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					    10th Nov. 2006

      For the first time, Confucius arrives in Arabic world

On Nov. 10th, 2006, a signature ceremony was held in University of Saint Joseph between USJ and Hanban (the
China Office of the Chinese Language Council International). Professor René Chamussy sj. President of Saint
Joseph University and Her Excellency Mrs. Liu Xianghua the Chinese Ambassador Lebanon signed the agreement
for jointly setting up Confucius Institute at USJ. Confucius, for the first time, arrives in Arabic world.

Confucius is one of the most famous thinker, educator and philosopher in the Chinese as well as the whole
world history. He revolutionized education in China 2,500 years ago by making it accessible to commoners. And
now he found his site in Lebanon to spread wisdom in Arabic world.

Figures from the Ministry of Education in China show that more than 30 million people are learning Chinese
worldwide, and the number is on the rise. In Lebanon, the growing zest for Chinese language will be satisfied by
Confucius Institute at USJ.

Being one part of the Chinese government’s Confucius Institute project
worldwide, Confucius Institute at USJ is a non-profit institution which dedicates
to promote Chinese language and culture.

The Confucius Institute at USJ will serve communities, businesses, schools, government, nonprofit organizations
and the media throughout Lebanon and Arabic world by offering Chinese language, Chinese medicine, Chinese
politics & economics, Chinese martial art and Chinese cuisine instruction, providing a professional development
for Chinese language teachers, certifying instructors, conducting Chinese language examinations, organizing
economic and political lectures and providing consultancy services on Chinese culture, the economy and society.

"USJ is the first university in Lebanon to establish direct exchange programs in China," said Professor René
Chamussy sj., the President of USJ. "This will give this country and region a competitive advantage now as China
is emerging as a leading economic force in the world."

USJ, which enrolls more than 10,000 students from Lebanon and other Arabic Countries, was selected as a site
because of "its historic education commitment and its extensive outreach programs related to East Asia," said
Her Excellency Mrs. Liu Xianghua, the Chinese Ambassador in Lebanon, "Meanwhile, Confucius Institute's public
programs in Chinese language, culture and business practices will help USJ and Lebanon master the challenges
and opportunities of our increasingly integrated world."

Under the patronage of His Excellency, Mr. Tarek Mitri, Minister of Culture in Lebanon, another four dignitaries
from Chinese Embassy in Lebanon, the Vice Presidents of USJ, The General Secretary, several Deans and
Directors of other Institutions of USJ, and media attended the signature ceremony.
                                            Participants List
                  Of Signature Ceremony of Confucius Institute – Saint Joseph University

Lebanese Government                         Under the patronage of

N°       TITLE      NAME                    POSITION
     1    Mr.       Tarek Mitri             Minister of Culture


N°       TITLE      NAME                    POSITION

     1   Rector     René Chamussy sj.       President of USJ

     2    Fr.       Bruno Sion sj.          Vice-President

     3    Pr.       Antoine Hokayem         Vice-President for International Relations

     4    Pr.       Mounir Chaamoun         Vice-President for Research

     5    Mr.       Maroun Asmar            Vice-President for Development

     6    Dr.       Ahyaf Sinno             Vice-President for Arabic & Islamic studies

     7    Mr.       Henri Awit              General Secretary

     8    Mr.       Jarjoura Hardane        Dean of Human Sciences

     9    Mrs.      Dolla Sarkis            Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy

 10       Mr.       Henri Awaiss            Director of Language Center

 11       Mrs.      Fadia Kiwan             Director of Political Sciences

 12       Mr.       Philippe Fattal         Director of Technology Institute

 13       Mr.       Pierre Filfili          Director of Psychotherapy Institute

 14       Ms.       Cynthia-Maria Ghobril   Director of Communication

 15       Mr.       Henri Genaud            International Relations Delegate

 16       Mrs.      Eliana Ibrahim          Coordinator of Confucius Institute


     1    Mrs.      Liu Xianghua            Chinese Embassador

     2    Mrs.      Yang Peipei             Commercial Counselor

     3    Mr.       Li Kunxian              Third Secretary, Chinese Embassy

     4    Mr.       Wan Ting                Third Secretary, Chinese Embassy

     5    Mr.       Pan Liwen               Chief Correspondent, Xinhua News Agency Beirut Bureau

     6    Mrs.      Wang Xin                Reporter, Xinhua News Agency Beirut Bureau