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A list of quality works for band available in Australia

                   Ralph Hultgren
                Head of Pre Tertiary Studies
   Conductor - Queensland Conservatorium Wind Orchestra
Regarding the repertoire available:

Part of my work at the Queensland Conservatorium is to investigate new music in respect of its
relevance to the training of conductors and as performance repertoire at all levels.

That information is also utilised in music selection lists by various festivals around Australia. The
listing of materials that follows is arranged in the grading commonly used in Australia. For your
information, the equivalent grading to the USA levels are:

        Premier: Grade 4 – 5
        A Grade: Grade 3 – 3.5
        B Grade: Grade 2½ - 3
        C Grade: Grade 1.5 – 2
        D Grade: Grade 1
        Novice: up to and including some Grade 1

This is not an exhaustive list and is prepared to assist you in your investigation of repertoire
available around the world. The list includes works for 2008, plus materials that have become
more readily available in Australia at that time. Some of the works are re-releases by the
publishers and I have included them as a form of assistance to the new generation of conductors.
“Popular” styles and medleys are not included.

This year works of Leroy Anderson are included to celebration the one hundredth anniversary of
his birth.

                                         PUBLISHER CODES
Publisher                                                                  Code
Alfred Publishing                                                          Alf
Amstel Music                                                               A
Anglo Music Press                                                          AM
BCM International                                                          BCM
Belwin                                                                     B
Boosey and Hawkes                                                          B/H
Brolga Music                                                               BM
Curnow Music Press                                                         CMP
De Haske Publications                                                      Has
EB Marks                                                                   Marks
Grand Mesa Music                                                           GMM
G. Schirmer                                                                GS
Hal Leonard                                                                Hal
Ibermusic                                                                  Iber
Mitropa Music                                                              Mit
Musicworks                                                                 Mw
Neil A. Kjos Music                                                         Kjos
Peer Music                                                                 Peer
Queenwood/Kjos                                                             Q
Scherzando                                                                 Sch
Studio Music                                                               SM
Windependence                                                              Win

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Ralph Hultgren - Head of Pre Tertiary Studies
PREMIER (4 – 5)
Title                                           Composer                  Publisher

Adoration (from Symphony of Prayer)             J Eric Schmidt            Alf
Adrenaline City                                 Adam Gorb                 SM
Andante e Alla Marcia                           Dvorak/de Meij            A
An Original Suite                               Jacob/ed. Heidenreich     Win
Chivalry                                        Martin Ellerby            SM
Concerto for Wind Ensemble                      Karel Husa                GS
Cries of London                                 Martin Ellerby            SM
Dali                                            Aldo Rafael Forte         SM
Dragon Fight                                    Otto M Schwarz            Mit
El Quijote                                      Ferrer Ferran             Iber
Eternal Vigilance (The Long Brave Line)         Robert Jager              Marks
Forgotten Heroes                                Nigel Clarke              SM
In the Realm of the Sun God                     Kit Turnball              SM
Neapolitan Serenade (Flute and Band)            Martin Ellerby            SM
Relentless                                      Andrew Boysen Jnr         Kjos
Resplendent Glory                               Rossano Galante           GS
Rush                                            Samuel R Hazo             Mw
Short Ride in Fast Machine                      Adams/Saucedo             B/H
Skyrider                                        Philip Sparke             SM
Symphonic Dances from West Side Story           Bernstein/Lavender        B/H
Symphony for the Millennium                     Aldo Rafael Forte         SM
Tanczi                                          Jan Van der Roost         Has
Traffic                                         Thomas Doss               Mit
TranZendental Dance of Joy                      James Bonney              BCM
The Travelin’ Hat Rag                           David Bobrowitz           GMM
Triumphal March                                 Mussorgsky/de Meij        A

A GRADE (3 – 3.5)
Title                                           Composer                  Publisher

