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									The Stranger
Author: Elizabeth Lane

A terrifying encounter with a band of desperados left Laura Shafton a fearful widow and a scarred beauty.
So when a tall, dark stranger came knocking on her door, she greeted him with a rifle--cocked and
loaded.Every instinct told her to turn Caleb McCurdy away--except she needed a man's help. Soon Laura
discovered his hard body hid a warm heart that melted all her fears away. But the dark places in Caleb's
past would divide them, unless Laura could learn a tough lesson about forgiveness.
Author Bio
Elizabeth Lane
Known to her friends as a free spirit, Elizabeth Lane has traveled the world in search of new adventures
and good stories. She has lived in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, and Germany and traveled to such
exotic spots as China and Nepal, but she is most at peace in the mountains of her native Utah.As of this
writing, she lives in a suburb of Salt Lake City with an 18-year-old cat named PowderPuff.Single since
1984, Elizabeth has raised a son and two daughters. One daughter, who died in an accident in 1985, is
still a loving presence in her mother's life. The other two children are grown and thriving, and Elizabeth
revels in her new loves — her grandchildren.Elizabeth is, perhaps, too easily lured by new challenges.
She loves hiking, photography, belly dancing, animals, Native American culture, and any kind of music.
She has pursued whales off Baja California, trekked the Himalayas, rafted the Grand Canyon, and even
taken a flying lesson.Since 1983 she has worked full-time as an educational software designer. But her
favorite pastime is writing lively, passionate stories that will reach out and touch her readers. Her novels
have been published in 10 languages and enjoyed in many parts of the world.Elizabeth's first novel, a
historical saga about the Spanish conquest of Mexico, was published in 1980. Several more sagas
followed, including two books set in China. When the market for big, serious historicals faded, it took her
four lean years to make the transition to romance. Wind River, her first Harlequin Historical, was
published in 1989. She has also written several contemporary Silhouette books."Everyone — and
everything — has a story," Elizabeth is fond of saying when asked about her ideas. "From the penny in
your hand to the stranger in the grocery line, each set of experiences is unique. Look around you and
listen with your imagination. You'll have stories to write for a lifetime."Elizabeth Loves hearing from her
readers. You can contact her at her email address, el

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