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Rockglen SchoolCommunity Newsletter by accinent

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									                  Rockglen School/Community
                                            April 26, 2004

    Rockglen & District Tourism                                    Relay for Life
               Trivia Contest                                       Steak Night
Browse this Newsletter to find the answers to                            At
last months trivia questions and a whole new set                     Fife Lake
of questions for you to answer.                                  Saturday, May 8th
                                                             Penny Raffle & Door Prizes
  Rockglen And District Tourism                                      Tickets: $10.00
           Cook Book                                         Sponsor Teams- “Western Outriders
       We need YOUR recipe.                                                  “Southern Belles”
Whether you live in or around the Rockglen           For tickets phone:
area or did so at one time, we would like to         Sylvia Cote @ 642-5862
receive your recipe. Please include your name,       Doris O’Reilly @ 642-5861
address and phone number.                            Nature Shop in Assiniboia @ 642-5301
                                                     Or at Fife Lake Hotel
We are looking at a deadline of May 31, 2004
              so don’t delay,                                     Rockin’ Beach Rodeo
         send your recipe today.                                     Friday, June 25
                                                                & Saturday, June 26, 2004
Email   it   to     Dorothy  Bloom   at
                                                                       @ 7:00pm or leave with any
Rockglen & District Tourism committee
                                                     Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to everyone
                                                     who made our Steak Night such a success.
             Town of Rockglen                        Thanks to Cousin’s Hotel for supplying the
Waterline flushing will be done on Saturday,         food and atmosphere and donating the T-
May 1 beginning at 8:00a.m. weather                  shirts, hat and CD. To everyone who
permitting. Be sure to save water. There will be     bought supper tickets and raffle tickets. To
absolutely no outside watering on May 1 and          our Volunteers, Tim and Sheila Goddard,
May 2 to allow the tanks to fill after waterline     Jean Ager and Jason Choquer.             The
flushing.                                            Community support was great.
                                                                              Rockglen & District
Student Employment                                                           Tourism Committee
The Town of Rockglen will receive applications
for summer employment until 5:00 p.m. on May                 Rockglen Hall Renovation
5, 2004. Only secondary and post secondary
students may apply.                                                 Committee
                                                     We would like to invite you to an afternoon of
Please submit resume to the Town of Rockglen,        coffee, donuts and entertainment on Sunday,
Box 267, Rockglen S0H 3R0 or drop it off at          June 6th, at Rockglen Hall from 2:30pm –
the town office.                                     4:30pm. This is in appreciation for the support
                                                     you all have given up during our renovation
Watering Restrictions                                process. Without you all it would not have been
Watering restrictions are in effect all year. They   possible. Come in for coffee and see the
are as follows:                                      finished product.
► Odd numbered houses water on odd
numbered days
► Even numbered houses water on even
numbered days
► Water only from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
This includes watering flowers with a garden                     Newsletter Deadline
hose. Your water will SHUT OFF if you are not                         May 28,2004
following these restrictions. No warning will be                      June 25, 2004
given. If your water is shut off it will cost you
$32.00 to have it turned back on plus a $50.00
                           Scout Lake and Area (Southern Belles)
                                  have a team registered for the
                           Canadian Cancer Society      Relay for Life
                                          In Moose Jaw
                                          June 4th & 5th
                                       7:00pm to 7:00am
We are selling Luminaries in memory of a loved one or in honor of a cancer survivor. “One of the
memorable moments of the Relay for Life is the stunning sight of hundreds of candles lighting up the

We are also selling tickets on a Mother’s Day Basket which is display at the Scout Lake Coop. Tickets
are $2.00 or 4 for $5.00. Drop by and purchase a ticket or phone Jean at 642-5800. We will be having a
Penny Raffle in Fife Lake Bar on May 8th in conjunction with another Relay for Life Team, who are
having a Steak Night. Come out and have a steak, purchase some tickets and help support out cause.

Thank you to Lynn Fisher for donating Mary Kay products for our Mother’s Day Basket and Body FX
(Faye Elford) for donating a gift certificate for our Penny Raffle.

Thank you to the Mrs. H. Hill for letting us serve the lunch at her auction sale. Also thanks to the
Assiniboia 4H for letting us use some of there supplies. We had a successful day!!

If you are interested in sponsoring our team or donating money towards this worthy cause, please phone
Doris O’Reilly at 642-5861 or Jean Ager at 642-5800. Thanks for your support!!

                                                                       Driving Offences
Thank you to all the participants for your support &      It has come to the attention of the Assiniboia
interest in the ball/fitness sessions held at the Faith   RCMP that some persons have been taking
Harvest Church this past winter season. Keep up all       advantage of their driving privileges in the
your hard work & efforts ladies, you really will feel     community of Rockglen. The driving in
better for it! Have a great summer, I will see you in
the late Fall season.
                                                          question; squealing tires, driving in a manner
                                                          without reasonable consideration for others on
Remember, workout sessions are held in my home,           the highway or performing a stunt that is likely
you can make an appointment by telephone.                 to startle or interfere with others using the
Treadmill and gym equipment are included in your          highway will be dealt with by way of a fine of
workout sessions.
                                  Sally Mulvena
                                                          not less than $155.00.

                                                          If the driving is deemed to be in a manner
                  Thank You                               dangerous to the public a Criminal Code charge
A great big thank you to George Tucker for                will be laid and when convicted in addition to a
keeping our streets cleans through a difficult            fine or time in custody, entry into the United
winter.                                                   States will no longer be possible. When a driver
                                 Floyd Bloom              or the registered owner is charged with either a
                   Thank you                              Highway Traffic Act offence or a Criminal code
Thanks to Lana and Crystal for taking the time            offence; their vehicle will be seized and
to organize Phoenix's baby shower and also                impounded in Assiniboia. The owner will be
thanks to everyone who stopped in to visit and            responsible for the towing and storage costs
to those who gave gifts.                                  prior to release, after an application is made
       Gary, Deanna and Phoenix Griffin                   with the Highway Traffic Board.

