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A well insulated home will provide year-           HOW DO I DO IT?
round comfort, cutting cooling and
                                                   There are a wide variety of insulating
heating bills by up to half and reducing
                                                   products on the market. There are two main
your greenhouse gas emissions. A large
                                                   types of insulation:
proportion of heat is lost or gained through
the ceiling and roof of your home. By              1. Bulk insulation traps small pockets air
installing or upgrading existing insulation           within the insulating material. This is
you can improve the comfort of your house             very effective in reducing heat transfer
and significantly reduce your heating and             between the outside and your home
cooling costs.                                        (and vice versa).
                                                   2. Reflective insulation bounces light
WHAT CAN I DO?                                        and heat preventing it from entering or
Install or upgrade insulation to create a             leaving your home.
comfortable home and reduce your energy            The type of insulation you choose will
bill and greenhouse gas emissions.                 depend on a range of factors including
                                                   the materials your home is constructed of,
                                                   the way you heat and cool your home and

                      Tanya Ha, an expert in           Insulate your roof and save (each year)
                      environmental living and
                      the author of Greeniology                ave                   ave

                      and The Australian Green
                                                                                               C O2

                      Consumer Guide provides


                      advice on energy saving                  $5 -$

                      in your home.                              0                      250

                                                                      Government of Western Australia
                                                                      Department for Planning and Infrastructure

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your budget. Some of the most important         •	 First fix other sources of heat gain
things to consider before buying your              and loss from your home by shading
insulation are:                                    windows from the summer sun and
  •	 Check the information supplied on             blocking draughts around windows
     the product, including the R-value, the       and doors. Insulating a home with
     price per square meter and whether            windows that are not shaded from the
     it must be installed professionally or        summer sun can trap in unwanted
     can be DIY.                                   heat creating an “oven” effect
  •	 The R-value measures the products             and increasing cooling costs. See
     resistance to heat flow and the higher        the leaflet on “How to shade your
     the R-value the higher the level of           windows from the summer sun” for
     insulation. For example insulation with       more information.
     an R-value of 3.5 is more effective       Some things to remember if you
     than insulation with an R-value of 1.0.   are going to “DIY”
  •	 Compare the environmental benefits of      •	 When handling insulation products
     different products. Ask about recycled        such as fibre glass wool and rock
     content and how easily the product            wool, be sure to wear protective
     can be recycled after use. Currently          clothing. This should include
     some brands of polyester insulation           coveralls, gloves, eye protection and
     contain up to 80 percent recycled PET         a facemask.
     (the plastic commonly used in drink        •	 Cellulose fibre must be treated with
     bottles). Some brands contain 100             fire retardant during manufacture and
     percent recycled paper. Glass fibre           no other type of insulating material
     insulation contains between 25 to 60          (such as expanded polystyrene
     percent recycled glass.                       beads) should be combined with it.
 •	 Eye protection should be worn when          Use a van or trailer to transport them as
    installing reflective foil materials        they take up a lot of space.
    externally as they can cause                Alternatively a list of insulation suppliers
    dangerous glare.                            is available in the Yellow Pages or on the
 •	 Make sure that the insulation is made       Yellow Pages website at:
    to Australian Standards and complies
    with the fire safety requirements as set
    out in AS1530-3.
                                                How much does it cost?
 •	 Have a qualified electrician check          Insulation costs are affected by the type of
    the house wiring before insulation is       insulation you choose, whether you install
    installed, particularly in older homes.     it yourself and the size of the area that
                                                requires insulating (see the table on the
 •	 Remember not to place insulation
                                                back page for estimates of the cost). By
    over or around appliances (like
                                                contacting an insulation supplier you can
    halogen down lights) that need
                                                arrange a quote for your property.
    ventilation to prevent heat build-up.
 •	 If you lay batts make sure they have a      WHY?
    tight fit between the rafters and do not    Installing roof insulation will make your
    compress them.                              home much more comfortable to live in. It
 •	 Take care on ladders and if you are         can reduce your heating and cooling costs
    getting into the roof put boards down       by around 30% and reduces the emission
    to walk on to minimise the risk of          of greenhouse gas. You can also reduce the
    putting your foot through the ceiling.      size of any cooling or heating units that you
Where can I find an insulation                  have to buy - saving you even more money.
Insulation batts (pre cut insulation designed
to fit in between the rafters of a standard
roof) are available from major DIY stores.
With roof insulation providing between $50 and $100 a year in savings on energy bills
it can pay for itself in around 10 to 20 years. More importantly insulation will make your
home much more comfortable.

  TYPE OF INSULATION                          DO IT YOURSELF                              INSTALLED

  POLYESTER BATTS                             $50 per bag (5.8m2 per bag)                 $900-$1700 per 100m2
  BLOW-IN PAPER BASED                         N/A                                         $1,200 per 100m2
  UNDER-ROOF REFLECTIVE                       $20 per m2                                  $950-$1800 per 100m2

A federal rebate of up to $1,600 is available for the professional installation of insulation for
uninsulated homes as part of the Energy Efficient Homes Package. Landlords or tenants
of rental properties may claim up to $1,000.
The program will run from 1 July 2009 to 31 December 2011.
The guidelines and application forms for the Energy Efficient Homes Package rebates are
available from or by calling 1800 808 571.

The Living Smart brand has been developed by The Meeting Place Community Centre, the City of Fremantle, Murdoch University
and Southern Metropolitan Regional Council to support a suite of programs developing capacity in community sustainability
.Published by the Department for Planning and Infrastructure, Perth , Western Australia. June 2009. The information provided in
this brochure is provided in good faith. However the accuracy or appropriateness of the information is not guaranteed.
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