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       & Status

                           CACP ENDORSEMENTS
                                   (Updated March 2009)

Year(s)         Endorsement               Details
April 1995      First Nations Chiefs of   • Chiefs of Police on First Nations
                Police Association           Territories across Canada formed the
Confirmed                                    First Nations Chief of Police
Feb. 25-26/96                                Association as a parallel and
                                             complementary organization to CACP.

April 1995      Re-endorsement of the     •   CACP endorsed program in principle
                Canadian Automobile           and that it be consistent with following
                Association (CAA) –           proposals of CAA:
                School Safety Patrol          Heighten awareness of program;
                Program                       Improving communications with view
                                              of measuring program effectiveness;
                                              Permitting use of CACP logo on
                                              promotional & educational material;
                                              Work with CAA to develop/revise
                                              material to better serve needs of
April 1995      Safe Kids Canada          •   National awareness & fundraising event,
                                              Canada Safety Council.
                                          •   CACP endorsed program.
May 1995        Crime Prevention          •   CACP endorsed project & gave go
                Handbook                      ahead to Crime Prevention/Community
                                              Policing Committees to further
                                              investigate possibility of generating a
                                              ‘generic handbook’ to be used by Police
                                              services across Canada.
May 1995        Victims of Crime Week     •   To begin in 1996 and all subsequent
                                        •     CACP endorsed program in principle
November 1995   The Sunshine Foundation •     Makes dreams come true for children
                of Canada                     ages 3 to 19 that are challenged by
                                              severe physical disabilities or life
                                              threatening illnesses.
November 1997                             •   CACP wrote a letter of endorsement
                                              regarding their work to update records
October 1998                                  since last year’s letter.

April 1999                                •   Endorsement approval for 1998
Year(s)         Endorsement               Details

April 2000                                •   Endorsement approval for 1999

April 2001                                •   Endorsement approval for 1999

April 2002                                •   Endorsement approval for 2000

                                          •   Endorsement approval for 2001

                                          •   Endorsement approval for 2002
February 1996   Child Find Canada’s       •   CACP endorsed all programs under
                National Programs             ‘Child Find’ including two additional
                                              programs: Green Ribbon of Hope and
                                              Child Find Online/En Direct

February 1997                             •   Extended endorsement of Child Find
                                              Canada’s national programs for year

November 1997                             •   Extended endorsement of Child Find for
                                              the year 1998.
April 1997      Onside Program            •   CACP endorsed program
                                          •   ‘Onside/en Jeu’ a term used in both
                                              hockey & football.
                                          •   To enhance communication between
                                              youth & police.
November 1997   AssetREGISTRY             •   CACP endorsement approval
                (Asset Software           •   To be used as a crime prevention
                International regarding       measure & be a valuable aid to law
                AssetREGISTRY                 enforcement in detection of stolen
                                              property/computer theft.
                Endorsed by: Contract &
                Aboriginal policing
                Services – RCMP
November 1997   Strategic Human           •   CACP endorsement approval
                Resources Analysis of     •   To conduct a sectoral review of
                Public Policing in            “Strategic Human Resources Analysis
                Canada                        of Public Policing in Canada”.

                Endorsed by: Human
                Resources committee
February 1998   Law Enforcement Torch     •   CACP endorsement approval
                Run for Special           •   CACP encouraged its members to take a
                Olympics                      leadership role in the operation of the
Year(s)         Endorsement              Details
                                            LETR in each Province & Territory in
February 1998   “Tackle Violence”        • CACP endorsement approval
                                         • ‘Tackle Violence’ aims to reduce youth
                                            violence & address other key issues by
                                            facilitating a positive relationship
                                            between police & youth.
April 1998      Operation Go Home        • CACP forwarded a letter of support.
                                         • It is non-profit organization dedicated to
                                            helping youth on the streets, helping
                                            them to return to their families.
August 2001                              • CACP endorsement approval

