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					                                     Implementation Section – ACTIONS                                                                    APPENDIX B

 South London Priority: no.1                         To take full advantage of the opportunities to be created following the successful London Olympic bid and to
                                                     ensure that south London plays a full part in the Olympic and Paralympics games.

Actions                      Baseline /                     Success Indicators                   Partner Roles            Possible            Timescale         Monitoring, Evaluation and
                             Rationale                                                                                    Resources                             Reporting
To enable businesses to      Major sporting events will     South London ‘Olympics               SLP to lead through SL   BL4L                Initial action    SLP Olympic group to co-ordinate
maximise Olympic             attract big sponsorship and    Business Club’ established to        Olympics Group           LSC                 already           and have overall south London
opportunities.               PR opportunities as well       help businesses respond to                                    LDA                 underway.         picture.
                             as business opportunities      Olympic opportunities.                                        Private sector
                             to supply all this is                                                                        Chambers            Further action
                             involved in hosting a                                                                        UK Trade and        plan from April
                             major international event.                                                                   Industry            2006 onwards.
                             Sydney Olympics
                             generated £1.2 billion in
                             economic benefits.
Increase tourism             An estimated half-a-           Sustainable increase in visitor                               Major venues
activities in the build up   million extra visitors to      numbers to south London.                                      Visit London
and at the time of the       London.                                                                                      LDA
Games.                       South London town              Business tourism increased.                                   UKTI
                             centres, parks, open
                             spaces and international
                             attractions can benefit.
Promote annual               The Games will be              Comprehensive programme of                                    Local Authorities
programme of events          preceded by a four year        festivals in place in the build up                            Community groups
and festivals.               programme of festivals.        to and during the Games.                                      Volunteers
                                                                                                                          Private Sector
Contribute to the            London will need 70,000        South London residents                                        LSC
additional skills needs      volunteers.                    accessing jobs and volunteering                               Sport England
and ensure south                                            opportunities.                                                CVS
London residents             Considerable new job                                                                         Job Centre+
benefit from job and         opportunities in the run up
volunteering                 to and during Games.
Identify and deliver         Sporting facilities in south   A legacy of investment in                                     Local Authorities
sports development           London provide for 27 of       facilities in south London.                                   Private sector
needs.                       the 28 Olympic sports and                                                                    Sport England
                             13 of the 15 Paralympic        Athletes trained in south London                              LDA
                             disciplines.                                                                                 Sports centres
Identify holding and         A holding camp working         Secure at least one holding /                                 Local Authorities
preparation camp needs       group is already in place.     preparation camp for the sub-                                 Universities
and support proposals.       Collaboration will be          region.                                                       Private sector
                             needed for a successful                                                                      Sports Bodies
                             proposal.                                                                                    Hospitals
                             An outline offer for south                                                                   UK Trade and
                             London has already been                                                                      Industry
                             drawn up.
 London EDS Priority:                 Investment in places and infrastructure: to accommodate growth and ensure sustainable communities and enterprises in London.

 South London Priority: no.2                    Promote and develop the Wandle Valley Corridor.

Actions                  Baseline /                    Success Indicators                  Partner Roles              Resources / in      Timescale      Monitoring, Evaluation and
                         Rationale                                                                                    kind                               Reporting
Consolidate the newly    Wandle Valley Green           Forum established and agreed        SLP to take initial lead   SLP                 March 2006     Regular Forum updates.
established Wandle       Ribbon Initiative             operating protocols                 to set up meetings of      Forum Members’
Forum.                   document identifying                                              the Forum.                 time.
Produce an Action Plan   issues for action.            Action Plan agreed.                 Wandle Forum to lead       SLP                 March 2006     Feedback on progress to SLP
for river-led                                                                                                         Forum Members’                     working groups and to LDA and
regeneration.                                                                                                         time.                              GLA.
Implementation                                         Actions taken forward.              Various lead partners      English heritage    March 2006 –
Strategy in place.                                                                         by project tbc.            ODPM                March 2016
                                                       Development of the heritage and                                LDA
                                                       environment offer.                                             Local Authorities
                                                                                                                      Private Sector
                                                       Outputs, initiatives and funding                               Volunteers
                                                       identified.                                                    European Funds
                                                                                                                      Arts Council
                                                                                                                      Arts, culture and

 South London Priority: no.3                    Promote and develop the River Thames Corridor.

