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					Appendix K

List of Explosive Materials

    The following list was obtained from the Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
          Firearms website: (http://www:atf.treas.bov/pub/fire-explo_pub/listofexp.htm). The asterisks
                indicate materials that constitute blasting agents. This list was last updated in 2002.

        Acetylides of heavy metals           Aluminum containing polymeric             Aluminum ophorite       Amatex
                                             propellant                                explosive
        Amatol                               Ammonal                                   Ammonium nitrate        Ammonium nitrate explosive
                                                                                       explosive mixtures      mixtures (non-cap sensitive)*
                                                                                       (cap sensitive)
        Aromatic nitro-compound              Ammonium perchlorate explosive            Ammonium                Ammonium picrate (picrate of
        explosive mixtures                   mixtures                                  perchlorate             ammonia, Explosive D)
        Ammonium slat lattice with           Ammonium nitrate-Fuel Oil                 Azide explosives
        isomorphously                        (ANFO)*

        Baratol                              Baronol                                   1,2-bis (2,2-difluro-   Black powder
                                                                                       ethane (BEAF)
        Black powder based explosive         Blasting agents, nitro-carbo- nitrates,   Blasting caps           Blasting gelatins
        mixtures                             including non-cap sensitive slurry &
                                             water gel explosives*
        Blasting powder                      [bis (Trinitroethyl) carbonate)]          Bulk salutes            [bis (Trinitroethyl)
                                             (BTNEC)                                                           nitramine} (BTNEN)
        1,2,4-Butanetriol trinitrate         Butyl tetryl

        Calcium nitrate explosive            Cellulose Hexanitrate explosive           Chlorate explosive      Composition A &
        mixture                              mixture                                   mixtures                variations
        Composition B & variations           Composition C & variations                Copper acetylide        Cyanuric triazide
        Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine        Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine         Cyclonite (RDX)         Cyclotol
        (RDX)                                (HMX)

        Diaminotrinitrobenzene               Diazodinitrophenol (DDNP)                 Diethyleneglycol        Detonating cord
        (DATB)                                                                         dinitrate (DEGDN)
        Detonators                           Dimethylol dimethyl methane               Dinitroethyleneurea     Dinitroglycerine
                                             dinitrate composition                                             (Glycerol dinitrate)
        Dinitrophenol                        Dinitrophenyl hydrazine                   Dinitroresorcinol       Dinitrotoluene-sodium
                                                                                                               nitrate explosive mixtures
        DIPAM                                Dipicryl sulfone                          Dipicrylamine           Display fireworks
        Dinitropentano nitrile (DNPD)        2,2-Dinitropropyl acrylate (DNPA)         Dynamite

        Ethylene diamine dinitrate           EDNA                                      Ednatol                 Ethyl 4,4-dinitro
        (EDDN)                                                                                                 pentanoate (EGDN)
        Ethyl-tetryl                         Explosive conitrates                      Explosive gelatins      Explosive mixtures containing
                                                                                                               oxygen releasing inorganic
                                                                                                               salts & hydrocarbons
        Explosive mixtures containing        Explosive mixtures containing oxygen      Explosive mixtures      Explosive mixtures containing
        oxygen releasing inorganic salts &   releasing inorganic salts & water         containing oxygen       sensitized Nitromethane
        Nitro bodies                         insoluble fuels                           releasing inorganic
                                                                                       salts & water soluble
        Explosive mixtures containing        Explosive nitro compounds of              Explosive organic       Explosive liquids
        Tetranitromethane (nitroform)        aromatics hydrocarbons                    nitrate mixtures
        Explosive powders

        Flash powder                         Fulminate of mercury                      Fulminate of silver     Fulminating gold
        Fulminating mercury                  Fulminating platinum                      Fulminating silver
Gelatinized nitrocellulose         Gem-dinitro aliphatic explosive        Guanyl nitrosamino      Guanyl nitrosamino
                                   mixtures                               Guanyl Tetrazene        guanylidene hydrazine
Gun cotton

Heavy metal azides                 Hexamethylene triperoxidediamine       Hexanite                Hexanitrodiphenylamine
Hexanitrostilbene                  Hexogen (RDX)                          Hexogene or             Hexolites
                                                                          octogene & a
                                                                          nitrated N-methyl
HMX                                Hydrazinium nitrate/hydrazine/         Hydrazoic acid
(Cyclo-1,3,5,7-tetramethylene-     aluminum explosive system
2,4,6,8-tetranitramine; Octogen)

Igniter cord                       Igniters                               Initiating tube

(Potassium dinitrobenzofuroxane)

Lead azide                         Lead Mannite                           Lead                    Lead picrate
Lead salts, explosive              Lead Styphnate                         Liquid nitrated         Liquid oxygen explosives
                                    (Styphnate of lead, lead trinitro-    polyol & Trimethyl
                                   resorcinte)                            olethane

