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                                                                              TOMAS RIES
                                                                                        June 2005

                 Name:              Thomas Herbert RIES
                 Date of Birth: 29 December 1953
                 Nationalities: Finland and United States of America
                 Languages:         Swedish (fluent - mother tongue)
                                    English (fluent)        Norwegian (very good)
                                    French (very good)      Danish (good)
                                    German (good)           Finnish (basic)
                 Degrees:           Ph.D., 1992
                                    B.Sc. (Econ), 1977
                 Marital: Unmarried
                 Health:            Excellent

        CURRENT POSITION                               (as of 1 January 2005)

                 Post:              Director
                                    The Swedish Institute of International Affairs

                 Research:          Two books, numerous research studies, over 100 articles:
                                    1997- 2004    Senior Researcher, DSDS, NDC, Helsinki
                                    1988 -1992    Senior Researcher, IFS, Oslo
                                    1986 -1988    Research Associate, NUPI, Oslo
                                    1981 -1985    Nordic Correspondent, IDR, Geneva
                                                  Research Associate, PSIS, Geneva
                 Teaching:          Extensive ITC teaching experience 1992-1997.
                                    Regular university courses and lectures since 1995.
                 Management: Leadership, management and administration:
                             1996-1997      Deputy Director, GCSP
                             1994-1996      Director, ITC
                             1992-1994      Executive Director, ITC
                 Speaking:          Extensive public speaking, lectures, etc. as of 1986
                 Media:             Constant exposure 1986-1992 and as of November 1997
   Ph.D.           "Soviet Strategic Nuclear Interests in the Nordic Area
                    Grade 5.76 (maximum possible 6.00)
                    The Graduate Institute of International Studies
                    University of Geneva, Switzerland
                    1978 - 1985 (thesis defence April 1992)
   B.Sc.            B.Sc. (Econ) International Relations
                    Honours, Upper Second (among top 10 % of my course)
                    London School of Economics and Political Science
                    University of London, Great Britain
                    1973 - 1977

   2002             Försvarets Förtjänstmedalj (Defence Forces Medal of Merit)
   2000             Maanpuolustusmitali (National Defence Medal)
   1988             Försvarets Förtjänstmedalj (Defence Forces Medal of Merit)

   2005 - …        Expert Advisory Board, SEB, Stockholm
   2005 - …        Kungliga Krigsvetenskapsakademien, Stockholm
   2005 - …        Board of the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of the
                   Armed Forces (DCAF)
   2005 - …        Board of the Nordic Confucius Institute, Stockholm
   2001 - 2004     Task Force for a European Defence Book
                   EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS), Paris, France
   2001 - 2004     Member of the International Section of the Swedish People's
                   Party and various other positions in the SFP in Finland
   2000 - ...      Kungliga Örlogsmannasällskapet, Stockholm, Sweden
   1999 - 2004     Board of the Atlantic Council of Finland (Founding Member)
   1988 - ...      International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS), London
   1976 - 1988:    Student Member, IISS

   Swedish Institute of International Affairs      direct: + 46 8 511 768 02
   Box 27035                                       secr: + 46 8 511 768 01
   SE - 102 51 Stockholm                           email:
                                                          RESEARCH FOCUS

                                                                              TOMAS RIES

        My work in international security has been strongly policy oriented throughout my
        career. Since returning to research in 1997 my interest has focussed on five key areas:

                1.         The New Global Security Environment
                2.         The Nature of Security, Threat and Policy in today's world
                3.         Finland's Security
                4.         European Security
                5.         Nordic Security

        I am especially interested in the new global security environment, the nature of the new
        threats and problems and how best to understand and deal with them.

        I have taught and spoken extensively on all five topics, with an average of over 50
        public speaking engagements, lectures and courses per year. I have published in all of
        the above fields, except for topic two (Nature of Security) which I teach, and on which I
        am writing a book in my spare time (of which there is not much). My publications since
        1998 are listed in the following pages.

