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Author: V. Daniel Hunt
Author: Albert Puglia
Author: Mike Puglia

This book provides an introduction to RFID technology. It describes and addresses the following: How
RFID works, how it is and can be used in current and future applications. The History of RFID technology,
the current state of practice and where RFID is expected to be taken in the future. The role of middleware
software to route data between the RFID network and the information technology systems within an
organization. Commercial and government use of RFID technology with an emphasis on a wide range of
applications including retail and consumer packaging, transportation and distribution of products,
industrial and manufacturing operations, security and access control. Industry standards and the
regulatory compliance environment and finally, the privacy issues faced by the public and industry
regarding the deployment of RFID technology.
Author Bio
V. Daniel Hunt
V. Daniel Hunt is President and CEO of Technology Research Corporation. He is an internationally known
management consultant, emerging technology trends analyst, and author of numerous bestselling
bottom-line performance improvement books. <br>

Albert Puglia
<br>Albert Puglia is an attorney and the Senior Public Safety--Privacy Issue Analyst at Technology
Research Corporation. <br>

Mike Puglia
<br>Mike Puglia has served as an RFID and advanced engineering technology analyst and writer at
Technology Research Corporation.<br>

"This is a well-written primer that should be in the library of any engineer, as well as non-engineers and
decision makers, involved in the implementation and application of RFID in any domain."

"A consultants' overview of a difficult field has large dissemination and awareness potential; from that
point of view, this volume is a well-balanced one."

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