A Christmas Festival                            Anderson/Smith            B
Fanfare for the Common Man                      Copland/Longfield         B/H
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis            Vaughan Williams/Bocook   Mw
Green Hills Fantasy                             Thomas Doss               Mit
Gymnopedie No 1                                 Satie/Turnball            SM
In Stillness                                    Brian Hogg                BM
March of the Belgian Paratroopers               Leemans/Swearingen        Mw
March-Bou-Shu                                   Satoshi Yagisawa          Has
Military Polonaise                              L C Harnsberger           Alf
Music from Carmina Burana                       Orff/Bocook               Mw
Nimrod                                          Elgar/Hingley             SM
Pastime with Good Company                       arr Rob Wiffin            SM
Of Pride Unfurled                               Stephen Bulla             CMP
Old American Songs                              Copland/Moss              B/H
Sacred and Profane                              Gibbons/Singleton         GMM

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Ralph Hultgren - Head of Pre Tertiary Studies
A GRADE (continued)
Title                                           Composer                  Publisher
Serenade Romantic                               Joseph Turrin             CMP
Sonata Pian e Forte                             Gabrieli/McGinty          Q
Songs of Old Kentucky                           Brant Karrick             Alf
Three Processionals                             Michael Ball              SM
Valerius Variations                             Philip Sparke             AM

B GRADE (2.5 – 3)
Title                                           Composer                  Publisher

Academic Festival Overture                      Brahms/Curnow             CMP
Adagio for Winds                                Jan Van der Roost         Has
Algorhythms                                     Gary Fagan                Alf
All Trails Lead West                            David Bobrowitz           GMM
Ancient Aires and Dances                        Respighi/Brubaker         B
Blue Tango                                      Leroy Anderson            B
Child’s Play                                    Duncan Stubbs             SM
Contraption                                     Brendon McBrien           Alf
Der Tod und das Madchen                         Schubert/de Meij          A
Ever More Distant                               Douglas Akey              Alf
Flourish for Winds                              Gary Fagan                Alf
The Golden Vanity                               Vaughan Williams/Wagner   B
Heroic Variations                               Beethoven/Brubaker        B
Italian Polka                                   Rachmaninoff/Lucas        B
Letters from Liadov                             Liadov/Mahaffey           GMM
March of the Trolls                             David Bobrowitz           GMM
Matreshka                                       Johan Nijs                Sch
Moment Musical                                  Hayato Hirose             Has
Mystery of Duffy’s Cut                          Robert Sheldon            Alf
On the Hawkeye Patrol                           Stephen Bulla             CMP
Piper’s Rhapsody                                James L Hosay             CMP
Pressure                                        Ryan Nowlin               Kjos
Requiem to a Forgotten Land                     Robert Sheldon            Alf
Rhythm of the Winds                             Frank Erickson            B
Sandpaper Ballet                                Leroy Anderson            B
Symphony No 5 (Finale)                          Shostakovich/Longfield    GS
Symphony No 40 (Theme)                          Mozart/Turnball           SM
The Syncopated Clock                            Leroy Anderson            B
Three Moods for Concert Band                    Brad Ciechomski           Kjos
Tribute                                         Travis J Cross            Win
Trumpet Tune and Ayre                           Clark/Ployhar             B

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Ralph Hultgren - Head of Pre Tertiary Studies
C GRADE (1.5 – 2.5)
Title                                           Composer                      Publisher

