Dear Parents and Students,

   It’s hard to believe that February is here and our winter school activities are in mid stream. 7th
   and 8th grade boys’ basketball and wrestling teams are concluding their seasons while 7th and
   8th grade girls’ basketball season is underway. Power of the Pen, Math Counts, Youth to Youth,
   Choir, Band, Orchestra, and Student Council continue to offer quality activities and events for
   our students.

   Our 8th graders will be scheduling for high school this month, and our 6th graders are looking
   forward to attending Camp Michindoh in March. We look forward to recognizing our students
   and groups at our upcoming Winter Spirit Assembly on February 11 at the end of the school
   day, where we will also culminate our “Hearts for Haiti” fundraiser.

   Youth to Youth will sponsor our winter dance for 7th and 8th graders held on February 19 in our
   gym from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

   In addition to all of the academic strides and gains that each student has the opportunity to
   pursue, along with the vast number of school events that are offered, don’t miss the items in
   PJH Cares in this edition, as well as the classroom news, to see how our students support each
   other as well as those in need.


   Dale Wiltse, Principal                       Robin Laird, Assistant Principal

Sixth-grade parents:
Your second payment of $90 or any
unpaid balance is due by February
                                           Girls Basketball
15.      Make checks payable to            Feb. 2        vs. Arbor Hills – 5:00
Perrysburg Junior High School and          Feb. 4        @ McCord – 4:00
turn in to your child’s science teacher.   Feb. 9        @ Springfield – 4:00
Detailed information will be mailed        Feb. 11       @ Anthony Wayne – 4:00
out the first week in February             Feb. 16       vs. Rossford – 4:00
(medical form, emergency form,             Feb. 18       vs. Springfield – 4:00
                                           Feb. 23       @ Timberstone – 4:00
packing list).                             Feb. 25       @ Gateway – 4:00

                                           Feb. 12          Presidents’ Day Weekend – No
            POWER OF THE PEN               School
                                           Feb.15           Presidents’ Day – No School
                                           Feb. 25          Parent/Teacher Conferences
District Competition for Power of the
Pen will be taking place at Springfield
High School on February 6.
Approximately 25 middle schools will

     PJHS Drama Club presents
                                              The 2010 Lucas County Area Spelling Bee
 Thursday, February 25 @ 7:00 p.m.                          will be held
  Friday, February 26 @ 7:00 p.m.                   Tuesday, February 16, 2010
 Saturday, February 27 @ 1:00 p.m.                    Maumee Indoor Theater
     Reserved seats are $7.00.                               7:00 p.m.
Tickets are available during lunch the     The following students will be participating:
        week of February 22
            or at the door.                Casey Lewandowski              Cigdem Kahyaoglu
                                           Kelly France                   Alex Persiani
                                           Cyndie McCullough              Steven Zhang
                                           Troy Weider                    Annie Lueck
                                       CLASSROOM NEWS

Second trimester CAPS art classes are busy             Clay Club recently finished creating landscape
working on a watercolor field project inspired         reliefs. Pictured is a project by seventh
by Vincent Van Gogh. They recently finished up         grader Trevor McCullough.
an Islamic tile project using colored pencils
and markers. Pictured is an
Islamic Tile project by
Vanessa Smith.

                                  Hospice “COMFORT” Pillows
The students in Livings Skills 1 class have been volunteering their own fabric and time to make pillows
for the patients at Hospice in Northwest Ohio. The pillows are about 9x12 inches in size. Hospice
supplies stuffing that has been donated. Pillows are given to the patients to help them feel comfortable
while they are in bed. This has been an ongoing project for the Living Skills classes over the past
several years.

The district has purchased a few licenses on the Study Island website to be used as intervention for 7th
and 8th grade students. If you are interested in signing up, please email Kelisa Boden at This is a great way to work on specific areas of weakness in math.

S.O.S. (Students for Other Students) after school program is well under way. There are a few spots
opened on Thursdays if you are still interested. Please see Kelisa Boden in Room 201 for the parent
permission slip. It is a great way to work on homework and get organized with peers.

