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					                                          Food Test Lesson Plan:


   Name:Danny Murray


   Class time:

   Class level: Junior Certificate Science

   Topic:Food tests

Overview of class/planning:

Aims: Introduce students to food tests and their uses.

Objectives: By the end of the class, students will be able to:

Perform the food tests for starch, sugar, portein, fat.

Previous knowledge: Food tests on TV shows, news, ads:

Previous knowledge required: Basic lab skills and some experience in investigations.

Anticipated problems: What parts of the topic which you are teaching do you expect to be difficult for
the students and how can you address this?

Class Sequence

   Opening: Place a teddy bear or lab skeleton corpse at the top corner of lab to and tape off the
   area with "crime scene yellow" or bio-hazzard tape.
   There will be four stations in the lab. Each station will contain 2 sets of one specific food test. These
   will be labled

   Tell students that they're going to to perform a police and forensic investigation.

   No one is allowed access the crime scene.


   Episode One: Students devise their own investigation.

       Divide students up into groups of four. Each group represents a law enforcement agency. For
        example a class of 24 can be divided up into: CSI, FBI, Mi6, Gardai, CIA, MiB, JAG and the GAA
        (for some reason). Printed Acyronom stickers can be given out for their lab coats to get them
        more involved.

       Explain the situation:

        "Skeletor has been poisened by something from the school canteen. Some substance was found
        in his teeth and hands. You must determine what killed him before we all die from eating the
        same thing. "

       Each group must plan out their investigation on a sheet of paper. In this they must follow the
        scientific method and:

            1.   Examine the evidence.
            2.   Propose a hypothysis of what killed him.
            3.   Test this hypothesis.
            4.   Examine their results
            5.   Draw a conclusion.
            6.   Prepare a statment fot he DPP.
            7.   Arrest the suspect.

  Episode Two: Food tests

The students will eventually request a menu of the food on offer in the canteen. These menus contain
information about what food was available and which chefs (potential suspects) cooked it.
Each group will then be asked to send one student to collect some sample from the crime scene.

"Skeletor was a bit of a pig when it came to eating and left a lot of sample on his hands and in his

Produce the two beakers labled "mouth" and "hands". Students will take two samples on a weighing
boat and bring it back to their group. Remind them that there are four tests and not to use it all at

Students are given 15 mins for each test and rotate through the four stations.

Closure: Conclusions

Results are analyzed and a prosecution file is written by each group. (lab report)

The suspected murderous chef (bert) is punished by the court by being made sit in the time-out corner
for 2mins.


Food test Apparatus: X No. of groups, in this case X 4

400-ml beaker
Hot plate
8 test tubes
Test tube rack
4 medicine droppers
Glass stirring rod
Several unknown food substances
Non-fat dry milk
Distilled water
Benedict's solution
Iodine-potassium iodide solution
10% aqueous sodium hydroxide solution
0.5% Copper sulfate solution
Sudan III solution


Two beakers with sample food (sugar). The one labeled mouth will contain saliva and food.



Reflection: To be completed for each class on a separate evaluation sheet

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