Adventure on Snake River                        Colin Brien                   Kjos
Albemarle Fantasy                               Mark Williams                 Alf
Album for the Young                             arr Curnow                    CMP
An Australian Sea Ballad                        Robert Sheldon                Alf
Asturias                                        Albeniz/Story                 B
Cambridge Intrada                               Philip Sparke                 AM
Camel Train                                     Brian Hogg                    BM
Caribbean Carnival                              David Bobrowitz               GMM
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy                   Tchaikovsky/Smith and Story   B
Eclipse                                         Michael Story                 B
Episode and Chorale                             William Himes                 Kjos
Escape of the Shadow Men                        Barry Kopetz                  Alf
Evangeline: Two Cajun Folk Songs                Michael Story                 B
The Firebird                                    Stravinsky/Bullock            B
Firebrook Prelude                               James Curnow                  CMP
Four Breton Dances                              Timothy Broege                Mw
Integrity                                       Robert Sheldon                Alf
Largo (New World Symphony)                      Mark Williams                 Alf
The Long Day Closes                             Sullivan/Sparke               AM
March Chromatica                                Mark Williams                 Alf
Maya: The Lost Civilisation                     Michael Story                 B
Pandora                                         Randall Standridge            GMM
Patton                                          Goldsmith/Ford                B
Pegasus                                         James Curnow                  CMP
Poème                                           Todd Stalter                  Alf
Proclamation and Procession                     Robert W Smith                B
Quintessence                                    Anne McGinty                  Q
Radetzky March: A Concert in Vienna             Strauss/Lopez                 B
Scottish Ayre                                   arr. Wagner                   B
Serenade for solo clarinet and band             John Edmondson                Q
Silverbrook                                     Michael Sweeney               Mw
Soft-shoe Shuffle                               Philip Sparke                 AM
Song of Worship                                 Grell/van Beringen            Has
Suite from The New World                        Dvorak/Story                  B
A Sullivan Ballad                               Sullivan/Sparke               AM
Sussex Carol                                    arr. McGinty                  Q
Temple of Sinawava                              John O’Reilly                 Alf
There Will Come Soft Rains                      Robert Sheldon                Alf
Three Concert Fanfares                          Samuel R Hazo                 Mw
‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime                 arr. Story                    B
William Tell Overture (Theme)                   Rossini/Burton                SM

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Ralph Hultgren - Head of Pre Tertiary Studies
Title                                             Composer                                  Publisher

African Spirit Dance                              John O’Reilly                             Alf
Ancient City of Stone                             Kirk Vogel                                GMM
Bravo                                             James Curnow                              CMP
Butterflies                                       Anne McGinty                              Q
Canto and Caprice                                 James Curnow                              CMP
1st Classic Suite                                 arr Hannickel                             CMP
An Elizabethan Songbook                           Anne McGinty                              Q
Guantanamera                                      arr. Lopez                                B
Jupiter (from The Planets)                        Holst/Smith and Story                     B
Lost Tomb of the Incas                            Michael Story                             B
March Jubilante                                   Elena Roussanova Lucas                    B
March from Scipio                                 Handel/Sparke                             AM
Minuet No 2 (From the Royal Fireworks)            Handel/Turnball                           SM
Pastoral Serenade                                 Arthur J Michaels                         Kjos
Regalia                                           David A Myers                             GMM
Sonata No 11                                      Mozart/Burton                             SM
Strange Pursuit                                   Ralph Ford                                B
Thunder Hill Overture                             Anne McGinty                              Q

Novice (1>)
Title                                             Composer                                  Publisher

Champions                                         Gary Gazlay                               Kjos
Concerto for Triangle                             Mike Hannickel                            CMP
Defender of Time                                  Rob Grice                                 Alf
The Forge of Vulcan                               Tim Fisher                                BM
Pirate’s Cave                                     Mark Williams                             Alf
Two Bridges March                                 John O’Reilly                             Alf


Many publishers produce advertising materials to promote their publications. Ask your music dealer to
obtain sample scores and recordings of published works.

As noted, this is not an exhaustive list, but a compilation of researched materials, available in Australia with
music supplied to me by the importer.

Your ensemble demands and deserves quality repertoire and it is up to you, the conductor, to spend the time
in finding it. It is my hope that this listing of quality band music has been of some assistance to you in that
search. Please feel free to contact me at the Queensland Conservatorium at any time.

Ralph Hultgren
Head of Pre Tertiary Studies
Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University
P.O. Box 3428 South Bank Qld 4101
Telephone: +61 7 3735 6253
Fax: +61 7 3735 6366

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Ralph Hultgren - Head of Pre Tertiary Studies

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