The Scout Lake Community Hall                             I would like to urge all members of the
   would like to thank the                                community to contact the Assiniboia RCMP if
Rockglen-Killdeer Credit Union                            they have any concerns about the driving habits
 for there generous donation                              of a few; together we can make the streets safer
                                                          for all. If you have any questions about this or
                                                          any other concerns please call me directly at
      Stars of Tomorrow                                   Thank You,
            Dance Recital                                 M.G.(MIKE) SCHARF SGT
           Friday, April 30                               DETACHMENT COMMANDER
                                                          ASSINIBOIA DETPH
              At 7:30pm                                   306-642-7110
       In Rockglen School Gym                             FX 306-642-7113
             Directed by Tania Hicks
                      Wood Mountain Regional Park

It is with the greatest of sincerity that the Wood Mountain Regional Park Board would like to thank all
of the following for donating towards our fund raising efforts for our new swimming pool. Your
generosity is overwhelming and greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Those who donated hay for our Hay Sale in 2002:
Mona Faucher         Roy Beliveau       Ken Straza                Lawrence Karst
Bruce Beliveau       Roger Chesney      Don Corcoran              Wade Ager
Mitch Disney         Mark Disney        Joe Rivard                Ron Tessier
Ward Harden          Scott Hueston      Emile Poirier             Roy Burns
Steve Jacobs         Les Keller         Warren Feser              George Marcenko
Ken Kimball          Doyle Knoss        Carsen Moneo              Don Nickolson
Ellis Koester        Curtis Marcenko    Darwin Raes               Larry Zahariuk
Tom McKee            Don Simeniuk       Gordon Zahariuk           Lloyd Anderson
Shawn Mulvena        Elwood Pituley     Kevin Goruick             Bill Greffard
Rick Pituley         Marcel Rondeau     Lyle Helland              Dennis Hysuick
Warren Spagrud       Barry Stewart      Grant McLean              Clint Mitchell
Tim Stewart          Bill Wolfe         Travis Ogle               Bill Ogle
Bob Stewart          Lyle Stewart       John Okraincee            Roman Okraincee
Errol Stewart        Gerald Prefontaine Darrel Petersen           Floyd Petersen
Don Peterson         Jim Schmidt        Allan Zak                 Ron Kirby
Karen Fafard         Marvin Bakke       Bob Kuffner               Calvin Mastad
Larry Peterson       Kelly Ruzicka      Sandy Hordenchuck         Kelly Yorga
Garth Allingham      Jamie Allingham    Joe Kuffner               Darcy & Jean Ager
Robert Prefontaine & Lorna Johnson

Those who donated trucking services for the hay:
Ken Straza         Gordon Zahariuk       Lawrence Karst           Don Nickolson
Lyle Stewart       Bill Mielke           Bob Kuffner              Shane Franks

Those who gave cash donations in 2002:
Iver Hysuick        Palliser Aggregates     Plan It Electric      Dave Mihalicz
Shirley Fitzpatrick Arlene Zahariuk         Bud & Karen Ogle      Lawrence & Elsie Karst

Those who gave cash donations in 2003:
George Popescul     Center Fork Ranch Mark Keller            Glenn & Wendy Ching
Troy Waronek        Blair Zopf           Ken Fraser          Frank Linthicum
Claude Raes         John Spearman        Dwayne Ash          Dennis McLean
Barry Hiltz         Hutton Farms         Palmier Seeds       Robert & Loretta Eastley
Bill Thomson        Betty Straza         Marty Falconer      Clarence & Carol Sandor
Kal Tire            Don Corcoran         Wade Popescul       Assiniboia Agro Sales
Jamie Allingham     Garth Allingham      Carl Anderson       Ken & Sylvia Flynn
Ken Straza          Archie Harden        Peak Dot Ranch      Rob Schmidt Farm & Chem.
Boyd Anderson       Ray Caragata         Shawn Mulvena       Achille & Ada Palmier
Erroll Stewart      Bill Wolfe           Leonard Lethbridge Floyd & Joanne Petersen
Morrie & Colleen Raes      Ellis & Carolyn Koester     Lynn & Joanne Bloom
Clem & Donna Boisvert      Darwin & Laurie Raes        Dwight & Karin Forwood
George & Irene Marcenko Tom & Frances Jenkins

Those who donated bred and open replacement heifers for our sale:
Ralph Spearman       Harold Thomson       John Spearman       Arnold Manske
Kelsey Elford        Elford Ranch         Cheryl Nickolson    Warren & Paige Feser
Judy Mergel          Allen Nelson         Emile Mielke        Carmen & Dennis Hysuick
Rick Pituley         Sandy Hordenchuck Jules Rivard           Nick & Bonnie Pana
Leonard Bender       Ivor Hysuick         Mike Smith          Fitzpatrick Ranch
Linthicum Ranch     Doreen Selody        Peter Okraincee      Bob Stewart
Disney Farms        Garth Flynn          Bruce Flynn          Ken & Roberta Frazer
Mark & Laurie Disney        Denis & Laurie Bender       Don & Beth Simeniuk
Warren & Wendy Spagrud John & Laurie Waronek            Doyle & Wanda Knoss
Lawrence & Elsie Karst      Calvin & Sandra Knoss       Darcy & Jean Ager
Roy & Gina Beliveau         Trent & Roy Sayers          Leonard & Debbie McCrea
Clayton & Corrine Gibson Grant & Tammy McLean           Tim & Shannon Stewart
Bob & Penny Flynn           Lyle & Gina Stewart         Rae & Kimberley Tutor
Elvin & Lila Mitchell        Bill & Shirley Ogle        Travis & Crystal Ogle
Clint & Dawn Mitchell        Blair & Marlene Curry      Joe & Tracey Kuffner
Jerry & Evelyn Chanig        Lloyd & Nila Anderson
G9 Ranch - George & Margaret Popescul             Kool Springs Ranch - Kevin & Darlene Goruick
Barry, Wendy, Vaughan & Joyce Hiltz
                    All the buyers who attended our sale and make it a success
The 54 Bred Heifers averaged $923.00
The 15 Open Heifers averages $609.00

