; Snap-on Electric Pressure Washer FAQ
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Snap-on Electric Pressure Washer FAQ

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									Snap-on Electric Pressure Washer FAQ
1. Defective or missing parts, in-warranty unit: Use account number SNAPON to
ship replacements for defective or missing parts. List the model, serial number, reason for
the shipment (missing or defective), store and location where purchased. Please use the
customer’s phone number in the PO slot (8) in the header. Do NOT add shipping or
change shipping codes as this is automated.

2. Defective units: After going thru the trouble shooting guide with the customer and
it is determined that the unit is defective please instruct the customer to return the unit to
the store for either a replacement or a refund. If the customer is in a location away from a
Costco store the alternate method is to fill in a “Snap-on Electric Pressure Washer Refund
Form”. Please complete all information requested on the form and place the form to be
picked up by the administrative group. We will contact the customer back with the
details. The explanation is that an ARS tag will be issued to the customer along with a
refund request form. Upon receipt of the defective unit the customer will be issued a
refund check. Please do not create the ARS tag at the time of talking with the customer.
Fill in the form and we will contact the customer back within 24 business hours (M-F).

3. Cleaners and detergents: Snap-on does not market pressure washer detergent
however there are many different brands of detergents designed specifically for pressure
washer use. The products available include cleaning formulas for decks, siding, concrete,
glass, etc. Many different brands are available including products marketed by Generac,
Campbell Hausfield, Karcher, Briggs and Stratton, Hotsy, and Monster Labs just to name
a few. These products are widely available at hardware, home improvement, lawn and
garden stores. Do NOT use bleach!!!!!

4. Hose and wand extensions: Snap-on does not offer or recommend hose and wand
extensions for use with their pressure washers.

5. Extension cords for electric pressure washers: Extension cords are not
recommended for use with the product however if an extension cord must be used the
cord MUST be at least a 12 gauge in size and not to exceed 25 feet. Cords of a smaller
gauge and/or longer length may cause the electric pump motor to overheat causing
damages, thus voiding the warranty. Cords must be a 3 prong to prevent possible
electrical shock. Note: The smaller the number rating on an electric cord the larger the
size of wire, a 12 gauge wire being larger than a 14 gauge wire.

6. Applying detergent: The pressure adjust collar on the wand must be set in the low
pressure position for the chemical injection to work. To adjust to low pressure, with the
gun/wand pointing away from the operator, turn the collar (gray in color) all the way to
the right. Once the collar is adjusted then the cone on the end of the wand may be
adjusted to obtain the desired spray pattern.
7. Trouble shooting: Please refer to the trouble shooting guide within the owner’s
manual. An additional item not mentioned in the manual would be if you receive a call
where the unit spurts or skips while running. This is normally due an insufficient water
supply. The unit requires a minimum of 1.6 gallons per minutes of water to allow for
continuous running. Have the customer measure the flow at water (process of using a
couple of gallon containers and actually measuring how much water flows in a minute) to
make sure there is sufficient flow available. Also be sure to check for restrictions in the
hose supplying the water and to be sure any filters are clean.

8. Storage: Follow the instruction within the manual. Do not store the unit in any area
subject to freezing. Any remaining water in a unit may destroy a pump, hose, wand or
gun due to expansion from freezing which is not covered by warranty.

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