Actions                  Baseline /                    Success Indicators                  Partner Roles              Resources / in      Timescale      Monitoring, Evaluation and
                         Rationale                                                                                    kind                               Reporting
Identify existing        Substantial business and      Opportunities identified and        SLP to take initial lead   SLP and partners    March 2007     Feedback to SLP working groups
partnerships and         housing development           agreed.                             and collate information.                                      and Chief Executives Group.
strategies               prospects at Nine Elms
                         Opportunity Area,
Identify and agree       Battersea and Kingston        Further enhancement of the          Leads tbc by project.      English heritage    March 2009     Tbc by project.
priorities for           Town Centre.                  visitor, business and residential                              ODPM
collaborative action.    Tourism initiatives, river    environment through                                            LDA
                         and urban environment         collaborative action and                                       Local Authorities
                         improvements already          promotion.                                                     Private Sector
                         underway with more                                                                           Volunteers
                         potential for further                                                                        European Funds
                         enhancement.                                                                                 Arts Council
                         Infrastructure and resource                                                                  HLF
                         potential for development                                                                    Arts, culture and
                         of the arts.                                                                                 community
 South London Priority: no.4                        Deliver the Park development and City Growth Strategy for Crystal Palace.

Actions                      Baseline /                  Success Indicators                   Partner Roles             Resources / in      Timescale       Monitoring, Evaluation and
                             Rationale                                                                                  kind                                Reporting
Partner support for the      Crystal Palace and the      Business-led economic                SLB is currently co-      LDA                 January 2006    Regular meetings of the Steering
City Growth Action           immediate surrounding       development strategy in place.       ordinating and leading.   LSC                 onwards         Group – which includes economic
Plan.                        areas have low business     Increased % of business density.                               BL4L                                development officers.
                             density, low business       Increased business start-up rates.   .                         Local Authorities
                             start-up and wards          Reduced levels of deprivation in                                                                   Reports to the City Growth Business
                             identified as some of the   surrounding areas.                                                                                 Board.
                             most deprived.
Partner support for          Crystal Palace Park is a    Park developments achieved that      LDA leading on Sports     LDA                 October 2005    LDA to report back progress to
Crystal Palace Park          target for significant      also support the education,          Centre and Park           LSC                 onwards.        public forums, local communities
developments.                regeneration – the Park     business and tourism potential       developments              BL4L                                and south London partners.
                             has been significantly      and the regeneration of Crystal                                Local Authorities
                             underused and can be a      Palace centre.
                             driver for investment in
                             Crystal Palace centre.

 South London Priority: no.5                        Investment in south London’s town and district centres.

Actions                      Baseline /                  Success Indicators                   Partner Roles             Resources / in      Timescale       Monitoring, Evaluation and
                             Rationale                                                                                  kind                                Reporting
Identify priority town /     Benchmarking work to        Priority town / district centres     SLP lead.                 SLP                 November 2005   A mechanism to be established for
district centres to target   provide a better            agreed.                                                        LDA                                 each centre.
improvements that meet       understanding of the        Action to take into account                                    Private Sector
the criteria from the        potential and scope for     demand for employment space,                                   TfL
benchmarking research        action amongst town and     transport policies, sustaining and                             Health Authority
and that will provide the    district centres.           improving quality of life and                                  Voluntary Sector
best opportunities for                                   promoting community identity.                                  Community
sub-regional impact.         Focussed success                                                                           Sport England
Identify private / public    indicators developed for    Improved management of town./        Town Centre Managers      Local Authorities   March 2006 –    Mechanism for reporting,
sector and community         each District Centre.       district centres.                    Local Authorities to      Partner time        March 2012      monitoring and evaluation tbc.
investment strategies                                    Investment proposals identified      lead.                                                         Sharing good practice will be key for
and funding to support                                   for centre development.                                                                            the sub-region.
the management of, and                                   Local Authority planning
development of priority                                  support.
town / district centres.                                 On-going programme of town
                                                         and district centre work agreed
 South London Priority: no.6                        Work with TfL to progress a South London Transport Strategy.