Those who donated services and food items for our the heifer sale:
Tyler Nickolson for auctioneering       Arlene Zahariuk and Karin Forwood for catering
Karen Ogle for buns                     Marcel and Margo Robichaud for buns
Kane Veterinary Supplies for tags       Pfizer Animal Health for Dectomax
Mitch’s Meats for the beef              All those who helped behind the scenes sale day
Thrifty’s Foods for beans & molasses    Glentworth Country Store for plates, cups & cutlery

And thanks to Ken Roberta Frazer for organizing all the cattle donations, donated items and use of their

To Wade Popescul for the donation for the pony that was raffled off at the heifer sale.
To Kim Ellertson and Stephanie Jones for donating their training of the pony.
Ticket sales were $4,620.00. Winner of the pony was Garth Allingham

Those who donated services and food items for our Cowboy Christmas:
Arnold Manske and Mark Elford for organizing the talent for the evening
All the entertainers who performed at the concert         Santa for visiting us that night
Wendy Hiltz for making and donating the beautiful garland strands that were auctioned off
Arlene Zahariuk for the potato salad              All those who helped serve the meal and clean up
Shoppers Drug Mart, Southland Co-op, Rockglen Foodtown, & McCord Lucky Dollar for Candy

Ken and Roberta Frazer for the beef, beans and use of their facility.
All those who attended our concert and made it a success.

Also, to all those who donated items and purchased tickets on the items which were auctioned off at
Wood Mountain Horse Sale on July 12. To the Animal Hospital of Assiniboia for the proceeds from
their ice cream sales at STOMP.

If we have forgotten anyone we sincerely apologize and again a great big thank you to all of you for
helping realize our goal of a new swimming pool.

                                       Stomp Update
Headliners are booked and include:
       Friday - Men Without Shame and Trooper
       Saturday - Doc Walker and Streetheart
       Sunday - Proverty Plainsmen, Steve Fox, Beverly Mahood & Charlie Major.

Early bird tickets are available from reps at $59.00 including GST until May 15 or till sold out and only
1000 early available so get them fast.

Reps Rocklglen              Elden Walters
     Fife Lake              Graham Gagne
     Scout Lake             Lisa Stangler
     Wood Mountain          Wendy Allingham
               MS Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
                               Saskatchewan Division
                   SAT. MAY 29 10:00 AM
              MEET AT Mainstreet’s Rock Park
Details: Please read carefully and keep for future reference:
#1 - - -All Walkers Must Pre-Register Prior To Collecting Pledges and Walking.
You can pre-register by:
   -Pick & Fill Out & Drop Off a form at The School Library, The Co-op or
       The Town Office
   -OR By Phone: Call Darcy Kimball (Walk Co-ordinator) at 476-2408
       Phone messages will be returned in the evening.
   -OR Complete the Brochure (at local businesses), drop off or Fax to 565-0477


#2 - - -Once registered to walk and committed to collecting pledges for MS, you
will be assigned an ID Number and receive your official “PLEDGE KIT”. THEN

Other Details:
Walkers may register individually or as a team.

All cheques must be made out to: MS Society-Supercities Walk
Receipts for income tax will be issued for all pledges of $10.00 or more if requested on the
pledge form.
 If you would like to make a pledge, please call one of the volunteers, listed below.

Youth 12 years and under welcome with adult supervisor - NO BIKES PLEASE
Wheelchairs and Medi-chairs welcome.

The “Walk Route” will be around town - you will have your choice of routes, either 3K or 6K -
please bring your own water.

We will start the walk as a group, at 10:00am - Main Street - please come early. If possible
hand in all your pledge forms and money PRIOR TO THE WALK DAY. All money must be
collected before the walk begins - hand in to any of the volunteers listed below.

Prizes are available from the MS Society Sponsors, based on the amount of
money you collect. The brochures explain the prize levels for pledges received.

Volunteer helpers for this project are Darcy Kimball 476-2408, Nicole Zopf 476-
2412 or 476-2220 - our school contact, Wanda Schnor 476-2707 and Marlene
Scheltgen 476-2235, - you may contact any of us for information or forms. If you
would like to volunteer your help, please call one of us.

If you are unable to walk on MAY 29,but would like to participate, please
complete all the forms, hand them in as required and do your walking at your
own convenience, Prior to May 29

