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									                          TOWN OF LOS GATOS                              ATTACHMENT 1
                       R.J. BRYANT SERVICE CENTER
                    TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 2008 – 6:30 P.M.

 NO.   ITEM                               ACTION ON ITEM
I.     MEETING CALLED TO ORDER            The Parks Commission meeting was called to order
                                          at 6:32 P.M. by Chair Konrad.
II.    ROLL CALL                          Present: Chair Konrad; Vice-Chair Handy;
                                                    Commissioners Holden, and Schloh;
                                                    Student Commissioner Kevorkian.

                                          Absent: Commissioners Endweiss and

                                          Staff:   Tim Boyer, Parks Superintendent
                                                   Tara Lang, Public Works Specialist

                                          Also Present:    Randy Ison, Los Gatos Resident
                                                           Jim Sugai, Los Gatos Resident
                                                           and Former Parks Commissioner

III.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES –              Motion by Commissioner Schloh that the minutes
       FEBRUARY 5, 2008 MEETING           be approved as submitted.

                                          Seconded by Commissioner Holden.
       CHAIR CALLED FOR THE               Carried unanimously.
       A. Verbal                          None.
       B. Written

                                          Chair Konrad
                                             • Asked that the proposed dog park be
                                                 agendized for the April 1, 2008 Parks
                                                 Commission meeting.
       A. Trail Usage at Shannon Valley   Parks Superintendent Boyer
          Ranch                              • Explained that the site visit scheduled for
                                                Saturday, February 23 was canceled due to
                                                Interim Director Rohani’s illness and
                                                inclement weather.

                                          Parks Commissioners
                                             • Re-scheduled the site visit to Saturday,
                                                March 15, 2008; 10 a.m.
    Parks Commission Minutes                                                                               March 4, 2008
                                                                                                     Los Gatos, California

             A. Trail Usage at Shannon Valley                       Commissioner Holden
                Ranch (Continued)                                     • Informed the Commissioners that she
                                                                        walked the switchback trail and it was
                                                                        approximately one (1) mile.

                                                                    Vice-Chair Handy
                                                                       • Provided a colored areal map of the trail for
                                                                          the Commissioners. It was used for

                                                                        Chair Konrad
                                                                          • Suggested that there is representation from
                                                                              the bicycle advocates (e.g.,Transportation
                                                                              & Parking Commissioner Entin) on the
                                                                              March 15 site visit/trail walk.

                                                                    Parks Superintendent Boyer
                                                                       • Informed the Commissioners that at the
                                                                          end of the half mile trail (a “dead end” trail)
                                                                          will eventually connect to the Santa Rosa
             A. Report on Green Ribbon                              Parks Superintendent Boyer
                Committee Meeting (Holden)                             • Announced that the Sustainability
                                                                          Committee is now the new “green”
                                                                          committee, and the Community Services
                                                                          Department is asking for a Parks
                                                                          Commission representative.

                                                                    Commissioner Holden
                                                                      • Volunteered to be the Parks Commission
                                                                        representative to the new Sustainability
                                                                      • Reported that at the last Green Ribbon
                                                                        Committee meeting, discussion
                                                                        incorporated “xeriscaping” in back of the
                                                                        new Police Department, future of plastic
                                                                        bags in Los Gatos. . .
                                                                      • Requested a copy of the irrigation report
                                                                        from Parks Superintendent Boyer.

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    Parks Commission Minutes                                                                            March 4, 2008
                                                                                                  Los Gatos, California

             B. 2008 Council Commission                             Parks Commissioners
                Retreat                                                • Discussed the items that they submitted for
                                                                          the 2008 Retreat Questionnaire.
                                                                       • Volunteered to spearhead items under the
                                                                          Proposed Projects for Upcoming Year.

                                                                    Chair Konrad
                                                                      • Volunteered to edit the questionnaire and
                                                                          submit the revisions to staff.

                                                                    Parks Superintendent Boyer
                                                                       • Informed the Commission that the annual
                                                                          parks budget is approximately $2 million;
                                                                          there is not enough staff to remove the
                                                                          invasive non-native vegetation from local

                                                                    Jim Sugai
                                                                       • Volunteered to be a liaison to the California
                                                                          Native Plant Society and work with
                                                                          Commissioner Holden.
                                                                       • Informed the Commissioners that the Santa
                                                                          Clara County Water District has a
                                                                          program to remove invasive non-native
                                                                          vegetation from the creeks. “Birds and
                                                                          butterflies depend on natives for food and

                                                                    Commissioner Schloh
                                                                      • Reported that he attended the last City of
                                                                        Monte Sereno Council meeting where a
                                                                        group of citizens requested that the
                                                                        $100,000 that was allocated for the
                                                                        skateboard park be released for parks

                                                                    Parks Commissioners
                                                                       • Requested that the discussion for removal of
                                                                          liquid amber trees be agendized for the
                                                                          April 1 Parks Commission meeting.