Actions                      Baseline /                    Success Indicators                   Partner Roles             Resources / in       Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                             Rationale                                                                                    kind                              Reporting
Develop a sub-regional       Transport is the overriding   A transport strategy in place        TfL                       TfL                  March 2007   Progress report back to SLP Chief
transport strategy.          factor underpinning all the   which includes infrastructure to     SWELTRAC                  Partner time                      Executives meeting to inform sub-
                             sustainable developments      support:                             SELTRANS                                                    regional impact and report back to
                             for south London – and        -town/district centre and            SLP                                                         London Plan review.
                             necessary to address social   community development;               SLB
                             and economic inclusion.       -freight access and movement
                                                           around the sub-region;               Lead tbc
                             At present there is no        -business needs;
                             comprehensive strategy        -health;
                             for the sub-region.           -addressing exclusion;
                                                           -tourism development – radial
                                                           and orbital movement;
Leaders to provide a                                       A range of sub-regional partners     SLP to lead.              Partner time         March 2007   Updates through SLP website and
collaborative voice for                                    contribute, representing the                                                        onwards      partner newsletters / websites.
south London and raise                                     transport investment needs of the
the profile of transport                                   sub-region.

 South London Priority: no.7                        Deliver better health care closer to home.

Actions                      Baseline /                    Success Indicators                   Partner Roles             Possible             Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                             Rationale                                                                                    Resources                         Reporting
Identify locations for       New critical care hospital    Sufficient land available to co-     SLP to lead and           Health Authorities   By 2012      Arrangements tbc
local health care            in Sutton will have           locate health care, wellness,        convene partner           Local Authorities
facilities across the sub-   implications for other        gym, nutrition etc and other local   discussions.
region.                      hospitals and local           services.
Provide relevant             communities.                  Transport challenges identified      SW and SE London          TfL
transport and                                              and addressed.                       Area Health Authorities
infrastructure needs.        New local care facilities                                          Local Authorities
Identify impact on           provide significant           All south London boroughs, TfL       TfL                       Health Authorities
adjoining hospitals and      opportunities and             and health working together.         LDA                       Local Authorities
potential for other          economic boost to support                                          Sport England             Sport England
services i.e. leisure,       town/district centre          Network of critical and local care                             Private sector
council etc..                development.                  hospitals provided by 2012.          roles tbc                 LIFT

                             Significant health
                             inequalities in south
                             London, also highest rates
                             of projectory obesity.
 South London Priority: no.8                       To have a South London Sports Strategy and associated infrastructure development for the sub-region.

Actions                    Baseline /                   Success Indicators                  Partner Roles            Possible            Timescale      Monitoring, Evaluation and
                           Rationale                                                                                 Resources                          Reporting
Recruit a Director for     The London Plan for Sport    Sub-regional Director in place.     Sport England to lead.   Sport England       January 2006
the sub-region.            aims to unite London
Draw up a South            behind three goals: to be    Sub-regional sports partnership     Sport England to lead.   Sport England       March 2007     Reports to Sports Partnership Board.
London Sports Strategy.    the best at improving        and strategy in place.                                       Partner time.
                           sporting performance,                                                                     SLP                                Feedback to SLP Chief Executives
                           help our top talent to       Strategy complements other sub-                                                                 group.
                           succeed on the               regional developments i.e.
                           international stage and      health, inclusion and district
                           raise the levels of          centre work.
                           participation in sport and
                           active recreation across
                           the region by 1% each

                           To be delivered through a
                           sub-regional structure.

 South London Priority: no.9                       Sub-regional Task Group in place to ensure sustainable growth and development.

