Pretty in Pink – Button Card

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					Flower Power – Gingham Card
What I used
15cm square white card
Flower Power stamp
Blue gingham paper (8cm x 15cm)
Pale green pearlescent paper (7cm x 15cm)
Charcoal VersaColor inkpad
Small piece of blue pearlescent card for pot
Small pieces of plain white card
White grosgrain ribbon (15cm)
Blue wire (25cm)
4 blue crystal flower embellishments
PVA Glue
Sticky tape
1mm thick double sided sticky pads
Double sided tape

Gingham Card Instructions
1. Cover left side of card with pale green pearlescent paper and right half with blue gingham paper – cover
   join with white grosgrain ribbon.

2. Ink up Flower Power stamp with charcoal ink pad and stamp once onto spare gingham paper. When dry
   cut out around the image.

3. Wrap blue wire around a pencil to make a spring then remove and flatten. Pull the ends to make the
   springy stem adjusting the flattened coils to make them even.

4. Matt and layer 3cm x 3cm gingham squares onto 4cm x 4cm white squares then onto 5cm x 5cm pale
   green pearlescent squares. Mount both finished squares onto gingham side of card as shown using
   double sided tape.

5. Cut a 3cm x 3cm square from pearlescent blue card then shape sides towards the bottom to make a flower

6. Stick one end of coiled wire to back of pot and other end to back of flower using sticky tape. Make sure it
   is stuck firmly.

7. Mount pot onto left side of card using double sided sticky pads but leave flower head free to wobble.

8. Stick a crystal flower embellishment to the pot and three to the ribbon using PVA glue and finish the card
   with peel off greetings.
Flower Power – Handbag Card
What I used
A4 white card
Flower Power stamp
Green Apple Polka Dot paper by Lasting Impressions
Strip of white card 11cm x 1.5cm
Lime green grosgrain ribbon (15cm)
Versacolor inkpads in Amethyst and Heliotrope
PVA glue
One lilac crystal flower embellishment
funky fibres for handle (approx 30cm)
Fancy edge scissors
1mm thick double sided sticky tabs
Double sided tape

Handbag Card Instructions
1. Print bag template below, stick it to card then cut out around the outline – you can use this again and again
   to make more cards.

2. Stamp two Flower Power images in Amethyst and three in Heliotrope onto white card. When dry cut out
   all the images.
3. Fold a piece of A4 white card in half. Place template against folded edge, trace then cut around outline
   leaving fold intact.
4. Cover front of card with Green Apple Polka Dot paper trimming edges to match card shape.
5. Use double sided tape to stick green ribbon to top edge of narrow strip of card wrapping ribbon around to
   back of strip to neaten, this leaves a narrow strip of white card still visible. Cut along this long edge of
   visible card using fancy edge scissors.
6. Poke a hole through each end of ribbon card strip, thread through funky fibres and tie in a knot to form a
   handle. Then stick ribbon card strip to folded edge of card using double sided tape.
7. Attach flowers across front of bag in a curve alternating colours as shown and glue crystal flower
   embellishment to centre of ribbon card strip with PVA glue.

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