Growth and Guilt by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Growth and Guilt
Author: Luigi Zoja

Edition: 1

`Zoja's book - richly instructive and strongly felt - takes on the great question of all Western psychology:
its devotion to expansion. By placing personal psychology and all the therapies within the limits of
Western history, culture and myth, Zoja shows the milennial denial of limits - hence our concomitant
haunting guilt.' - James Hillman
In Growth and Guilt Luiji Zoja examines the apparent irreconcilability of, on the one hand, the continuing
unconstrained growth of our technological civilization and, on the other, the presence of a limited, finite
world in which that growth takes place and the need for such a limit as an expression of a compensating
sense of guilt. The concept can be applied to every aspect of our society and in particular to our
psychological functioning.

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