module 1 and 2 and tight-
Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all solar mod-
ules for the kit are in place.

                 Step 8
When the last module is in position, insert
a "T" Bolt into the Edge Slot of each
Standard Rail Edge Slot. Attach End
Clamps and tighten nuts to secure the
final module in position.

                 Step 9
Check that all rail kit bolts and clamps are
tight and all solar modules and Standard
Rails are square.
Alzone Solar Module Mounting Kits require the tools listed below.

1.    14mm ring spanner (for all rail nuts)
2.    14mm open end spanner (for cross bracing nuts)
3.    10mm tube spanner or 10mm socket with small ratchet extension (for middle
      mount nuts)
4.    Spirit level (to ensure front and rear legs are square when assembled)
5.    Protractor (to give the exact angle desired)

                 Installer Responsibilities
The installer must install the array in accordance with Australian Standards and with
regard to any State Laws that may apply to the installation.

The installer is solely responsible for:

1.     Ensuring safe installation of all electrical works to the solar module array.
2.     Ensuring that all mounting surfaces and structural supports for roof, ground
       and pole mount systems can support the array.
3.     Complying with all applicable building codes.
4.     Maintaining waterproof integrity of the roof for all roof mount installations.
5.     Ensuring that Alzone mounting kits are suitable for the installation and the
       local environment.
6.     Ensuring that all installations are undertaken in safe working and weather
7.     Use of non-Alzone components with Alzone Mounting Kits may void the
       ALZONE warranty and may result in an unsafe installation.
8.     Dissimilar metals must not be in contact. A suitable membrane must be used
      to separate any dissimilar metals and avoid corrosion.
Alzone Solar Mounting Kits are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of
10 years from purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser in the original installation
location. Alzone components are warranted to be free from cracking or peeling of the anodized
finish under normal climatic conditions for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase by the
original purchase. Any corrosive conditions, corrosive cleaning products or residue deposited on the
anodising finish will void this warranty as it applies to the Aluminium finish. Damage to Al-zone
components that may occur during installation, storage or transportation is not covered under
warranty. Modification, repair, installation in corrosive or unsuitable environment or incorrect as-
sembly may also void the warranty.

This warranty does not apply to any Alzone Solar Mounting Kits or components which in the judg-
ment of Alzone Pty Ltd has been subject to misuse, neglect or accident or which has been dam-
aged through abuse, alteration, improper installation or application, or negligence in use, storage.
transportation or handling, or repaired by anyone other than Alzone Pty Ltd. The warranty does not
cover any transportation costs for return of Alzone Solar Mounting Kits or components or for
reshipment of any repaired Alzone equipment, or costs associated with installation, removal or
reinstallation of Alzone Solar Mounting Kits or components.

Warranty Limitations

Alzone Pty Ltd shall have no responsibility for damage to person or property or other loss or injury
resulting from defect in Alzone Solar Mounting Kits or components or from improper use or instal-
lation. Under no circumstances will Alzone Pty Ltd be liable for any incidental or consequential
damage. Any warranties implied by law, including those of merchantability and fitness for a par-
ticular purpose are hereby expressly disclaimed. The maximum liability of Alzone Pty Ltd is limited to
the purchase price of the Alzone Solar Mounting Kits and components. This warranty is in lieu of all
other warranties, expressed or implied. The purchaser's exclusive remedy shall be only as stated

Obtaining Warranty Performance

Alzone Pty Ltd will not accept the return of any Alzone Solar Mounting Kits or components unless
Alzone Pty Ltd has given prior written authorization in the form of an issued Return Material Au-
thorization (RMA). To obtain an RMA number please contact:

ARRID Power Pty Ltd
P.O. Box 82
Welshpool W.A. 6986
Ph: 1300 663 563
Fax: 08 9258 7756
14 December 2005

ARRID Pty Ltd                                                                       Our ref:    61/16925/55915
                                                                                    Your ref:
PO Box 82

Attn: Randall Atkinson

Dear Mr Atkinson

ARRID Solar Panel Racking
Verification of Roof Mounted Kits for Cyclonic Wind Loading
As per your email request dated 25 th November 2005, we have undertaken a review of the ARRID roof
mounted solar panel racking system to withstand cyclonic wind loading. Our review dealt specifically with
the rails, clips and legs and the maximum allowable leg spacing.

Our review was based on the section properties and dimensions of the rails, legs and clips and solar
panel dimensions and weights provided by ARRID. The aluminium type used in the review was 6106-T6
with minimum yield strength of 210MPa.

The maximum allowable leg spacings for roof heights of <_3m have been provided in Tables 1 for roof
slopes ranging from 0° to 35° and for Kits 1 to 5. The leg spacings have been determined in accordance
with AS/NZS 1170.2:2002, Structural Design Actions, Part 2: Wind Actions and AS/NZS 1664.1:1997,
Aluminium Structures, Part 1: Limit State Design. The leg spacings will need to be revaluated for any
future revisions of these codes.

In determining the cyclonic wind loading and therefore the maximum leg spacings the following wind
code requirements have been used:

    Cyclonic Region D.
    Terrain Category 2.
    Shielding and Terrain Multipliers, Ms and Mt, are taken as unity.
    The racking is roof mounted onto an enclosed building of nominal rectangular shape.

    The racking is not installed within the minimum of 0.2b and 0.2d of a roof edge or ridge where b and
    d are the plan dimensions of the building.
    Average Recurrence Interval is 500 years.

Provided that all of the above criteria are met, we verify that the ARRID roof mounted solar panel racking
system would be structurally adequate to withstand cyclonic wind loading. It is important to note
however, that we have not verified the strength of the solar panels and the strength of the supporting roof
would need to be checked by a suitably qualified engineer.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you require any further assistance.

Yours faithfully
GHD Pty Ltd

 Pim Birss
 Service Group Manager, Structures
 6222 8510

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