Big Red Feet - much like Telemiracle “hands”, these footsteps are available for
$1.00 at the Post Office and Cousin’s Hotel & Bar.
        In advance, Thank you to Everyone for Your Participation.
        Let’s Take a Few Thousand Steps Towards a Cure for MS!
Chili Cook Off /Rockglen School                                 Rockglen Library
June 25th, 2004 / Noon Hour                         Thank you to everyone who provided photos for
                                                    the Winter Photo Display. We are awaiting the
Enter your team (max.4 people) to make the
                                                    Spring/Summer Photos!!
best chili. The entry fee is $10.00 per team with
a prize payout of 50% for the top three teams.
                                                    Details have been finalized for the Willow
All teams will be able to eat free. Teams will be
                                                    Project Workshop coordinated by Sandra
required to bring two gallons of hot chili.
Teams might also try to challenge other people
                                                    ► May 29 - registration, supply list, and willow
or businesses to win the voting for best chili.
                                                    harvesting instructions
                                                    ► June 12, 13 - actual assembly
For more information or to enter you team
                                                    ►Cost $50.00 per participant which includes
contact any local board member.
                                                    supply list and assistance both days
Cindy 642-5824                Rita 476-2275
                                                    ► Participants may construct the item of their
Trina 476-2058                Vonnie 476-2550
                                                    choice: chair, trellis, planter, etc.
Candais 642-4810              Denice 476-2470
                                                    ► There will be books on display from which
Lisa 642-5856                 Starla 476-2661
                                                    to browse and get project ideas
Terry 476-2455
                                                    ► Maximum number of participants which can
Entry deadline for you team is May 13.
                                                    be accommodated – 8.
All proceeds go to school improvements
                                                    We have been unable to present a Gardening
                                                    Workshop thus far, but are still working on it.
        Rockglen Multiple 4-H Club
             Riding Clinic                          Thank you to Norma and Joe Welch for
              May 15 & 16                           presenting their Métis stories and to Luke Cobb
          Rodeo Arena/ Rockglen                     for bringing them.
          1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Instructor - Nanette Choquer                        New paperbacks for adults and juvenile readers
The clinic is open to all interested riders,        will arrive this week or next week. Stop by and
maximum of 6 per day. Please call Wendy             browse!!
Ching at 476-2439 to register prior to May 10.
          Cost is $15 per rider per day.            The Palliser Web Site has been down for a
                                                    couple of weeks. The cause is a major hardware
Light Horse Project                                 problem, so it may not be up for a while. Sorry
The 4-H members will be riding once a week in       for any inconvenience, please phone the Library
May and June, 3:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.              to place holds and renew books.
During July and August they will ride at 7 p.m.
Sandy from the Assiniboia Animal Hospital and
the Borderland Vet Clinic will be joining us on               Rockglen Community
May 5th to give the members a Horse Health                    Health Care Auxiliary
seminar. The 4-H members will have a clinic         Does anyone having a picture they would like to
with Nanette Choquer on May 15 from 10 a.m.         submit for the Rockglen Community Calendar.
to 12 p.m. The cost is $2 for the members,          We need it before the end of May. Also, the
pizza and pop lunch at 12 p.m.                      price of the calendar has been raised to $6.00
                                                    because of the increase in the cost of printing.
Meeting date changes:                                                                      Kay Keller,
No meetings on May 3 or May 5                                                                Secretary
General meeting during the riding clinic on
May 15, not May 17.                                 T-Ball and
Thank you to Rockglen School for letting us use
the classroom for our meetings. Thank you to        Baseball
the Lisieux Church Hall for letting us use their    We are starting baseball on May 7 from 4:00-
                                                    5:30pm at the diamond by the rink. We are
facility for our General Meetings.
                                                    hoping for two groups this year, one for 6 and
Miscellaneous                                       under for T-Ball and one for 7-9 year olds for
Provincial 4-H Lottery Tickets are still            baseball.
available, the Grand Prize is a Quad runner.
General Meeting - May 15 at the Rodeo               We may be able to use the batting cages. I’m
Grounds, Rockglen @ 10 a.m.                         sure everyone will enjoy that. Anyone who
                                                    would be willing to help, it would be
General Leader - Cindy Tessier 642-5824             appreciated. Please bring ball glove, runners,
Light Horse Project Leader - Wendy Ching            baseball cap, water or juice and all of your
476-2439                                            enthusiasm!
                  Wanted                            Catholic Church
I am looking for a photo or negative of             Liturgy Schedule
Rockglen taken from the top of Columbus. I          May
will return them to you.                            Coronach    Sat. May 1 – 7:00pm – Mass
                                   Anna Monea       Lisieux     Sun. May 2 – 9:00am - Mass
               Grassland Health Centre Rockglen     Rockglen    Sun. May 2 – 11:00am – Mass
                                                    Coronach    Sat. May 8 – 7:00pm – Mass
      Rockglen Community Rinks                      Lisieux     Sun. May 9 – 11:00am - Layled
Thank you to Southland Breeders for using the       Rockglen    Sun. May 9 – 11:00am – Layled
rink for their annual bull sale. It was a great
success.                                            Coronach    Sat. May 15 – 7:00pm – Mass
                                                    Lisieux     Sun. May 16 – 9:00am - Mass
Curling renovations are under way and well be       Rockglen    Sun. May 16 – 11:00am – Mass
completed by October 1, 2004.
                                                    Coronach    Sat. May 22 – 7:00pm – Mass
 Thank you to Rockglen-Killdeer Credit              Lisieux     Sun. May 23 – 11:00am - Layled
Union for the generous donations to the skating     Rockglen    Sun. May 23 – 11:00am – Mass
rink and curling rink. It is greatly appreciated!
                                                    Coronach    Sat. May 29 – 7:00pm – Mass
                                                    Lisieux     Sun. May 30 – 9:00am - Mass
           Palliative Care &                        Rockglen    Sun. May 30 – 11:00am – Mass
      Pain Management Workshop
Last fall, many community members attended
an evening presentation by the Palliative Care
Unit of the Pasqua Hospital in Regina. The
group was asked to return to do a workshop           Knights of Columbus Council #2994
specifically on pain management this spring.          Basketball Free Throw Contest
We have been fortunate in obtaining their
                                                    The following students are district champions in
services once again. Although their funding has
                                                    their respective age groups in the basketball free
been cut for outreach programs, the nurses are
                                                    throw contest.
willing to continue with this program. We will
have to charge a nominal fee to cover               Kalee Ellis, Mandy Hansen, Josh Bisgaard,
mileage. If there are 20 participants, the fee      Brianna Sanquin, Tyler Wagner, Christy Zopf,
will be $10. If there are fewer numbers, the        Adam Zopf, Sonia Prefontaine, and Ryder
fee will be $15.                                    Simeniuk. Each of the winners received a
            Pain Management &
         Palliative Care Workshop                   These winners were invited to compete in the
             Monday, May 3rd                        zone playoffs in Moose Jaw at St. Margaret
            12:30 pm. ~ 4:30 pm                     School, on Saturday, March 6th. Because of
      Borderland School Division Office             inclement weather they threw their baskets in
              Railway Avenue
                                                    the gym at Rockglen School during noon hour
                   Rockglen                         on Monday, March 8th and their scores were
                                                    compared to the competitors in Moose Jaw.
Workshop is open to the general public, Health
                                                    Kalee Ellis won the zone playoffs and received
Care workers, Home Care workers, Clergy,
                                                    a trophy. Her score was compared to other girls
Pharmacists and Care Givers in Rockglen and
                                                    her age in the province and she is provincial
surrounding areas.
                                                    champion. She received an engraved plaque.
                                                    Congratulations Kalee.
Topics to be discussed include:
       Pain management
                                                    Many thanks to Ms. Rathwell and all the staff at
       Symptom management
                                                    the school for their work at the local level and
       End of life situations
                                                    their cooperation for the higher levels.
                                                                                    Lorne Kwasnicki
Register by calling:
                                                                                              Box 33
Dorothy Bloom        476- 2462
                                                                                    Scout Lake, Sask.
Liz Roberts           476-2505
Please register by April 28th if possible
Sponsored by: Chronic Illness Support Group
                                      Rockglen & District Tourism
Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made our Steak Night
such a success. Thanks to Cousin’s Hotel for supplying the food and
atmosphere and donating the T-shirts, hat and CD. To everyone who
bought supper tickets and raffle tickets. To our Volunteers, Tim and
Sheila Goddard, Jean Ager and Jason Choquer. The Community
support was great.
We hope to have the Tourist Information Station opened sometime in June. Hopefully we can establish
regular hours, e.g. daily 1 -5 pm. We are trying to get a grant to hire a student but nothing is final yet.

