Use a Golf Journal to Lower Your Scores

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                                               Use a Golf Journal to Lower Your Scores
                                                                  By Maxx Johnson

  As I give more and more golf lessons, it amazes me how much money people will spend with me
and as soon as they leave it is like the golf lesson never happened!

 I suggest to all of my students to keep a golf journal. With a golf journal, we can get together at the
end of the lesson and discuss what their homework will be until the next golf lesson. The challenge for
me is that less than 5% of my students do this and then wonder why they are not progressing as fast
as they would like.

 I have attempted to emphasize how important this is by bringing a clip board with a lesson sheet on it.
I keep notes on it throughout the lesson for myself as well as for the student. After the lesson, we
discuss what is on the sheet and I then scan the sheet and email it to them for them to use, record in
their own way or, I guess, trash.

 You can improve your golf game and handicap much faster for under a couple of dollars! Although you
can purchase a nice golf journal such as The Ultimate Golf Journal by Lisa Bach, you can accomplish
your goals with a small notebook that you can keep in your pocket, attach to your push cart or put on
the steering wheel of the golf cart while you play.

 There is no secret to improving your handicap and shooting lower scores. The answer is that it
practice, practice, and more practice. We have all had those moments on the driving range where we
cannot miss and the next time out we cannot remember what we were thinking or working on to make
the ball react the way we wanted. By keeping a golf journal, you can jot it down as it happens or after
your practice session.

 Whether you take lessons or not, it is important to keep a golf journal or a small notebook (less than a
dollar) with you when you practice or play. It is important to note the flight of the golf balls. Do they start
by flying to the left or right? Once they get to the top of their flight do they topple forward or to the left or
right? What about the trajectory of your golf shots? Are they too low, or too high? Eventually after a
couple of rounds of golf, you will start to see tendencies. If you do take lessons, this will be valuable
information for your professional. As we all know, the golf ball sometimes tends to fly differently once
we are on the golf course.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 You will also want to begin keeping simple stats in your golf journal. I do this a lot by using a scorecard
and using each line for a separate statistic. You will want to keep fairways hit or missed, greens hit or
missed, up and downs that are converted and the number of putts that you take on each hole.

 By keeping a simple golf journal with some of these easy suggestions along with others that you will
come up with in your own, you will begin to see good and bad patterns forming. With this information,
you can improve your weaknesses and lower your handicap.

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                                    Golf Lesson - 3 Places to Focus Your Golf Lessons
                                                                By Maxx Johnson

Well another spring is here and you are vowing to improve your golf game again this year. This year
you are even talking about taking golf lessons to reach new levels in your golf game. It is serious this

 We have all done this before. The challenge is that this goal of improving our golf game is not specific
enough. It will help you to break it down to a more specific golf goal. For example, I am going to lower
my putts per round by 4 putts by fill in the date is a specific goal. Now you can realize what you need to
do to make it happen and place it underneath it.

 For starters, we will break the game up into three different areas for golf lessons. After breaking the
game down in three different areas you can focus more attention on what exactly needs to be fixed and
then attack it.

1. Putting

 Putting practice is the fastest way to lower your scores. Yes I said it correctly. Putting practice is the
fastest way to lower your scores. If you are like most amateurs most of your practice time is spent on
the driving range with your driver. You can improve your golf game rapidly if make a small goal of
making 10 or 20 (you come up with the number best for you) three foot putts before you play a round of
golf or to end a practice session. This is a specific quantifiable goal that will make you feel the pressure
of actually playing. If you do not believe me wait until you only have to make one more!

2. Short game

 Most professionals will call the short game any shot within 100 yards of the hole. If you are just
starting to play it may be everything within 50 yards. For our purposes we will call it any shot that is not
a full swing. The short game will include chipping and pitching of the golf ball. Whether you take a real
golf lesson or read an online lesson to understand the fundamentals of the short game, you can play
the same type of game to improve. In this game, you will need to get the golf ball up and down from
five different spots before you can move on to your round, the next part of your practice session or end
your practice session and go home. Again this will make you feel the pressure but yet keep it fun for

3. Full Swing

 To improve your golf full swing it makes sense to take a golf lesson from a PGA Professional. This
may be an individual golf lesson a series of golf lessons or even a golf clinic. Concentrate on the
fundamentals of the full swing. It always amazes my higher handicap students to find out that the lower
handicap players are working on trying to improve the same things that they are. Like anything thing
else, a good golf swing still relies on proper fundamentals

 Getting a golf lesson by a PGA Professional is always the best way to learn. However, by breaking
down how you are going to improve your golf game this year in to the three different areas of putting,
short game and full swing, you will be well on your way to shooting lower scores!

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