Actions                    Baseline /                   Success Indicators                  Partner Roles            Resources / in      Timescale      Monitoring, Evaluation and
                           Rationale                                                                                 kind                               Reporting
Establish a Planning       The need to have a sub-      Sustainable growth achieved for     SLP to lead and          Local Authorities   March 2006     Task group to report back to local
Task Group to discuss      regional picture of          the sub-region:                     convene Task Group       Environment         onwards.       interests and through SLP Chief
and monitor the            economic growth and          -Housing meeting local                                       Agencies                           Executives to inform sub-regional
following for the sub-     pattern of growth for the    population targets.                 Partners share           Utilities                          impact and London Plan review.
region:                    sub-region, in addition to   -Employment opportunities           information quarterly.   Health
-Housing meets sub-        local authority area         maximised.
regional need;             impacts.                     -Land secured for necessary
-Impact on industrial                                   social infrastructure (transport,
sites;                                                  health, education etc)
-Impact on utilities and                                -protection on green belt and
social infrastructure.                                  open spaces.

                                                        Displacement and cross borough
                                                        implications identified.
 London EDS Priority:                     Investment in people - to improve economic inclusion and enable all Londoners to fulfil their potential.

 South London Priority: no.10                        Address exclusion and disadvantage in south London.

Actions                     Baseline /                   Success Indicators                  Partner Roles             Possible              Timescale     Monitoring, Evaluation and
                            Rationale                                                                                  Resources                           Reporting
More detailed analysis      53,000 individuals (6%)      Greater clarity of issues and       SLP to lead.              SLP                   July 2006     SLP report back to partners.
to identify where cross-    are classified as            measures needed to address                                    Partner time
borough or sub-regional     ‘employment deprived’;       them.                               Kingston University       Kingston University
action can help local       and 200,000 (18%)                                                Health
action.                     ‘income deprived’ in the     Identify socio-economic patterns    Local Authorities
                            sub-region.                  around declining district centres   Town Centre Managers
                                                         (linked to action 3).
Develop a range of          Marked spatial dimension     -Reduction in levels of             LSC                       LSC                   April 2007    tbc
multi-partner and           to exclusion, concentrated   unemployment and people on          BL4L                      Job Centre Plus       onwards.
targeted actions to         in specific localities       incapacity benefit (relative to     Local Authorities         Local Authorities
support: that may           within the sub-region.       south London average).              Kingston University       LDA
include:                                                 -Increased business start-up        FE Colleges               European Funding
-Entrepreneurship /         Common pattern for           rates.                              Adult and Community       New Deal for
skills                      unemployment, low levels     -Improved access to health care.    Education                 Communities
-Language training          of entrepreneurship, ill –   -Stronger community                 CVS                       Home Office
-NVQ2 skills                health, reliance on local    engagement in local area.                                     Health
-Community capacity         jobs in declining centres.   -Reduced anti-social behaviour.     Lead by specific action   PCTs
building                                                                                     tbc                       Sport England
-Access to jobs             1 in 10 of population have   Success Indicators developed for                              BL4L
-Childcare                  no qualifications.           local communities /                                           Princes trust
-Social cohesion                                         neighbourhoods and town /                                     DfES
-Volunteering               20% have low levels of       district centres
                            literacy and numeracy.
Sports action plan to set   Sport can strengthen         Increase in:                        South London Sports       SLP                   April 20067   South London Sports Partnership to
out mechanisms to           community involvement,       - youth volunteering;               Partnership               Sport England         onwards.      report progress.
improve access to           divert people away from      - sports participation among all                              Local Authorities
sports and sports           crime and disorder and       age groups;                                                   Sports centres
facilities.                 build self-esteem and        - use of after school hours                                   Health
                            confidence. Sport can also   sporting activity;                                            Police
                            help young people get        -participation in education and                               Schools
                            back into mainstream         training
                            education and be a           Decrease in:
                            stepping stone into          -crime (particularly youth crime)
                            employment and formal        and anti-social behaviour;
                            training.                    - unemployment
Work with cultural          Cultural organisations can   Increase in:                        South London Arts         SLAP                  April 2006
organisations to identify   contribute to employment,    - youth volunteering;               Partnership to lead.      Arts Council          onwards
actions to improve          training and community       -participation in education and                               Art Schools
motivation, skills and      development.                 training; and in arts / cultural                              ALM London
employment                                               activity                                                      DfES
opportunities for           Strong cultural facilities   Decrease in:                                                  Heritage Lottery
disengaged                  underpin healthy SMEs.       -crime (particularly youth crime)                             Fund
communities.                                             - unemployment                                                Local Authorities
                                                                                                                       Private Sector
South London Priority: no.11                     Support the voluntary sector ‘Change–up programme’.