We have received funding to install a bathroom. If you have some carpentry skills and time on your hands
we could use YOU. Don’t be shy, call Sandra 476-2587.

The museum will focus on the geological aspect of the area and we would also be happy for any assistance
getting this organized. Call Sandra 476-2587.

We will have crafts available for sale again this year. As there is no commission charged to the vendors we
require payment in the form of volunteer hours.

Time is running out to get your favorite recipe to us. We don’t like to nag, BUT! Please email
it to Dorothy Bloom c/o or leave with any Rockglen & District Tourism
committee member.

Whether you live in or around the Rockglen area or did so at one time, we would like to have
your recipe in our cookbook. Please include your name, address and phone number.

Remember to visit our website. Tell you family and friends. or

Did you sign our Guest Book? See who else has signed in. Maybe it is someone you know.

In the last newsletter we told you about the Spring photo contest. We have expanded it to
Summer as well. Photos should be tourism related. Please drop them off at the downtown
Library or mail to Box 134, Rockglen, SK, S0H 3R0. They will be displayed at the library and
some will be put on the website.

Mark June 9th on your calendars. We will be holding a public meeting discussing the potential of
tourism in the district. There will be someone speaking from the Rockglen Business Loans Co-
operative and the Young Entrepreneurs. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Watch for posters and an
update in the May Newsletter.

The purpose of the Rockglen and District Tourism committee is to encourage tourism in Rockglen and the surrounding area in a way
that will attract visitors, lengthen their stay, improve the economic development of the community and provide diversified
employment opportunities for the area residents.

                               Country Western and Gospel Jamboree
                                                      Also featuring
                                                    Cowboy Poetry
                                                Tribute to David Sheppard
                                                 July 24th and 25th
                                            Rockin’ Beach Regional Park
                             Rockglen & District Tourism
                                               Trivia Contest
                                         March Trivia Contest winners:
15 & Up – Hazel Weed
Thanks to the Rockglen-Killdeer Credit Union for donating the prize.

14 & Under – Colleen Bakke
Thank you to the Dreamland Theatre & Arcade for the $10.00 Gift Certificate.
Entries can be left at the Rockglen Town Office, Rockglen School (office), Rockglen Library or mailed
to: Box 134, Rockglen, Sask., S0H 3R0
                                  Deadline: Thursday May 27th
Answers to Age 15 and Up Trivia questions:

l. The skating rink in Fife Lake was built for wheat storage in about 1955 and used for that purpose for
about three years.

2. The Killdeer Hall which was built during the winter of 1937-38 was originally a barn bought at
Glentana, Montana by the Killdeer Homemakers Club.


Answers to Age 14 and Under Trivia questions:

1. In 1919 a brontosaur measuring 66” was excavated from an area west of Killdeer and shipped to
Ottawa .

2. Sitting Bull passed through this area on his way to Wood Mountain.


Age 15 and Up Trivia questions:

    1. Rockin Beach was once known as                                                     .

    2. Lisieux was called                                               until                      .

    3. The hall in Rockglen came from the                                                          .

Name:                                                                            Phone #:


Age 14 and Under Trivia questions:

1. A giant                                            measuring 12’ long was excavated west of Killdeer. It is
believed to be 100 million years old.

2. In 1965 the fossil of a                                              estimated to be 15’ long was excavated
from an area west of Killdeer and sent to Ottawa.