Art 1 & 2
Welcome all new Art 1 & 2 students! We are beginning our semester with both classes creating designs
based on the flags of various nations. We studied and discussed images of American Pop artist, Jasper
Johns, who is well know for his many representations of the American flag. Our colorful work will
decorate the hall for the upcoming Perrysburg Global Summit on February 4th (see last page of this
newsletter for more information).

Four students from Mrs. Hrosko’s NOVA Language Arts Blocks are participating in the Northwest Ohio
Consortium of Coordinators for Gifted Essay competition. Each student wrote an essay on his or her
passion and how the winnings ($100.00) would enable each to further enhance that passion. Essays
were submitted mid-January. The students who wrote essays are: Hannah Muetzel (8th), Britton
Scheuermann (8th), Nisarg Shah (7th), and Sara Miller (7th).
               Deans’ Desk

Everyday more and more students are joining the
“cyber” world. Websites like Facebook, MySpace
and YouTube continue to grow in popularity. Having        On January 13, 2010, Perrysburg Jr. High students
a cell phone has become the norm. As technology           participated in Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart
continues to grow, so does the need for parents and       activities. The students collected donations to help
students to be aware and understand the dangers           raise money for the American Heart Association. The
that come along with technology. According to             American Heart Association helps fund lifesaving, sexting is the act of sending           research and funds school programs to help educate
explicit messages or photos electronically primarily      our students on the importance of staying active.
between cells phones. The Ohio Revised Code says          The Health and Physical Education classes worked
”a person creating, possessing, viewing or sending        together to help make this event successful. All 6
photos or images of a minor (someone under 18             grade students participated in jump rope events
years of age) in a state of nudity is a felony.” At       which included 10 different jumping stations. The 7
Perrysburg Junior High, we are trying to inform the       and 8 grade physical education classes participated
students of the severity of these pictures and            in Hoops For Heart which were a series of basketball
messages. We have had Wood County Sheriff, Mark           activities including an obstacle course.        Nick
Wasylyshyn, and former Perrysburg police officer,         Moschetti won a basketball for achieving the best
Jeff Graham, in to talk to the students and staff about   time in the obstacle course.
this growing problem. We ask that you please take a
minute to read the letter previously sent out in March    Congratulations to Trevor Martens who raised the
2009 from Superintendent Thomas Hosler, and               most money for the Jump Rope event and Michael
discuss with your child the consequences that come        Welter who raised the most money for the Hoops for
along with distributing inappropriate materials:          Heart event. Trevor is a 6 grader and Michael is a
                                                            th       7 grader. Both will receive a ticket to the Cleveland
t/CyberCrimeAwarenessLetterToParents0309.pdf              Cavaliers game, along with a personal thank you
                                                          letter from the American Heart Association. Also
Brian Cannon                                              receiving Cleveland Cavaliers tickets are Kayleen
Cindy Nutter                                              Kalb, Kaity Laumann and Mrs. Laird, rounding out our
                                                          top 5 donators. A special thank you goes to Biaggi’s
                                                          restaurant for donating a gift card to our staff member
Dear Paula Procedures,                                    who raised the most money. Robin Laird received
I often email my son’s teachers and ask them to get a     the gift card. Thanks also to Debbie Testen and all
message to him. They don’t always do it. The other        the parent volunteers who helped with this event. The
day I emailed his science teacher and asked him/her       students and staff raised $2,160.00 to help the
to remind him to ride the bus home as I couldn’t pick     American Heart Association.
him up. They never did and my son got stranded at
school!                                                   Check out Health/Fitness Tips at:
What’s the deal?!?!                             
Frustrated Mom                                            FEb10PJHS.pdf

Dear Gentle Reader,
Our teachers are very busy people. They are                           ***********
focused on helping our students with their academics      Members of the Perrysburg Junior High School
and often don’t check their email until the end of the    Wrestling team and their families spent Martin Luther
school day. They are not intentionally ignoring you.      King Day sorting clothes for the “Clothing the
Please do not rely on the classroom teachers to relay     Community” campaign sponsored by the Cherry
messages to your son.                                     Street Mission. The clothing will be distributed in
In an emergency, call the Main Office to get a            February to those in need. The 2009-2010 wrestling
message to your child.                                    team is led by Coaches Jim Poling and Brian
                     Charles Hablitzel, Andrea Monheim & Tom Przybylski, Counselors