Actions                 Baseline /                    Success Indicators                 Partner Roles     Possible           Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                        Rationale                                                                          Resources                       Reporting
To help the voluntary   Capacity building is          Improved skills and use of ICT.    SL CVS to lead.   LSC                April 2006   South London CVS will monitor
sector to play a more   needed in the voluntary       Increase in number of volunteers                     CVS                onwards      progress across the sub-region.
effective role in       sector, particularly in the   for the sub-region.                                  European funding
supporting              areas of:                     Skills training needs met for                        ALG grants
communities.            -ICT;                         volunteer staff.                                     Charitable
                        -volunteering support;.       Increased capacity in voluntary                      Foundations
                        -quality standards;           sector.
                        -workforce development        Sustainable funding base
London EDS Priority:                   Investment in enterprise - to enable enterprise growth and competitiveness.

South London Priority: no.12                     Boost innovation in south London.

Actions                   Baseline /                   Success Indicators                  Partner Roles        Possible            Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                          Rationale                                                                             Resources                        Reporting
Strengthen links          South London has some of     Increase in number of south         West Focus to lead   Higher Education    On-going
between universities /    London’s most significant    London businesses undertaking                            LDA Innovation
education and research    higher education and         joint ventures or using the                              Fund
institutions and          research institutions but    resource of south London’s                               Kingston I C
businesses.               level of business            education expertise.                                     Innovate South
                          engagement (especially       Innovation promoted in schools                           London
                          SMEs) should be higher..     and colleges.                                            LDA
                                                                                                                IOD Young
                                                                                                                Private Sector /
Maintain a network of     Build on the RITTS           Good practice shared across the     Lead tbc             HEIF3
business support and      Innovation Demand and        sub-region.                                              LDA
associated actions to     Supply-side research         Increase in number of businesses    Businesses           SLB
stimulate innovation –    (2000 – and updated in       accessing sources of information                         DTI
particularly for          2003/4).                     and advice.                                              LSC
consumer and public                                    Increased share of service                               BL4L
services.                 Service sector was found     companies engaged in                                     Private sector /
                          to have lower levels of      innovation activities.                                   SMEs and other
                          innovation.                  Improved business                                        business
Deliver the South         The creative industries      Actions delivered to address:       Arts and cultural    Arts Council
London Creative           constitute Greater           -Promotion                          organisations.       LDA
Industries Strategy and   London’s second strongest    -Networking                         Business             Local Authorities
Action Plan.              employment and wealth        -Business support                                        BL4L
                          growth potential.            -Premises                           Lead tbc             HEIF3
                          There is already a lot                                                                Universities
                          going on in south London
                          – the key is to enable
                          critical mass and synergy.
Explore potential for     Widely accepted in global    Examples of good practice           Lead tbc             Universities        April 2006
new ‘green’ business      markets that there is a      identified and shared.                                   Business
opportunities including   need to balance the needs                                                             LDA
life sciences.            of business with those of    Raised profile of ‘green’                                BL4L
                          the environment and          business in south London.
Identify and promote      community as a whole.        Increase in number of businesses    Lead tbc             Business            April 2006
green business                                         seeking ‘green’ business practice                        LDA
practices.                There are also business      advice (aligned to the LSDC         Businesses           Local Authorities
                          benefits to this approach    sustainability indicators).                              BL4L
                          with reduced costs.          Increase in number of ‘green’
                                                       new business starts.
 South London Priority: no.13                    Improve Industrial Estates.