HINT: Check out our Website

Name:______________________                              Phone # _____________                     Age________
                                      Rockin Beach Park News

Student Employment Opportunity
The Rockin’ Beach Park Board is now accepting applications for summer employment. We will hire one
and possibly two students. To qualify, the student must:
   1. Maintain the general grounds including mowing, tree pruning, garbage removal and park
   2. Maintain on site buildings on an “as needed” basis including general cleaning and repair when
   3. Work a regular schedule to maintain clean bathrooms, shower rooms, and garbage pick up.
   4. Collect park entrance and camping fees on a daily basis. The applicant must be able to handle
       receipts and cash responsibly.
   5. Be able to collect, test and treat drinking water on a regular basis.
   6. Be familiar with Rockglen area and the ongoing local events, and be willing to assist with events
       in the park.
   7. Be friendly and personable in nature and have a genuine interest in the park.
   8. Be mechanically inclined to maintain mowers, weed whippers and a small tractor.
   9. Be able to work independently as well as being able to follow instructions from the park manager
       or park board members.
   10. Be willing to work weekends.

If this description sounds like you, please submit a resume by May 14th, to R.M. 12 Poplar Valley
Office, or to Liz Roberts, Box 340, Rockglen, SK. SOH 3RO. The job will last eight weeks and the rate
of pay will be $7.00 per hour to start.

Seeking Applicants for Park Manager
Applicants must possess:
           valid drivers license                self motivation            organizational skills
Duties to include:
          general park caretaking duties       overseeing of other employees
          responsible for general maintenance and caretaking

Please state expected salary with application. Closing date for applications is Friday, May 14, 2004.
Applications can be sent to: Rockin Beach Regional Park, Box 13, Rockglen, SK , S0H-3R0, or Fax to:
(306) 476-2732

Tendering the following:
The installation of a steel walk-in door and a steel overhead door at Rockin Beach Regional Park.
Tender to include both materials and installation. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Closing date: Friday, May 14, 2004. Please mail to: “Door Tender”, Rockin Beach Regional Park,
Box 13, Rockglen, Sk, S0H-3R0

Paintball Area Clean-up
Students interested in helping park staff to clean up an area on the east side of the park in preparation for
establishing a paintball court should sign the sheet on the bulletin board in the administration hallway of
the school. The cleanup will be held on Saturday, May 22nd beginning at 1:00 p.m. The cleanup
session will be followed by burgers and cokes and a free paintball game sponsored by the Park Board.

Design Contest -- Our park entrance needs beautifying. If you have any great ideas and a good plan for
enticing visitors into the park, submit it to the R.M. 12 office by May 14th. The designer of the
winning plan will receive a free seasonal park sticker and a cash prize. Get out your colored pencils

Skateboard Area
Students interested in helping plan and execute a skateboard area for the park should contact either Liz
Roberts at 476-2505 or Kendra Loucks at 476- 2044. We would like to have the area up and running
this summer. Please call by May 10th. If there is no interest, we will consider this idea not worth
                                          Relay For Life
                                        (Donna’s Troopers)

Relay for Life is a relay that could make cancer
history!                                                Luminaries are candles which are placed in
                                                        special bags that bear the names of cancer
If you are a survivor, there is a lap specially for     survivors or those who have lost their battle
you in which you can share and celebrate                against cancer. These can be purchased for
success in your battle against cancer. Please let       $5.00 per bag in memory of your lost one.
me know if you would like to take part in this
event which is held on Friday, June 4 – 5 from      Cash donations are also accepted if you would
7:00pm – 7:00am.                                    like to pledge an amount to cancer.
                     For more information, you may call Elaine Lucas (476-2643)

                                        Drop In-Centre
Is it Spring fever? The warm sun (when we see           entry deadline is Thursday, April 29th. Early
it), clean air, the need to set on the sunny side of    tournaments in other places and other activities
a building and dream of better times. I think           have put our tournament at this late date.
spring fever has hit me because this letter will
be short ---very short!                                 Memberships are now due ($5.00) for the Drop
Bowling Leagues are over, next newsletter we’ll
give you the awards given out. We like to thank         We thank Florence Brazier for taking over the
all the bowlers and others that came in to bowl.        bowling alley cleaning while Peggy was
The lanes will open by appointment, (no less            recovering from foot surgery.
than four). We appreciate the lanes to be filled.
Bingo Bowling is great for a mixed group,               Bingo nights are Tuesday at 7:30pm. Join us!!
Sunday afternoon activity or birthday party!
The Open Tournament will be held on the 1st             Pair of child’s size 13.5 shoes (new) was left at
and 2nd of May. Phone your entries to Dorothy           the Drop-In. after the Lenius Birthday
Bloom @ 476-2462 or Peggy Ellis @ 476-2583.             celebration. Please pick up soon.
Entry fee is $80.00 for 4 member team. The

                                            Thank you
Thanks to Lisa Stangler and Marney Patterson for volunteering in Kindergarten Class. Thank you to
whoever donated the small boxes to the Kindergarten Class Room.

Thanks to Rita Walters, Candais Bakke, Vonnie Knoss, and Marianne Ruthvan for volunteering in the
Grade ¾ Math Class.

Grade 7 Home Ec. Class
We need old magazines for our foods/cooking unit. Please drop them off at the Home Ec. Room or Mrs.
Thomson’s room. Thank you!!

