Agenda Item No:          15

                                                                   Meeting Date: April 7, 2008

Department: Community Development

Prepared by: Bob Brown (LJ) /s/ LJ                             City Manager Approval: /s/ KN

SUBJECT: Consideration of Appointments to the Climate Change Action Plan Green Ribbon Committee
and Green Teams (CD) (P07-011)

RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends that the City Council appoint members to serve on the Climate
Change Action Plan Green Ribbon Committee and Green Teams.

BACKGROUND: On February 4, 2008, the City Council approved the work program for the Climate
Change Action Plan project, and issued a call for applications of people to serve on the Green Ribbon
Committee and the Green Teams. Over 30 people applied, and all are recommended for appointment.

The invitation to apply was sent to Homeowner and Neighborhood Associations, local environmental
organizations, the San Rafael Chamber and the Business Improvement District. In addition, the Marin IJ
and Newspointer were notified, and a notice was sent to all who subscribe to the Planning Commission’s
e-list. The application form was also mailed to a list of people that indicated an interest in the project.

Thirty-three people applied to serve. A subcommittee of the Mayor and Councilmember Damon Connolly
reviewed the applications and make preliminary recommendations. Staff verified interest and availability
with several candidates (one person declined because of time commitments), and the subcommittee
interviewed a few candidates to determine their best placement.

The following recommendations take into account the applicants’ expertise and experience in the various
aspects of climate change technologies. The listing also balances the members so that there is as broad
a representation of the San Rafael community on the various committees as possible.

As can be seen in the charts below, there is good representation of residents and businesses in central
and north San Rafael, but not of the Canal neighborhood. For the community workshops, the committee
members and staff will need to ensure sufficient participation by Canal residents and businesses so that
their concerns and interests will be addressed in the Plan. Homeowners are well represented; however,
because 45% of the units in San Rafael are rental, there will be a need to fully hear about and understand
policy cost implications for the renter community. Finally, it is interesting to note the large percentage of
people under 55 years of age who applied, indicating the interest this topic generates in the San Rafael

                                FOR CITY CLERK ONLY

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       North San Rafael
              29%                                                                              Male

           3% Canal                                                 Female
                                        Central San Rafael          59%


                                                                                             55+ years

                                                             Under 55                         44%



APPOINTMENTS: The following are the recommendations for appointment to the Green Ribbon
Committee. Members represent a wide variety of interests in the broader community, and will evaluate
and prioritize policies and programs, and recommend the final plan to the City Council.

Green Ribbon Committee
1. Pauline Basaran
2. Joe Bunker
3. Kate Colin (ex officio/non-voting member, Planning Commissioner representative)
4. Damon Connolly (ex officio/non-voting member, City Councilmember representative, shared with Miller)
5. Chrise de Tournay
6. Paul Ferreri
7. Damien Hansen
8. Jennifer Islas
9. Kay Karchevski
10. Klif Knowles
11. Kikki LaPorta
12. Mario Lopez
13. Don Magdanz
14. Lisa Max
15. Cyr Miller (ex officio/non-voting member, City Councilmember representative/shared with Connolly)
16. Brigitte Moran
17. Pam Reaves

                                FOR CITY CLERK ONLY

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In addition there will be four Green Teams that will evaluate options, and prepare policies and programs
for the draft plan. The recommendations for appointment to the Green Teams are:

Energy Green Team                                     Purchasing/Recycling
Jennifer Hewitt                                       David Haskell
Leah Maurer                                           Casey Mazzoni
Leonard Olson                                         Maika Llorens Gulati
Sue Spofford                                          Debbie Raphael

Land Use, Transportation, Urban Forest,               Adaptation/Sea Level Rise
and Green Building                                    Jennifer Chapman
Bill Garney                                           Robert Karfoil
Chris Stephan                                         Ellen Obstler
Phil Abbey
Ted Jacobs
Sandra Sellinger

There are a number of agencies and organizations that will be invited as resources to participate in the
Green Teams. These agencies are:

        Bay Area Air Quality Management Control District
        Bay Conservation and Development Commission
        Central Marin Sanitation Agency
        Dominican University
        Golden Gate Bridge and Transportation District
        Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Marin
        Las Gallinas Valley Sanitation District
        Marin Convention and Visitors Bureau
        Marin County Community Development Agency (Sustainability Division)
        Marin County Transit District
        Marin Municipal Water District
        Marin Sanitary Services
        San Rafael school districts (Dixie and San Rafael) and/or the Marin County Office of Education
        Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit
        Transportation Authority of Marin

The Green Ribbon Committee and Green Teams will begin meeting in May, with a community vision
scheduled for July.

FISCAL IMPACT: The majority of the project funding will be through General Fund support of the
Planning Director and Principal Planner for Long Range Planning. The Climate Change Action Plan
project recently received a $25,000 “Climate Protection” grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management
District. Grant funding will be used to contract with a consultant for meeting facilitation, preparation of
planning reports, displays and presentations, and creation of a Climate Change webpage including a
survey tool. The intern will be funded through salary savings of an unfilled position.

OPTIONS                  Appoint members to the Green Ribbon Committee and the Green Teams
                         Modify recommendations for appointments to the committee and teams
                         Solicit additional applications

ACTION REQUIRED          Appoint members to the Green Ribbon Committee and the Green Teams.

                                FOR CITY CLERK ONLY

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