    Wednesday         MANDATORY Parent/Student Meeting!
   February 3rd       Parent(s) who are unable to attend this meeting MUST pick up registration material in the
    at the High       Junior High Guidance Office ASAP after February 3 .
       6-7 P.M.
    Registration      Freshman registration information will be discussed and registration forms and booklets will
     Information      be distributed to parents(s).
 in the Auditorium
    7-8 P.M.
 Registration Fair    Registration Fair will be in the High School Commons from 6 – 8 p.m. There will be tables
      in the          set up and flyers available highlighting all high school programs and departments.
  February 4th
     through          Any student wishing to take a high school honor class MUST have your junior high
  February 11th       school teacher sign your registration form indicating their approval to take the honor class.

                      Turn in completed and signed Registration Form to your Team Study Teacher. Guidance
                      Department will collect all forms from Team Study Teachers.
  February 11th       The High School will pick up all forms from the Guidance Office.

Please stop in the Guidance Office to fill out a Withdrawal Form. We need this information for our records,
and teachers would also like to know in advance of the move. Thanks.

Have you had a change in your address, phone number, contact numbers or emergency contact persons for
your child? Please let us know so we can update your records.

If you are a resident of Wood County and are raising teenagers you won’t want to miss taking Parent
Project classes.

The Parent Project was designed to connect the love and care parents have for their teens with the skills and support necessary
to navigate the job of parenting. As a participant in this class you can expect to learn effective communication strategies and
other helpful parenting skills. Additionally, this series will include important information concerning problems of adolescent
depression and suicide, gangs and the influence of music and media on today’s youth.

The total cost of the 8-week Tuesday evening series will be $20.00 and if you attend all 8 sessions, the $20.00 will be refunded
to you! A class for teens will also be offered at no additional charge. Take the time now to call Lorrie Lewandowski at 419-
354-9010 Ext. 113 to register for this important series!

This 8-week Parent Project class will be offered at Rossford High School located at 701 Superior Street, starting on Tuesday
January 27. Classes will be held on Tuesdays through March 17. The first session will be held from 6 to 9 p.m., and all other
sessions will run from 6 to 8 p.m. Registration will be limited to 30 families.

For more information, please contact: Lorrie Lewandowski
                                             Phone: 419-354-9010

                                          Invest One Day For a Lifetime of Returns

Can one day make really make you a better parent? Graduates of the Parent Project of Wood County would answer
“absolutely yes.” More than 100,000 families across the nation have completed the eight-week Parent Project class, whose
aim is to help mothers and fathers guide their adolescent children as they navigate the teen years. “The tougher it gets to be a
kid, the tougher it gets to be a parent,” the Parent Project acknowledges. The teen years are not easy for any family. But where
can parents with a troubled teen—one who may have behavior, school, and substance abuse problems – learn ways to help
them get their lives back on track?

The Wood County Educational Service Center has offered the Parent Project since 2003. With support from the Wood County
Advisory Board, more than 250 parents have participated in the class. The course targets both parents and teens, with separate
sessions for each.

Developed over 13 years, the Project’s curriculum presents a behavior-modification approach that teaches parents never to
argue with their children again! Strategies for improving their teen’s school attendance and performance and addressing drug
and alcohol use are also taught. Sessions topics include, negative peer associations, teen depression, violence and bullying.
Parents also have an opportunity to share with other mothers and fathers who face similar challenges in the parenting process,
and to realize they are not alone.