        Between 1992 - 1997 my work at the ITC and GCSP in Geneva allowed little time for
        research. However as responsible for the teaching curriculum I kept fully abreast of the
        rapidly evolving global environment. This was reinforced by the constant flow of high-
        level speakers at the course. The five years running the ITC in Geneva were an
        excellent way to transition from my earlier Cold War specialisation on the Soviet
        military to the new broad global security agenda.

        Between 1981 - 1992 my work focussed on the nordic cold war security environment,
        with a strong emphasis on the regional military situation and on Soviet strategic
        interests in the north and the arctic.
                                             RECENT PUBLICATIONS

                                                                              TOMAS RIES
                                (Over 100 earlier publications are listed in a separate attachment.)


        2004         European Defence - A proposal for a White Paper
                         Report of an independent Task Force consisting of Nicole Gnesotto,
                         Jean-Yves Haine, André Dumoulin, Jan Foghelin, Francois Heisbourg,
                         William Hopkinson, Marc Otte, Tomas Ries, Lothar Rühl, Stefano
                         Silvestri, Hans Bernhard Weisserth and Rob de Wijk.
                         European Union Institute for Security Studies.
                         May 2004: pp. 136.
                     The New Global Security Agenda
                         The New Northern Security Agenda. Strategic Yearbook 2003.
                         Joint Yearbook edited by Finland's and Sweden's National Defence
                         Colleges, Stockholm, December 2003: pp. 21-58.

        2003         Faire face aux défis globaux
                          Les Rélations Transatlantiques: De la tourmente à l'apaisement?
                          Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques, Paris, Decembre
                          2003: pp. 63-68.

        2002         European Threat Assessments
                         Conference Proceedings
                         Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, November
                         2002: pp.
                     New Challenges to Security for the OSCE
                         New Challenges for Security - OSCE Response. Conference
                         Proceedings. Permanent Mission of Finland to the OSCE, Vienna, May
                         2002: pp. 2-6.

        2001        Future Military Doctrines and Foreseeable Challenges
                         OSCE Doctrine Seminar, Proceedings, Vienna, 13 June 2001: pp.

        1998         War and the Return of History
                          Tiede ja Ase, No. 56, Finland's Academy of Military Science, Helsinki,
                          October 1998: pp. 106-158.
                     Finland and the Post-modern Security Environment
                          Northern Dimensions: Yearbook of the Finnish Institute of International
                          Affairs. Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Helsinki, June 1998:
                          pp. 20-35.
    2003    NATO After Prague
               (Editor, with Karoliina Honkanen.) ACF Occasional Papers, No. 2,
               Atlantic Council of Finland, Helsinki, January 2003: pp. 43.

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               Centre Européen de Politique et Sécurité, Bruxelles, September 2001:
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    2003    Sverige Igår - Gåtor, Kontroverser och Tack
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                Activism and (non)alignment. Ed. by Ann-Sofie Dahl and Norman
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           In from the Cold: Finland's Security Policy after the Cold War
                Debating Nordic Security. The Norwegian Atlantic Committee, Oslo, 26
                February 1999: pp. 7-17.
Dr. Tomas Ries is Director of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs since 1 January 2005. His
main interest is the globalising security environment and its implications for security policy, and his
objective is to focus the Institute to deal with this field. Between 1997-2004 he was Senior Researcher
at the National Defence College of Finland, focussing on EU, NATO and globalisation. Between 1992-
1997 he was Director of the International Training Course in Geneva, Switzerland and Deputy Director
of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. Between 1986-1992 he worked as Researcher and then
Senior Researcher at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and the Institute for Defence
Studies in Oslo, Norway, focussing on nordic security and Soviet military interests in the north. Dr. Ries
has written two books and over one-hundred articles and research studies. His personal interests
include communing with nature and traditional Chinese culture.

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