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     Parks Commission Minutes                                                                         March 4, 2008
                                                                                                Los Gatos, California

             A. Parks Projects – Update                           Parks Superintendent Boyer
                                                                     • Informed the Commissioners that the trellis
                                                                        at Live Oak Manor Park has been erected
                                                                        and the sign will go in soon; the fence
                                                                        replacement project along the Los Gatos
                                                                        Creek Trail is now complete; the Bachman
                                                                        Park irrigation project is complete. The
                                                                        grass was re-seeded and the fences should
                                                                        be down in six weeks. Oak Meadow
                                                                        Park’s lawn will be available for use in
             B. Howes Play Lot: Meeting with                      Parks Superintendent Boyer
                Neighbors Regarding PG&E                             • No report.
                Removal of Pine Trees Update

             C. Arbor Day                                         Parks Superintendent Boyer
                                                                     • Reported that the tree planting ceremony
                                                                        will take place at Daves Avenue
                                                                        Elementary School on Friday, April 25 at
                                                                        1:00 p.m. The mayor of the City of Monte
                                                                        Sereno is also invited.
             A. Committee to Keep Parks Open                      No report.
                For Town Sanctioned Events
             B. Other Matters                                     Parks Commissioners
                                                                     • Discussed the “trail complaints” in the Los
                                                                        Gatos Weekly Times.

                                                                  Parks Superintendent Boyer
                                                                     • Informed the Commissioners that he and a
                                                                        reporter from the Los Gatos Weekly visited
                                                                        the Main Street entrance to the trail and
                                                                        found it spotless. The garbage can is full
                                                                        over the weekends and it was not intended
                                                                        for regular trash.
                                                                     • Addressed the litter complaints near the
                                                                        Highway 17 and Los Gatos-Saratoga Road
                                                                        interchange. Both Caltrans and the Town
                                                                        often do group projects and one of the
                                                                        “clover leafs” was adopted.

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      Parks Commission Minutes                                                                        March 4, 2008
                                                                                                Los Gatos, California

             B. Other Matters (Continued)                         Chair Konrad
                                                                    • Requested that the summer meetings in the
                                                                        parks be agendized for the April 1 meeting.

 X.          STAFF REPORTS                                        Parks Superintendent Boyer
                                                                     • Announced that April is Keep Los Gatos
                                                                        Beautiful month.
                                                                     • Requested volunteers to hand out Parks &
                                                                        Trails maps at the Sunday, April 20 Farmers
                                                                        Market between 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
                                                                        Vice-Chair Handy volunteered to work and
                                                                        Commissioner Holden volunteered for one
             A. Proposal for the Parks                            Parks Commissioners
                Commission to Meet at an                             • Agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. Staff will
                Earlier Time                                            prepare an enabling resolution.

                                                                  Vice-Chair Handy
                                                                     • Requested more maps be distributed at the
                                                                        major parks and trails.

                                                                  Parks Superintendent Boyer
                                                                     • Responded that he distributed the parks &
                                                                        trails maps to various locations and the
                                                                        parks’ map holders are constantly being
                                                                     • Informed Commissioner Gordon that she
                                                                        needs to contact the Midpeninsula
                                                                        Regional Open Space District regarding
                                                                        policing the Jones Trail. Staff will provide
                                                                        contact information.

                                                                  Vice-Chair Handy
                                                                     • Requested that a special sign (prohibiting
                                                                        bicyclists) be posted at the connection
                                                                        between Santa Rosa Open Space and Heintz
                                                                        Open Space and the Heintz Open Space
                                                                        entrance. Parks Superintendent Boyer
                                                                        will take care of it.
                                                                     • Requested that he be included in selecting
                                                                        future trails.

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     Parks Commission Minutes                                                                         March 4, 2008
                                                                                                Los Gatos, California

 XII.        ATTENDANCE                                           Please contact the Commission Chair or the
                                                                  Parks and Public Works Dept. at (408) 399-5772
                                                                  or if you are unable to
                                                                  attend. The current Town Attendance
                                                                  Resolution that any commissioner who is absent
                                                                  from four regular meetings held in a 12-month
                                                                  period, shall surrender his or her office on the

 XIII.       ADJOURNMENT                                          Motion by Vice-Chair Handy that the meeting be
                                                                  adjourned at 7:54 p.m. to Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at
                                                                  6:00 p.m., RJ Bryant Service Center, 41 Miles
                                                                  Avenue, Los Gatos.

                                       Seconded by Commissioner Schloh.
             CHAIR CALLED THE QUESTION Carried unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Tara Lang, PPW Specialist

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