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									Dissolving Wedlock
Author: Dr Colin Gibson
Author: Colin Gibson
Table of Contents

Preface Introduction Part I Before Civil Divorce 1. Ecclesiastical influence and jurisdiction in matrimonial
matters 2. Decline of the ecclesiastical courts 3. Parliamentary divorce 4. The coming of judicial divorce
Part II Divorce or Separation 5. Constraints of poverty and gender 6. Between the Wars 7. From
matrimonial offence to irretrievable breakdown Part III Marriage Patterns in the Twentieth Century 8.
Changing family patterns 9. The resort to divorce: the social evidence 10. The reconstituted family Part IV
Marriage Breakdown Today 11. Divorce: the legal evidence 12. Family breakdown, protection and the law
13. Accounting for family support 14. Marriage breakdown in the 1990s Notes Bibliography Name index
Subject index

The divorce rate has been rising significantly throughout the twentieth century. By interweaving the
historical, demographic, sociological, legal, political and policy aspects of this increase, Colin Gibson
explores the effects it has had on family patterns and habits. Dissolving Wedlock presents a multi-
disciplinary examination of all the socio-legal consequences of family breakdown.
Dissolving Wedlock will be invaluable reading to all lecturers and students of social policy, sociology and
social work as well as to professionals and lawyers working in the field of divorce.

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