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									                    Open Letter to

                    Senators Webb & Warner
                    From Families of Virginia Tech Victims and Survivors

Dear Senators Webb and Wa
                                          of the massacre at Virgin         ia Tech, the largest mass sho
Three days  ago was the third anniversary
in American history.
                                                                                                    serious gap in
                                                                      buy his guns because of a
                                  s mentally ill and was able to
The Virginia Tech shooter wa                                      records missing from the fed
                                                                                                  eral background
                                 thousands of mental health
federal law that left tens of                                    to close that gap. Another
                                                                                                glaring gap in the
                                 Congress have taken steps                                      the mentally ill to
check system. Virginia and                                     which enables criminals and
background check system        is the Gun Show Loophole,                                                           ce
                                                                                 It’s been three long years sin
                                hout having to   pass a background check.                                        Gun
 buy guns at gun shows wit                                                     taken any action to close the
                                  Virginia Tech and Congress has still not
 32 people lost their lives at
 Show Loophole.
                                                                                                         law abiding
                                                                       cond Amendment rights for
                                 with   your strong support of Se
 senator Webb, consistent                                           nce for criminals and the me
                                                                                                    ntally ill getting
                                  d us that you have zero tolera
  Americans, you have assure                                         us and expressed your suppor
                                                                                                     t of background
                                    personally met with the six of
  access to guns. Last May, you                                     work on closing the Gun Sh
                                                                                                    ow Loophole in
                                   shows and you promised to
  checks for all sales at gun                                willingness to work with the
                                                                                             families on this issue.
  Congress. We appreciat      e your leadership and your                                                             se
                                                                                    and endorse legislation to clo
                                    your promise   to the Virginia Tech families
  Now is the time to deliver on
   this dangerous gap.
                                                                           ilies that you would consider
                                   sonally assured the Virginia Tech fam
   senator Warner, you also per                                          e yet to hear from you abo
                                                                                                         ut where you
                                  purch  asers at gun shows. We hav
    background checks on all
                                  ia have a right to know.
    stand. The people of Virgin
                                                                                              a Virginia Tech sized
                                                                rdered with guns—that’s
    Every day in the United      States, 35 people are mu                                                               l
                                                                                      toll that gaps in the federa
                                   y. We have see    n firsthand the incredible
    massacre every single da                                                       h the personal toll every sin
                                     have on pu   blic safety, and we live wit
     background check system
     day of our lives.
                                                                                                              ask you to
                                                                            the Virginia Tech families, we
                                    The tim e to act is now. On behalf of
     Don’t let another day go by.
                                       Gun Show Loophole.
     support legislation to close the

                                                                      Peter Read, Lt. Col., USAF (Re
     Lori Haas                                                                                     o was shot
                                                                       Father of Mary Read, wh
                               vivor who
     Mother of Emily Haas, sur                                         and killed at Virginia Tech
     was shot at Virginia Tech
                                                                       Colin Goddard
      Joe Samaha                                                                                    ginia Tech
                                                                       Survivor, who was shot at Vir
                                  o was shot
      Father of Reema Samaha, wh
      and killed at Virginia Tech                                       Andrew Goddard
                                                                        Father of Colin Goddard
      Omar Samaha
      Brother of Reema Samaha

      Senator Warner Senator Webb
      (804) 775-2314 (804) 771-2221
      Tell them to close the Gun Show Loophole.

                            Paid for by Virginians for Public safety

                             703-577-8826 • P.O. BOx 11522 • Burke, VA 22015

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