Grade 10 Home Ec. Class
Thanks to all who supported the Grade 10 Home-Economics Class with their Easter/Spring Cake Silent
Auction. Thank you to Anita Fisher for helping us decorate the cakes. The fundraiser was a great
Mrs. Joan Myers &
Grade 10 Home-Ec. Class

Grade 8 Home-Ec. Class
We are working to beautify the School Courtyard. We will be putting in two raised flower beds. We are
looking for some perennials to donate to our landscape beautification project. We would appreciate
perennials that are hardy, drought tolerant and need little care (sounds like a miracle plant). If you are
thinking of thinning out your perennial patch (lilies, tulips, etc.), please keep us in mind. If you would
like to donate any plants, please contact Mrs. Thomson at the school (476-2220) or at home (476-2478).
We hope to be ready by mid May for transplanting. Thank!!!!
                              WESLEY UNITED CHURCH NEWS
                                                   Chesney for their assistance in getting the frig to
       Everyone is invited to attend the           town and into the Church. Congratulations to
                                                   Jennalee Hostin and Lucien Walter who became
               PIE SOCIAL                          new confirmed members of our Church on Palm
                    at the                         Sunday.
                      on                           An important meeting to note is scheduled for
               Friday, May 7th                     April 28th at 7:30 p.m. at Wesley United
                  2 – 4 P.M.                       Church. The people present will begin the
            Pie & Refreshment –                    process of creating a Mission Statement for our
               $2.50 per Slice                     Pastoral Charge. It will be an opportunity to
                                                   express your feelings about what is important to
          Hope we’ll see you there.                us regarding our worship, the character of our
                                                   faith community and the way we reach out to
                                                   others near and far. Please try to attend.
Thank you in advance to all the many people
who will be helping us with this fundraiser.       Wesley’s Worship Time for May will be at

                                                   11:30 a.m.
Some new things at the Church - We now have
a very nice rug covering the broken tiles at the
front of the Church. We are most grateful to the
Music Festival Committee for this donation and     May 2nd will be Pulpit Exchange Sunday.
to Lyle and Gina Stewart for laying the carpet     George Holliday from Moose Jaw will be our
for us. What a thoughtful and wonderful            Worship leader and our own Rev. Richard
surprise for the congregation. Thank you very      Meredith will be going to Assiniboia.
much. We also have a new refrigerator in the
basement and we thank Nina Chesney for this        Baptismal Services are scheduled for May 9th,
useful and much needed donation. Thanks is         but special arrangements may be made for
also extended to Nairn Nielsen and to Roger        almost any Sunday. If anyone is interested
                                                   please contact Rev. Richard.

                            CHILD FIND SASKATCHEWAN
May has been proclaimed "Missing Children's Month" and May 25th has been designated
"Missing Children's Day" both nationally and provincially.

Child Find Saskatchewan Inc., the provincial arm of Child Find Canada, is a registered
charitable organization. Our purpose is to aid in the location of missing and abducted
children with the objective of re-uniting the children with their lawful parents or
guardians. Our goals include promoting public awareness and providing educational
programs for both children and adults. It is our intent to ensure the broadest recognition
possible is given to the significance of the "Green Ribbon" as well as increase public
awareness on the issue of missing children in Canada. You can play a vital role in helping
to raise awareness.

For the month of May, there will be four locations in Rockglen where the Green Ribbon of
Hope Boxes will be distributed.

We hope you will wear a green ribbon and show your support of this very worthwhile

The campaign will begin on May 1st and continue throughout the month.

A missing child is everyone's responsibility and Child Find Saskatchewan Inc. earnestly
solicits your valued support in this national campaign.

Green Ribbon of Hope Volunteer, Florence Gording, Phone # 476-2067
St. John’s Parish History Book
Rockglen 1910 – 2004
Marian Spagrud and Dorothy Knoss have            We have included historical information from
completed a history of St. John The Evangelist   former parishioners of Christ The King Church
Parish to recognize, appreciate and remember     in Fife Lake, and St. James, The Major Church
the dedication and unselfish work of early       in Killdeer. The Fife Lake Parish amalgamated
pioneers who built and supported this parish     with St. John’s Parish in 1977. The Killdeer
community.                                       parish amalgamated with St. John’s Parish in
Thank you and appreciation is also extended to
parishioners past and present, who worked and    Because we do not have the finances to pay for
continued to work and support the community      the printing of this book in advance, we must
of St. John the Evangelist Parish.               collect the money before the book is printed.
                                                 There will not be a second printing. The cost of
Many hours were spent reading and researching    the book will be $57.00. The deadline date for
records to bring together into one book the      collecting the money will be May 31st, 2004.
highlights and outstanding events of the past.   The history book will be printed during the
This history book of approximately three         summer of 2004.
hundred pages includes many pictures. The
book could be an interesting keepsake for        If you are interested in purchasing this book,
families and friends.                            please give or send your cheque to:
                                                           Marian Spagrud,
Thank you to Dorothy Bloom for the many                    Box 302, Rockglen, Sask. S0H 3R0
hours she spent on her computer typing and                 Dorothy Knoss,
organizing the pages.   We appreciate her                  Box 335, Rockglen, Sask. S0H 3R0
guidance and expertise.                                    Father John Mock,
We also recognize with appreciation, everyone              Box 370, Rockglen, Sask. S0H 3R0
who gave us pictures and written information.
                                                 If the required cost of the books is not collected,
                                                 your cheques will be returned.

                                                 Birth Announcement
Thank You to everyone who donated to
our Transition House Box.          Your          Born to Taralyn Mattson and Drew
generosity is greatly appreciated.               Lamontagne, on March 30th, 2004 in Moose
                                                 Jaw Union Hospital, a daughter, Parys
We had a great success for our Craft             Alexandra Marie, weighing 7lbs. 15 ½ oz.
Tea (Show & Tell). It is wonderful to            Proud grandparents are Miles and Gail Mattson
see what everybody is busy creating.             and Leonard and Dana Lamontagne. Great
                                                 Grandparents are Gordon and Donna Mattson of
               Crib Night:                       Rockglen, Gordon and Anne Vaessen of
              May 10th, 7 p.m.                   Assinibia, and Norma Lamontagne of Lisieux.