Actions                    Baseline /                   Success Indicators                  Partner Roles         Possible              Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                           Rationale                                                                              Resources                          Reporting
Work with businesses       The Manufacturing            A sustainable model of              Lead tbc              Private Sector        April 2006   Sharing best practice through
on industrial estates to   Excellence Programme,        improvement identified for more                           Local Authorities     onwards      websites, newsletters etc.
identify refurbishment     identified common estate     estates i.e. estate management                            LDA
needs and improve          issues such as:              groups and companies.                                     Metropolitan Police
management of estates      -Security;                   Increased BID development.                                TfL
and work with BID          -Parking;                    Local waste management
developments.              -Transport;                  programmes in place.
                           -Signage;                    Increased participation in local
                           -Roads and drainage;         area management.
                           -Image                       Environmental improvement.
                                                        Retention of large sites.
                                                        Increased development for micro
                                                        and new business.

 South London Priority: no.14                    Support SME supply chains.

Actions                    Baseline /                   Success Indicators                  Partner Roles         Possible              Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                           Rationale                                                                              Resources                          Reporting
Identify and promote       SMEs need help to take       South London Businesses aware       Wandsworth EDO lead   Private Sector        March 2006
emerging opportunities     better advantage of          of opportunities – through media                          London Technology     onwards
from new                   existing and new             such as websites, newsletters and                         Fund
developments, in           opportunities to win         events where appropriate.
particular:                contracts.
a) Battersea Power                                      Sub-regional co-ordination of
Station – promotions       SMEs often complain they     information.
from developers.           have little information
b) Gatwick Diamond         about contract               South London businesses win         SLP lead              SLP                   March 2006
                           opportunities or the know-   new contracts.                                            Local Authorities     onwards
                           how to win contracts.
c) public sector                                                                            Local Authorities     Local Authorities     March 2006
procurement                                                                                 Health                Health                onwards
                                                                                            Education             Education
Put in place a                                                                                                    LDA                   March 2006
programme of ‘Meet                                                                                                Private sector        onwards
the Buyer’ events.
Encourage agreements                                                                                              Business Support      March 2006
for sourcing local                                                                                                Network               onwards
contracts in the private
Website developments                                                                                              LDA                   March 2006
to raise awareness of                                                                                                                   onwards
contract opportunities.
 South London Priority: no.15                      Support business retention and growth.

Actions                     Baseline /                   Success Indicators                   Partner Roles            Possible               Timescale   Monitoring, Evaluation and
                            Rationale                                                                                  Resources                          Reporting
Raising awareness of        Key issues include:          A partnership response to            SLB lead                 SLB
business retention          -Competition from other      addressing the business issues.                               LDA
issues and solutions.       London sub-regions, Kent,                                                                  Local Authorities
                            Surrey etc;                                                                                TfL
                            -Premises and more                                                                         LSC
                            responsive planning                                                                        Business Support
                            needed;                                                                                    Network
                            -Recruitment and                                                                           Private Sector
                            -Skills shortages;
                            -Addressing negative
Improve access to           Evidence that lack of        Increased provision for small        SLB lead                 LDA
premises in south           provision is impacting on    scale flexible business / work                                SLB
London and continue to      establishment of micro       space.
develop the SLB             businesses and
property database.          constraining business        Premises refurbished to meet
Joint collaboration to      growth.                      business needs and reduce empty      Planning Task Group to   Local Authorities
monitor employment                                       space.                               lead / to be involved    Private sector
space demand and            Research identifies excess                                                                 developers
supply to address           business (office) space in                                                                 Businesses
premises issues for         the sub-region.
business. (cross refer to
priority 9)