“This course does involve a time commitment”, notes Lorrie Lewandowski, Project Coordinator. “But according to graduates,
the investment pays off when they see their teens’ behavior and family relationships improve.” Parents meet one night each
week: three hours the first night, then two hours per night for the remaining seven weeks. A separate but concurrent teen
component, titled “Choosing Success…Choosing Life,” helps youth to focus on the choices before them and explore other

This 8-week Parent Project class will be offered at Rossford High School located at 701 Superior Street, starting on Tuesday
January 27. Classes will be held on Tuesdays through March 17. Another eight-week session will be offered for eight weeks
beginning July 8 and running through Aug. 26, at the Wood County Educational Service Center, 1867 N. Research Dr.,
Bowling Green. The cost is $20 (cost of the workbook) for each parent attending. If the parent attends all ten sessions, the $20
fee is refunded. Teen sessions are free when parents enroll.

Parenting is the toughest job in the world; one that we learn by doing. The Parent Project offers additional on-the-job training
for anyone who needs it. That includes a lot of us! Call today to register for The Parent Project or for more information.
Contact Lorrie Lewandowski at the Wood County Educational Service Center, 419-354-9010, extension 113. A flyer is
provided on the following pages for additional convenience.
New Immunization Requirements for 2010-2011 School Year


Please note that the Ohio Department of Health has changed the requirement for incoming 7th graders. All 7th
graders will be required to have the Td or Tdap- tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis booster. Currently only 30% of
Ohio’s 7th graders have received this booster. As with other school immunization requirements, students who do
not provide documentation of this immunization are subject to exclusion from school. To avoid exclusion we
encourage you to have your student immunized before school starts in the fall.
Here are some points of clarification:
    • Any student that completed the original DTP/DTa/DT series and later received a Td or Tdap for an injury
        or other reason within 5 years of entering 7th grade will meet this requirement and will not need to be re-
    • Tdap can be given as soon as 2 years after Td.
    • Parents- please make sure that if your student needs the booster that they receive Tdap and not just Td.
For further information on this subject please consult your family physician or:
Wood County Health Department-, 419-244-1610, 419-352-8402
Ohio Department of Health-, 800-282-0546, 614-466-4643

                 ********** ******************** **********
Owens Community College is offering:
TIME: 8:00-12NOON - 1:00-4:00PM
PHONE for an APPOINTMENT: 567-661-7294 (space is limited so please call)

If you know of any students who might benefit from this opportunity, please give them the
above information. Also, more detailed information is going to be available with the nurses in
your school health clinic.
                          This FREE gala event will
                        showcase the diversity and
connections of our local community. Fun For All
Ages! Enjoy performances/ booths/ activities featuring:
Families, Faith Groups,
Clubs/Organizations,Businesses,Universities, plus Skyping
to people all over the world!

                                       Hope To See You There

                          Perrysburg Junior High School
                             Thursday, February 4th
                                 5:00-9:00 p.m.
Registered Groups
American Cultural Exchange Services (ACES)                 Project Learning Around the World
Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and      International Student Association of the University of Toledo
Development                                                Junior Achievement of NW Ohio
Arts Council Lake Erie West                                Owens Corning
The Center for International Comparative Education (ICE)   Zonta
Dosti Foundation                                           United Way Conexion Latina
Owens Community College                                    Chinese Association of Greater Toledo
Center for Slavic and East European Studies at OSU         Perrysburg Dance Academy (Irish dance class)
The Africa Peoples' Association                            Ballet Folklorico Imagenes Mexicanas
Missions International of America                          Perrysburg Heights Community Association
MultiFaith Council of NW Ohio                              International School of English Education (ISEE)
International Democratic Education Institute (IDEI)        Hostel International
The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo                       Perrysburg Area Historic Museum
World Vision                                               Sheltered Reality Drum Group
Cedar Creek Church                                         Owens-Illinois
Toledo Sister Cities International Festival                ASSE International Student Exchange
Toledo-Szeged Committee                                    *Food will be made available from
University of Toledo, Confucius Institute                                     Tea Tree Asian Bistro
University of Toledo, Office of Global Initiatives                            Poco Pillate
Cultural Homestay International                                               Nedlley’s Ice Cream
                                                           **Numerous teacher/alumni/family booths have been
                                                           registered as well.

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