              May 13th, 2 p.m.
                                                                  Thank You
                                                      In appreciation for everything:
                                                      Cards and Warm Wishes for my
                                                              80th Birthday.
                                                               Bertha Kupper
                           Congratulations to the Graduating
                                     Class of 2004
                    Marney Beliveau               Lindsey Bender
                    Rosanne Davidson              Joanna Fisher
                    Curtis Hansen                 Cody Heagy
                    Clay Knoss                    Steven Langford
                    Tyler Lewis                   Kirsten Pituley
                    Rachelle Schmidt              Jeanette Stewart
                    Brianne Weisgerber            Theron Yost

    Rockglen Business Association
                        Linking ensure our future.

                     2003-2004 Membership List
                                          April 23, 2004

     Body FX- Faye Elford                                Rockglen Branch Library
     Borderland Vet Clinic                           Rockglen Co-operative Association
      Dreamland Theatre                                    Rockglen Food Town
  Edward's Upholstery & Crafts                        Rockglen-Killdeer Credit Union
          Fawn's Salon                                     Short & Sassy Salon
           Open Doors                                     The Hardware Gallery
     Pilsner's Café on Main                                 Town of Rockglen
  Rockglen Agencies (1985) Ltd.
     It's beginning to look a lot like Spring and that means it's Rock Park clean-up time
again. We have scheduled our annual work bee for Sunday May 2, 2004 at 3 PM. If you
can help please bring your tools to the park and join in the fun. Anyone wishing to donate
benches or memory trees can contact Fawn or Claudette for arrangements.
   The Business Association will be hosting two pancake breakfasts this year. The first
will be Saturday June 26, 2004 for the Rodeo Weekend and Saturday July 24 for the
Gospel Jamboree. Both breakfasts will run from 8 am - 11 am. We need plenty of hands
so if you can help please contact Claudette, Julianne or Fawn for more information.
   Our next RBA meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday May 18 at Noon in the Library. Since we
have two big events to plan, we encourage all our members to attend.
                      Rockglen School
            Principal:                                       401 Columbus Drive,
       Ms. Phyllis Rathwell                                  Box 189
        Vice Principal:                                      Rockglen, Sask. S0H 3R0
       Mr. Robert Wheeler                                    Phone (306)476-2220
                                                             Fax (306)476-2720
                                           Principal’s Report
The Easter break was certainly welcome, and             Look for a complete exam schedule in the next
passed all too quickly. I was lucky enough to           newsletter.
spend my break on a Baha, Mexico cruise that I          Parent/teacher interviews were held April 7 and
had won in the Coronach Recreation Board                8. This was a great time to inquire about your
raffle. It was a real shock to touch back down in       student’s progress and to celebrate their
Calgary to find snow! For me, the lasting               learning. If you were unable to make it at that
impression of the adventure is that we are so           time, it is not too late! Call to make
fortunate to live here, where we do not have to         arrangements to see your child’s teacher.
sell trinkets on the street to feed our children,       Remember, we are on a team to work toward
we can safely drink the water, and we do not            success for your student!
have to share the highway with twenty million
others                                                  It is that very difficult time of year again when
                                                        the Borderland Division Board must make
The extra curricular sports program is slowly           decisions regarding budgets and staffing for the
starting to wind down. Joan Myers, Geoff Backa          next school year. These decisions are always
and Kathy Prefontaine have been putting the             challenging, and more so in recent years when
seniors and juniors through their badminton             the declining enrollment makes a reduction in
paces. All our senior teams will be going on to         staff necessary. Our school will see a decline of
Regionals and the junior finals will occur              .26 FTE for next year. This means that the
shortly. During the bitter cold of winter Lorne         teaching staff will be reduced by slightly more
Kwasnicki, on behalf of the Knights of                  then a quarter of a teacher in the coming year.
Columbus, held a Basketball Free Throw                  This will mean some changes in course delivery,
competition at the school. I am pleased to tell         but we will do our best to ensure that the quality
you that Kalee Ellis is the provincial winner in        and quantity of educational opportunity for your
her category in this annual competition.                students are not adversely affected. I would like
Congratulations, Kalee! Thank you to Lorne              to thank the board for doing the best they can in
and the Knights of Columbus organization for            these difficult economic times to maintain the
all of the work to make this opportunity possible       teaching staff and program offerings in
for our students.                                       Rockglen School.

This is an early reminder that June final exams         Badminton keeps the gym busy, and the grade
in Division IV will be held from about June 17          twelve students are very busy with graduation
to the 25. Please do not plan any activities for        plans. Mr. Wheeler has begun the fund raising
the students involved during that time, as it is        planning for next year’s grade ten trip, and Mrs.
imperative that students have every opportunity         Stewart has put in a call for running enthusiasts.
to prepare for the exams- it could have an              Track meets are right around the corner, and
enormous impact on their future! If something           then . . . bingo . . . June! Time must fly when
unavoidable does come up, please let us know            you’re having fun!
immediately. Some of the exam dates are set by
the Department of Learning and cannot be                If you have any questions or concerns, do not
changed, others may allow more flexibility.             hesitate to call or drop in
                                           Class Trip 2005
While it may seem strange to already be talking about a student trip that is ten months away the Grade
Nine students and parents attended a meeting this week to begin preliminary plans. While the many
details of the trip will not be decided upon until next fall, the decision was made to have a fund-raising
format similar to last year. This involves parents and students working together on several large fund-
raisers such as bottle drives, ski-doo derby and chocolate sales with the remainder of the money being
the responsibility of each individual student.

One such private initiative will be an Odd Job Squad. A number of students have signed up and are
willing to get their hand dirty doing spring clean-ups, etc. If you have a job that would require only a
few workers, please get in touch with Cindy Tessier (642-5824) or Gayle Knoss (476-2682) and they
will make the necessary arrangements.

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