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									                                        For Women Who Want to MENTOR
                                                                    Profile Sheet
 To fill out this profile electronically, tab to shaded boxes to fill in. Double click in the checkbox to insert an X
and select checked in pop-up menu. Upon completion, please save document. Attach to your email when you
                 return. This form will be reviewed by the Interwoven Hearts Committee members.

       Please return completed profile to Kelly France at or drop in Mailbox 87.

Last Name                                                First Name
City, State                                              Zip
Home phone                                               Work phone
Home email                                               Work email
Age                                                      Marital Status
Children’s Ages

      1.   Do you desire to be a mentor? (check one)                      Yes
      2.   What type of relationship do you desire?                       One-on-one              Small Group
      3.   What time commitment do you desire?                            Weekly       Every other week
                                                                          Day only     Evenings Only       Day or Evenings
      4.   Are you a member of Midland Free or currently going
           through the process?
      5.   Are you currently attending a Small Church? If yes,            Yes             No
           please specify name of Small Group leader.

      6.   Are you currently participating in a Small Group? If           Yes             No
           yes, please specify name of Small Group leader.

      7.   Please describe your personal relationship with Jesus
           Christ. Use back or second page if necessary.
      8.   Have you mentored someone in the past? If so, please
           describe the relationship. Use back page if necessary.
      9.   Please name two individuals at Midland Free who
           know you well that would be willing to act as a
           reference for you.

In the following list, which areas of your life do you believe that God has helped you to strengthen over the years? Please
choose your top 5 and rank in order 1-5, with 1 being one of your key strength areas:
      Love & reverence for God                Sharing the gospel                        Parenting skills
      My spiritual gifts                      Surviving menopause                       Time management
      Relationship with husband               Stress management                         Homemaking skills
      Helping aging parents                   Personal quiet time                       Bible study skills
      Discipline of my tongue                 Single women & social life                Juggling career and home life

                                              Women Mentoring Women

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