Work with LS LSC and        Despite the high             Skills levels increased to enable    Lead LSC                 LS LSC
education and training      percentage of residents      local people to access jobs in the                            Skills Alliance
providers to influence      qualified to NVQ Level 3     south London growth sectors.                                  Colleges
decisions of                and 4 in the sub-region,                                                                   Private and Public
government to support       business continue to cite                                                                  Sector Training
NVQ Level 3 (and            skill shortages as a                                                                       Providers
above) qualifications.      significant constraint to                                                                  Universities
Identify ways in which      growth.                      Increased private sector             South London Skills      Skills Sector Action
employers can help                                       involvement and investment in        Alliance                 Teams
solve their own training    South London has 51% of      meeting training needs.              LS LSC Skills Sector     Skills Alliance
and skills needs.           its resident workforce                                            Action Teams             LS LSC
                            employed in knowledge                                                                      BL4L
                            based industries.                                                                          Business Support
Find solutions to           LSC Skills Sector Action     Improved linkages between FE /       Lead LSC                 LS LSC
achieve more high level     Teams in place for key       HE and businesses.                                            Skills Alliance
and management skills       growth sectors to help                                                                     Colleges /
to fill gaps in south       identify training needs.                                                                   Training Providers
London business needs.                                                                                                 Universities
                                                                                                                       Business Support
                                                                                                                       Network / BL4L
Actions                    Baseline /                   Success Indicators                   Partner Roles          Possible            Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                           Rationale                                                                                Resources                        Reporting
Improve job-matching       40% of employers in south    x% decrease in ‘hard to fill’        Lead tbc               Partner time        March 2007
and re-deployment          London are experiencing      vacancies.                                                  LDA
practices (including re-   recruitment difficulties.                                         (SOLOMAN to lead for   LSC
skilling) to address                                    Businesses have programmes in        manufacturing)         Job Centre Plus
recruitment and            Recruitment and retention    place to address staff retention.
retention difficulties.    issues cited as one of the
                           worst things about
                           operating a business in
                           south London.

Business Support           New business formation       Greater focus/ targeted support                             LDA
Network to have a south    rates in south London        Improved co-ordination                                      Business Support
London agreement in        below the London             A plan in place for enterprise and                          Organisations
place to increase new      average.                     business start-up support                                   Universities
business formation rates                                Improved reporting of new                                   Prices Trust
and improve survival                                    business formation.                                         Local Authorities
rates.                                                  Level of business start-up for SL
                                                        equals London average by 2007.
 London EDS Priority:                    Investment in marketing and promotion - to make sure that what London offers is understood, supported and valued.

 South London Priority: no.16                       Promote the south London sub-region.

Actions                    Baseline /                      Success Indicators                   Partner Roles          Possible           Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                           Rationale                                                                                   Resources                       Reporting
Establish a south          Negative image of south         Responding to demand for             SLP to lead            SLP                April 2006   Regular reports from
London                     London.                         information.                                                LDA                onwards      communications Group to SLP Chief
communications group       South London is a very          Increase in number of people                                                                Executives group.
to jointly promote south   diverse sub-region and          asking for events and activities
London.                    there is a low level of         to promote south London.
                           awareness of what south         Increased use of south London
                           London has to offer (cited      websites and using links to
                           regularly by business and       partner sites.

 South London Priority: no.17                       Promote Sustainable Tourism and increase visitor numbers and spend.

Actions                    Baseline /                      Success Indicators                   Partner Roles          Possible           Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                           Rationale                                                                                   Resources                       Reporting
Support the Down           A specific opportunity to       Down House achieves World            LB Bromley             LDA
House World Heritage       have a second world             Heritage status.                     English Heritage       Lottery Funding
site proposal.             heritage site in the sub-                                                                   English Heritage
                           region to help draw in          Sustainable visitor management                              LB Bromley
                           visitors to the south east of   strategy in place.
                           the sub-region.
Support business           Better use of existing          Increase in business conventions     South London Tourism   Private sector
tourism through            facilities / construction of    and use of conference facilities.    Group
identifying and            new facilities will draw in
promoting conference       more people to south
and convention space.      London.
                           Gatwick and Heathrow
                           key business visitor entry

 South London Priority: no.18                       Promote South London transport needs and opportunities.

Actions                    Baseline /                      Success Indicators                   Partner Roles          Possible           Timescale    Monitoring, Evaluation and
                           Rationale                                                                                   Resources                       Reporting
Raise awareness of the     Whilst the sub-region           Increased use of public transport.   SWELTRAC               TfL                April 2006
positive aspects of        needs significant               Decrease in car use.                 SELTRANS                                  onwards
existing transport –       investment in its transport                                          Boroughs
particularly the orbital   infrastructure, there are                                            SLB
routes around the sub-     routes, particularly using
region.                    public transport, which are
                           not used and less well
                           known. Especially where
                           travel routes include a
                           range of transport modes.