April 1998      Women in Policing        •   CACP endorsement approval
                Resource Group           •   Dealing with issues facing women
                Endorsed by: Human           police officers on a national level.
                Resources Committee      •   This is a creation of a bona fide
August 1998     Highway Help Program     •   CACP endorsement approval
                                         •   CACP logo approval
                                         •   Ongoing approval for both
October 1998    Major Industrial         •   CACP endorsed the 1993 version.
                Accidents Council of     •   The request for endorsement is on the
                Canada (MIACC)               revised edition of ‘Guiding Principles
                Renewal of Publication       for Joint Community & Industry
                Endorsement.                 Emergency Preparedness’

August 1999     YWCA Week without        •   CACP endorsement approval
                Violence                 •   An international, bi-lingual, public
                                             education and awareness campaign that
                                             seeks to identify practical & sustainable
                                             alternatives to violence in our homes,
                                             schools, places of work and

April 2001      YWCA Week without        •   CACP endorsement approval

August 1999     National Children’s      •   CACP endorsement approval
                Agenda                   •   A multi-disciplined approach to
                                             addressing underlying issues of health &
                                             safety of Canadian children
Year(s)         Endorsement                Details

October 2000    “Elmer the Safety          •   CACP endorsement approval
                Elephant” program          •   School program targeted directly at
                Endorsed by: Canada            child traffic safety.
                Safety Council
November 2001   Canada Safety Council –    •   CACP general support for firearms
                Enacting Firearms              amnesty programs without endorsing the
                Amnesties                      call upon governments to enact gun
                                           •   The general aim of a gun amnesty is to
                                               reduce the number of firearms and
                                               thereby have a corresponding impact on
                                               the number of firearms related tragedies.
February 2001   Youth Justice Forum        •   CACP endorsed forum
                Endorsed by: Youth         •   Took place on March 16 – 17, 2001
                Justice Policy, Justice
                Canada - Ottawa
August 2001     Tools of Awareness         •   CACP endorsement approval
                                           •   A program to prevent youth relationship
1998            Policing Cyberspace        •   CACP endorsed conference
1999            2001 International         •   Conference focuses on themes of
2001            Conference                     training, public awareness, cyber-ethics,
2000                                           information sharing, developing
2002            Endorsed by: Society for       recording & reporting mechanisms for
                the Policing of                technological crimes.

October 2001    Anti-Bullying Campaign     •   CACP Endorsed the Public Awareness
                                               Campaign on Bullying.
                                           •   Canada Safety Council & the National
                                               film Board propose an awareness
                                               campaign dealing with bullying among
                                               children ages 8 to 12.
November 2001   Project 6116 – A           •   CACP endorsed Project 6116
                National Committee to
                Reduce Auto Theft.
November 2001   Joyriding & Youth          •   CACP endorsement approval
                                           •   Linking and partnership of CACP Crime
                                               Prevention/Community Policing
                                               Committee project ‘Joyriding & Youth’
                                               with a sub-project of Project 6116 in
                                               order to pursue both objectives.
Year(s)       Endorsement              Details
August 2002   Child Find Manitoba      •   CACP endorsement approval
     Initiative   •   A Manitoba based “cybertipline” facility
                                       •    for receiving and addressing reports
                                           from the public regarding the sexual
                                           exploitation of children on the Internet.
March 2003    Friends and Neighbours   •   CACP endorsement approval
              Club (FAN Club)          •   Initiative developed with Pembroke
                                           Police and OPP called “Police are our
                                           friends”. The initiative brings positive
                                           messages to children aged 3 to 11
                                           regarding healthy lifestyles and
                                           relationship choices.
March 2004    Stay Alert, Stay Safe    •   CACP had endorsed this organization
                                           prior to existing police… Refer to file
                                           on Endorsement and Chief Barry King’s
                                           e-mail 2005-03-14.
                                       •   Canada’s leading street proofing
                                           program for children age 7 – 10.
                                       •   (

