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					How to Apply for SARE
Farmer/Rancher Grants

    Alan Sundermeier
  Wood County Extension
Agriculture Program
 Educational Events
 On-farm research
 University research
What is SARE?
 Sustainable Agriculture Research and
 SARE first funded in 1988
 Competitive grants program
 Funding for research, demonstration,
 education and extension
 SARE’s mission...
SARE’s Mission
 To create and manage a system designed to
 encourage the involvement of farm and
 non-farm citizens in the process of
 discovery and learning that leads to
 achieving a more sustainable
 environmentally benign agriculture.
How SARE Works
 Research and Education Grants
 Professional Development Program Grants
 Farmer/Rancher Grants
 Graduate Student Grants
Grant-writing basics
 You are a SALESMAN!
 – You are asking for $$
 Consider your audience
 – put yourself in their shoes
 YOUR proposal must stand out!
Grant-writing basics
 Be innovative
 – Have a GREAT idea!
 Be convincing
 – believe in your idea.
 Be the “man”
 – you (and your team) are uniquely qualified to
   do this research project.
Grant-writing basics
 Follow instructions
 – format, page length, dates
 Portray professionalism
 – send clean, neatly typed copies. Avoid the use
   of humor.
Grant-writing basics
 Demonstrate forethought
 – ‘This person knows what they’re talking about.’
 Write well
 – Avoid wordiness. Clear, concise
   communication of your idea and plan.
 Anticipate questions...
 – …then make sure they are answered.
 NC Region Funding
 – Since 1992, 528 grants have been awarded
    •   $ 3.6 million in 12 years
    •   In 2004 funded 57 of 208 proposals, $402,000
    •   In 2004 , Ohio had 6 Producer Grants funded
    •   In 2005 funded 47 of 182 proposals, $414,489
    •   In 2005 , Ohio had 8 Producer Grants funded
 $400,000 available in 2006
 $6,000 for individuals
 – $18,000 for groups (3 or more)
 – one year for individual
 – two years for group grants
 Identify specific problems and potential
 On-farm research
Proposal Subjects
 Animal Production
 Crop Production
 Disease/Pest Management
 Natural Resources
 Quality of Life
Any agricultural producer or group of
producers living in the North Central
Previous producer grant recipients.
 The North Central Region consists of 12
 –   Illinois    -Missouri
 –   Indiana     -Nebraska
 –   Iowa        -North Dakota
 –   Kansas      -Ohio
 –   Michigan    -South Dakota
 –   Minnesota   -Wisconsin
 2006 Grant Cycle
 August 10,2006               Farmer Grant Applications available
 December 1, 2006    Deadline for receiving Farmer Grant
 Spring, 2007        Administrative Council meeting to
                     recommend Farmer Grant recipients
 Spring, 2007        Approximate date of initial funding
 December 31, 2007   Progress report due
 December 31, 2008   Deadline for submitting Farmer
                     Grant Final Report
Application Requirements
 Project Proposal
 – Proposals are limited to 5 pages, single-sided,
   excluding the budget. Page 5 (blank page) is for
   overflow of first 4 pages. Proposals exceeding page
   limits will not be reviewed.
 – Applications must be typed using no smaller than a 12-
   point font, similar to the text in the invitation for
   proposals, or legibly printed in dark ink.
Application Requirements
 – Include name and role of each participant in the
   Personal Services section.
 – Grant Funds Request-use to show how you
   propose to spend the grant funds.
 – Other contributions.
Application Requirements
 Budget-Use of Grant Funds
 – 50% of cost for equipment
 – 50% cost of permanent fencing
 – 50% cost for perennial seeds and plants
 – Cannot use funds for construction and remodeling of
 – Cannot use funds to purchase vehicles.
 – Cannot use funds to pay for meals, food or drinks at
   meetings and field days.
Application Requirements
 Reference Letter
 – Required.
 – Indicate the need and appropriateness of this
 Applications must be received in the NCR SARE office by
 4:30p.m. (CST) on December 1, 2006. No allowances
 will be made for the time delays of your mail carrier
 service. Faxed applications will not be reviewed.
Application Evaluation
 – All applications are reviewed by farmer/rancher members of the
   NCR Administrative Council, farmers/ranchers on the NCR
   Technical Committee and the NCR Program Coordinator of Field
   Operations. Additionally, a representative of the AMS will
   participate in the review of the marketing proposals. Ranking and
   funding recommendations are based on the following criteria.
Application Evaluation
 – Well-identified problem and specific plan to test possible solutions
   to that problem;
 – Best use of existing knowledge on the identified problem;
 – Economic, environmental and social impacts of the project;
 – Appropriateness of the budget;
 – Cooperation with other producers and organizations through which
   information can be shared (via a workshop, field day, publications,
 – Contribution to growth of sustainable agriculture.
Application Evaluation
 Characteristics of Successful Applications
 –   Clearly define a problem.
 –   Included cooperators.
 –   Belong to a local or state group.
 –   Outreach Component.
What to Expect
 If your grant is accepted...
 – On-site visit from NCR SARE Program
 – At the end of the project:
    • Final report.
    • Show financial accountability.
    • Photos/slides of project activities or outreach events.
What to Expect
 If your grant is accepted…
 – Reimbursed for actual expenses incurred after
   the initial funding date.
 – Return unspent funds.
 – IRS 1099.
 – Retain receipts for 3 years.
What to Expect
 If your grant is accepted…
 Funds will be disbursed in the following manner:
  – Individual grant recipients may request and
    receive up to 50% of the grant in advance with
    the remaining50% being disbursed on
    completion of the project.
Final Checklist
 Signed Proposal
 Signed Budget
 Letter of Reference
 Progress Report (if you are requesting continuation of
 a previous SARE producer grant)
 Letter from your financial institution (if your project
 requires monetary assistance)
 Application received by the NCR SARE office by
 4:30 p.m. (CST) on December 1, 2006
2004 SARE Producer Grants - Ohio

 Year-round food production -$5,850
 Internal parasite control, sheep - $5,850
 Pick your own food trail - $5,624
 Hazelnut production - $ 4,590
 Blueberries in Strip mine land - $ 6,000
2005 SARE Farmer Grants- Ohio
 Selecting Sheep for Parasite Resistance-$17,950
 Walnut Hulls:composting - $5,955
 Evaluating Winter Cover Crops - $14,132
 Weed Control Methods - $ 4,611
 Two-Queen Colony Honeybees- $6,000
 On-farm biodiesel plant - $6,000
 Spotfin Shiner Aquaculture - $6,000
 Forage tannin effect on Goat parasites - $6,000