Magnesium ophorite                 Mannitol Hexanitrate                   Methyl 4,4-dinitro      Monoethanolamine nitrate
explosives                                                                pentanoate (MDNP)       (MEAN)
Mercuric fulminate                 Mercury oxalate                        Mercury tartrate        Metriol trinitrate
Minol-2                            MMAN                                   Mononitrotoluene-       Monopropellants
 [40% TNT, 40% Ammonium            (Monomethylamine nitrate);             nitroglycerine
nitrate, 20% Aluminum]             Methylamine nitrate                    mixture

NIBTN                              Nitrate sensitive with gelled          Nitrated                Nitrated glycoside
(Nitroisobutametriol trinitrate)   Nitroparaffins                         carbohydrate            explosive
Nitrated polyhydric alcohol        Nitrated explosive mixtures            Nitrates of soda        Nitric acid & a nitro aromatic
explosives                                                                explosive mixtures      compound explosive

Nitric acid & carboxylic fuel      Nitric acid explosive mixture          Nitro aromatic          Nitro compounds of furnace
explosive                                                                 explosive mixture       explosive mixtures

Nitrocellulose explosive           Nitro derivative of urea explosive     Nitro gelatin           Nitrogen trichloride
                                   mixture                                explosive
Nitrogen tri-iodide                Nitroglycerine                         Nitroglycide            Nitroglycol
                                   (NG, RNG, Nitro, Glyceryltrinitrate,                           (Ethylene glycol dinitrate,
                                   trinitrogylcerine                                              EGDN)
Nitro guanidine explosives         Nitroparaffins Explosive Grade &       Nitronium               Nitro starch
                                   Ammonium nitrate mixtures              perchlorate
                                                                          propellant mixtures
Nitro-substituted carboxylic       Nitrourea

Octogen                            Octol                                  Organic amine           Organic nitramine
 (HMX)                             (HMX 75%, TNT 25%)                     nitrates

PBX                                Pellet powder                          Penthrinite             Pentolite
(RDX & plasticizer)                                                       compounds
Perchlorate explosive              Peroxide based explosive mixtures      PETN                    Picramic acid & its salts
mixtures                                                                  (Nitropentaerythrite,
Picramide                            Picrate explosives                   Picrate of potassium         Picratol
                                                                          explosive mixtures
Picric acid                          Picratol                             Picryl chloride              Picryl fluoride
PLX                                  Polynitro aliphatic compounds        Polyolpolynitrate-           Potassium nitrate
(Nitromethane 95%,                                                        nitrocellulose               explosive mixtures
Ethylenediamine 5%)                                                       explosive gels
Potassium                            Pyrotechnic compositions             PYX
nitroaminotetrazole                                                       (2,6-bis (picrylamino))-
(Cyclonite, Hexogen, T4, Cyclo-
trinitramine; Hexahydro-1,3,5-

Safety fuses                         Salutes (bulk)                       Salts of organic             Silver acetylide
                                                                          amino sulfonic acid
Silver azides                        Silver fulminate                     Silver oxalate               Silver Styphnate
                                                                          explosive mixtures
Silver tartrate explosive            Silver Tetrazene                     Slurried explosive           Smokeless powder
mixtures                                                                  mixtures of water,
                                                                          inorganic oxidizing
                                                                          salts, gelling agent, fuel
                                                                          & sensitizer (cap
Sodatol                              Sodium amatol                        Sodium azide                 Sodium dinitro-ortho-
Sodium nitrate-potassium             Sodium picramate                     Special fireworks            Squibs
nitrate explosive mixture
Styphnic acid explosives

Tacot                                TATB                                 TEGDN                        Tetrazene
(Tetranitro-2,3,5,6-dibenzo-         (Triaminotrinitrobenzene)            (Triethylene glycol          [Tetracene, Tetrazine, 1(5-
1,3a4,6a tetrapentalene)                                                  dinitrate)                   tetrazolyl)-4-guanyl
                                                                                                       Tetrazene hydrate]
Tetranitrocarbazole                  Tetryl                               Tetrytol                     Thickened inorganic
                                     [2,4,6-Tetranitro-N-methylaniline}                                oxidizer salt slurried
                                                                                                       explosive mixture
TMETN                                TNEF                                 TNEOC                        TNEOF
(Trimethylolethane trinitrate)       (Trinitroethyl formal)               (Trinitroethylortho          (Trinitroethylortho
                                                                          carbonate)                   formate)
TNT                                  Torpex                               Tridite                      TATP
(Trinitrotoluene, Trotyl, Trilite,                                                                     (Triacetonetriperoxide)
Trimethylol ethyl methane            Trimethylolthane trinitrate-         Trimonite                    Trinitroanisole
trinitrate composition               nitrocellulose
Trinitrobenzene                      Trinitrobenzoic acid                 Trinitrocresol               Trinitro-meta-cresol
Trinitronaphthalene                  Trinitrophenetol                     Trinitrophloroglucin         Trinitroresorcinol

Urea nitrate

Water bearing explosive              Water-in-oil emulsion explosive
having salts of oxidizing acids      compositions
& nitrogen bases, sulfates, or
sulfamates (cap sensitive)

Xanthamonas hydrophilic
colloid explosive mixture

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