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					                                                          Cumberland County Board of Education
                                                                    Fayetteville, North Carolina
                                                                               October 13, 2009

The Cumberland County Board of Education met in regular session on Tuesday, October 13, 2009,
at 6:30 p.m., in the Board Room, with all board members present: Greg West, Carrie Sutton,
Alicia Chisolm, Kim Fisher, Macky Hall, Larry Lancaster, James McLauchlin, Mary Emily Royal,
and Mac Williams. Others present were Superintendent Frank Till, Fort Bragg Schools Civilian
Liaison Glenda Mack, CCAE President Wanda Kindell, representatives of the principals
association, representatives of the teacher assistants, and a representative of the media.

Chairperson Greg West called the meeting to order. Board member Mary Emily Royal led the
Pledge of Allegiance, followed with the invocation by Mac Williams.

The Board welcomed Student Representatives Chris Okorieocha, SGA President from Reid Ross
Classical High School, and Tiera Bunyan, SGA President from Howard Health and Life Sciences
High School, who served as ex-officio members of the Board for the evening. Each student was
given the opportunity to speak to the Board regarding topics of their choice.

On behalf of the Eaton Corporation, Dan Leeman, Engineering Supervisor, and Lynsey Martin,
Human Resources Supervisor, presented a $20,000 “Going for the Green” grant to the school
system. The grant will aid in the school system’s efforts to implement environmentally friendly

Upon request, the Chairman moved Item 3.11 Administrative Recommendations from the Consent
Agenda to the Discussion Agenda. Mac Williams made a motion, seconded by Alicia Chisolm, to
approve the following Consent Agenda items:
   a) Consider Approval of the Minutes from the September 8, 2009, Board Meeting
   b) Consider Release of Certain Students to Other Education Units
   c) Consider Approval of 2009 'CHARACTER COUNTS!' WEEK PROCLAMATION, as
      recommended by the Student Services Committee
   d) Consider Approval of 2009 RED RIBBON WEEK PROCLAMATION, as recommended
      by Student Services Committee
   e) Consider Approval of the 2009-2010 Agreement with the Cumberland County Health
      Department for NURSING SERVICES, as recommended by the Student Services
   f) Consider BUDGET AMENDMENTS, as recommended by the Budget Committee

   g) Consider LOTTERY APPLICATIONS, as recommended by the Budget Committee

   h) Consider Approval of Revised Policy IHF: GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS, as
      recommended by the Policy Committee (Second Reading)
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   i) Consider Approval of PERSONNEL, including Certified, Classified, Teacher Assistants,
      Substitutes, Child Nutrition, Bus Drivers, and Prime Time, as recommended by the
      Personnel Committee
   j) Consider LEAVES OF ABSENCE REQUESTS, as recommended by the Personnel

The motion passed unanimously.

                                    DISCUSSION AGENDA

Facilities Committee Report:

       Tim Kinlaw, Associate Superintendent of Auxiliary Services, provided a brief update
       regarding the Qualified School Construction Bond program. The State has extended the
       deadline for issuing the bonds, due to low interest from purchasers nationwide. Mr. Kinlaw
       stated that he will be meeting with County officials later in the week to review our status.
       The first project to be funded by the program is scheduled to receive bids in November.

Personnel Committee Report:

       Mac Williams made a motion that effective with the employment of Dr. Till no
       administrative personnel will be offered paid family medical coverage. The motion was
       seconded by Carrie Sutton and passed with Carrie Sutton, Alicia Chisolm, Kim Fisher,
       Macky Hall, Mary Emily Royal and Mac Williams voting in favor of the motion; Greg
       West, Larry Lancaster, and James McLauchlin opposed.

       Mac    Williams made a motion to   approve   the   ADMINISTRATIVE
       RECOMMENDATIONS. The motion was seconded by Alicia Chisolm and passed

                                   ADDITIONAL BUSINESS

The Board presented Associate Superintendent Dr. Lavetta Henderson with a plaque in honor of
her dedicated service to the Cumberland County Schools. Dr. Henderson is retiring November 1st
with more than 30 years of service to the children of North Carolina, 12 of which were with the
Cumberland County Schools.
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Superintendent’s Update:
   • Ruben Reyes, Executive Director of Exceptional Children’s Services, was selected as the
       EC Director of the Year for the State of North Carolina by the North Carolina Council of

   •   DPI has recognized three of our schools for their achievements with use of school data to
       develop and implement support systems and practices to teach students positive behaviors.
         - Walker Spivey School and Warrenwood Elementary were selected as Model Schools
         - W. H. Owen elementary was selected as a Green Ribbon School

   •   DPI honored Jack Britt HS yesterday as one of the top 2 schools in NC in their cohort for
       their graduation rate. Greg may want to elaborate on the awards banquet held yesterday in

   •   Reading Rocks Walkathon will be held this Saturday, October 17th. The walk will launch
       at 9:00 a.m. from the Festival Park downtown.
         - Over $167,000 raised so far.
         - Schools that raised the most money:
                  71st High School $5,330.78
                  Manchester Elem. $5,099.80
                  John Griffin Middle $4,868.59

   •   We are conducting a series of Community Conversations in various attendance areas, each
       starting at 6:30 p.m. in the school auditoriums.
         - Cape Fear High School – October 5th
         - Terry Sanford High School – October 19th
         - South View High School - October 26th
         - E. E. Smith High School - November 2nd
         - 71st High School - November 23rd

Chairman’s Update:

   •   The Board conducted the Superintendent’s evaluation just prior to this meeting. Dr. Till
       received a positive evaluation for his first few months on the job and we continue to look
       forward to good things to come for CCS under his leadership.

   •   Dr. Till will be speaking at the Chamber Coffee Club this Thursday at the Chamber offices,
       201 Hay Street, 4th Floor.

   •   This week is National School Lunch Week. Please take a moment to thank the folks in our
       school cafeterias who work hard to nourish the students’ bodies, so our teachers can feed
       the students’ minds.

   •   October 18th – 24th is ‘Character Counts!’ Week in Cumberland County Schools, promoting
       character development and ethical behavior in our youth.
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   •   October 17 – 25th is Red Ribbon Week promoting drug prevention education activities
       during that and every week.

   •   We have new art work throughout the building.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.

                                                                  /s/ Frank Till, Superintendent