August 2005   Child Find Canada        •   CACP endorsement approval
                                       •   Assist for the search for missing
                                       •   Deliver education and prevention
                                           programs pertaining to children’s safety
                                           educational and awareness programs;
                                      •    Advocate for the rights of children.
August 2005   Canadian Crime Stoppers •    CACP endorsement approval
              Association             •    To provide citizens with a vehicle to
                                           anonymously supply the police with
                                           information about a crime or potential
                                           crime of which they have knowledge;
                                       •   To offer a cash reward to people who
                                           call the program and their information
                                           leads to an arrest.
Year(s)         Endorsement              Details
August 2005     Competition Bureau of    •   CACP endorsement approval
                Canada                   •   To fight fraud aimed at consumers and
                                         •   To educate consumers and businesses
                                             on how to recognize, report and stop
                                             deceptive telemarketing and mail scams,
                                             ID theft and internet based scams such
                                             as fraudulent spam.
November 2005   Families and Schools     •   CACP endorsement approval
                Together Canada          •   F & ST is a community-led, school-
                                             based, “crime prevention through social
                                             development” model that has
                                             successfully improved health, academic,
                                             behavioural and social outcomes for
                                             children from birth to age 12.

November 2005   National Security        •   CACP endorsement approval
                Information Network      •   The development and distribution of a
                                             five-panel pocket-sized pamphlet to
                                             assist front-line officers to recognize
                                             and act on terrorist planning activity.
                                         •   The ultimate goal is the safety and
                                             security of all Canadians.
January 2006    Canadian Air Transport   •   Authority initiative to warn passengers
                Security                     that threats, verbal abuse and violence
                                             against screening officers will not be
                                         •   Signage to be posted in Canadian
                                         •   Approval granted to use CACP logo.
January 2006    The Student Daily           •   The CACP endorsed the above initiative
                Planner Insert – Project        as a framework for communities and
                and Asset Building for          society to nurture an environment where
                Children & Youth                all young people are valued and thrive
                                                to better prepare them to make positive
                                                choices and in turn, be better prepared
                                                for situations in life that challenge their
                                                inner strength & confidence.
August 2006     Canadian Police             •   CACP endorsed the mandate, corporate
                Knowledge Network               objectives and guiding principals of the
                                            •   Permission granted to allow CPKN to
                                                use the CACP logo for marketing

December 2006   Canadian Paediatric         •   CACP endorsed the Guidelines on the
                Society Multidisciplinary       Identification, Investigation and
                Guidelines                      Management of Suspected Shaken Baby
December 2006   Canadian Red Cross          •   CACP supports the bid for the 2010
                                                International society for Prevention of
                                                Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN)
                                                International Congress proposed to be
                                                held in Vancouver.
December 2006   Canadian School Health      •   CACP endorsed the Canadian
                Knowledge Network               Consensus Statement on Comprehensive
                                                School Health.
August 2007     CPIC National Training      •    CACP endorsed the E-learning
                Program                         program of the CPIC National Training
February 2008   Operation Outlook           •   CACP endorsed the Ontario Community
                                                Council on Impaired Driving’s anti-
                                                impaired driving campaign entitled
                                                “Operation Outlook”
February 2008   MADD Canada’s               •   CACP endorsed the MADD Canada’s
                Campaign 911                    “Campaign 911” to encourage and
                                                empower the Canadian public to report
                                                suspected impaired driving by calling

March 2009      Canadian Association of     •   CACP endorsed a dedication ceremony
                Veterans in United              of the DHC-5 Buffalo Airframe to
                Nations Peacekeeping            Canadian Peacekeepers.
March 2009   Centre for Research and  •   CACP endorsed the 1st Annual
             Education on Violence        Canadian Conference on the Prevention
             Against Women and            of Domestic Homicides.
March 2009   National Research Centre •   CACP endorsed the NRC Explosives
             Explosives Regulatory        Security Partnership program purpose
             Division                     and objectives.