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					Volume 4 No. 9	        	       	      	       	       	       	      	       	               December 2005

                  THE PSGS GAZETTE
                                    AN OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE
                                   now also available online at
                                                                           2005 BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                                            Dominador M. Chiong Jr, MD
                                                                               Arturo E. Mendoza, MD
                                                                                 Vice President
                                                                                   George G. Lim, MD
                                                                                 Reynaldo M. Baclig, MD


                                                                                 Edgardo A. Baltazar, MD
                                                                            Giovanni A. De Los Reyes, MD
                                                                                 Nilo C. Delos Santos, MD
                                                                                 Romeo G. Encanto, MD
      PSGS 13th Postgraduate Course held...
    This year, at the PCS Annual clinical congress,   Mana gement of Shawn Euclid Gandhi P. Espina, MD
PSGS holds its 13the PostGraduate Course. In line     Thyroid Cancer         Ramon S. Inso, MD
with the theme of the PCS Annual Congress,            by Dr Ashok          Jaime B. Lagunilla, MD
“Changing Directions in Surgery” the committee        Shaha       and     Leopoldo P. Lugtu, MD
on Continuing Surgical Education have                 Optimal Surgery    Roberto A. Sarmiento, MD
appropriately aligned its postgraduate theme as       for     Benign     Arnulfo D. Seares Jr., MD
“Changing Trends in General Sugery”. Sessions will    Thyroid Diseases
                                                                          Jackson D. Soriano, MD
run from 1:30 - 3:30 pm daily from 4 December to      by Dr Fernando
6 December at the Isla I & II. Various interesting    Lopez.
topics are lined up to be discussed: Emerging Role
of PET-CT in Cancer Care by Dr Jonas Francisco
Santiago, management of Advanced Pancreatic
Cancer by Dr Alex Erasmo, New Trends in Blunt             That which is “New” at this time wi# one day
Abdominal Trauma by Dr NiloDelos Santos, Pelvic       be Ancient; as what is Ancient was once “New.”
Trauma by Dr Michael Sugrue, Contemporary


    The PSGS Membership ID was launched last August during the 3rd Surgical Forum, together with
the PSGS website. All PSGS fellows are                        encouraged to have their pictures taken
and the elegantly designed ID’s were                          ready for collection before the end of the
Forum. The PSGS Membership ID                                 card is meant to be given to all fellows in
good standing and is valid for 3 years.                       However, only around 250 fellows had
taken advantage of this opportunity                           and still many haven’t collected their ID’s
at the last day of the Forum. This time,                      during the PCS annual clinical congress,
we’ve arranged for the Membership IDs                         to be readily available once again. We
strongly encourage everyone to have their pictures taken at the designated booth next to the registration
area and your IDs will be ready in a jiffy.


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Volume 4 No. 9	           	       	        	       	        	        	       	        	            December 2005



   Enrico P. Ragaza MD, FPCS, FPSGS, FPSCRS

    Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong, November 15-20. The Prince of Wales Hospital inaugurated their
state-of-the-art minimally invasive training center (Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Jockey Club
Minimally Invasive Training Center). It did so with a bang by offering an advanced digestive laparoscopy course
presenting live, interactive demonstrations on various laparoscopic procedures followed by hands-on training of the
participants. The faculty / trainors were no less than the Strasbourg surgeons of WebSurg fame headed by Prof
Jacques Marescoux.
     During one of the sessions, I was seated beside a senior looking surgeon who was intensely scribbling notes on
a journal. Every so often he would ask questions regarding the surgical techniques done during the demonstrations.
He did so with a slight hint of an American accent so atypical coming from a Hong Kong resident. His questions
were clarificatory in nature. Simple, concise without a hint of the person’s background or experience. He asked
questions to learn, and not to be recognized as learned. We introduced ourselves and started on some small talk
about laparoscopy and private practice.
     His surgical background was impressive (more than 500 lap hernias to date). He trained locally and abroad and
worked in an acclaimed HK government/university hospital for quite some time. He is now in private practice. He
said something that really intrigued me: “With the advent of new technologies in surgery there is now a seeming
‘reversal of roles’”. Like many surgeons of his generation, he was not “prepared” for laparoscopic surgery. He had to
learn and re-learn laparoscopic surgery outside of a formal residency program. His former resident, trained in the
age of minimally invasive surgery, helped him achieve this new competency. The teacher, thus, became the
    I can truly relate to this circumstance. Although I am definitely much more junior than him, I am also affected
by the current phenomenal advances in surgery. There I was amidst 12 other delegates from the Philippines, all of
them at least 10 years my junior upgrading their already good laparoscopic skills. And just like this famous senior
HK surgeon, I was re-learning laparoscopy from the workshop and from these skillful new breed of young
surgeons. My thoughts went deeper and traveled forward in time as the 15th International Scientific Symposium
was held after the workshop. It was so aptly themed “Surgery in the Future: Innovation to Revolution”.
     So... what now is the future of surgery as leading-edge-technologies like robotic surgery, virtual reality and
surgical simulation reshapes both the learning and practice of surgery in the next few years to come? The
breakthroughs of Minimally Invasive Surgery in the 20th century are rapidly becoming the standard procedures in
this day and age. We now talk about and venture on transgastric surgeries (gallbladders& appendices taken out via
endoscope piercing the stomach wal), telerobotic surgeries, virtual realties, while latest researches are focusing on
what they call as “Biosurgery” and “Cellular Surgery” How should we train our aspiring surgeons in the near future?
How will we objectively assess competence & proficiency of our trainees? What will the future breed of surgeons
be like? All these, I am not so sure how we, in our local setting will adapt to these changes but one thing is very
sure… Technologies will change the future and change is very apparent and inevitable not only in the surgical
domain but Science & Medicine in general.
     Take for instance the many technologies that Huxley once envisioned, like in vitro fertilization, surrogate
motherhood, human cloning, genetic engineering are already here or just over the horizon. In neighboring
Thailand, new heart muscle & vessels are produced using the patient’s own stem cells harvested from his blood
( With information just a click away, patients now are well-informed about the availability &
feasibility of all these innovations.
     The daily avalanche of breakthroughs in science & medicine will change the way we teach and practice surgery
in the near future. We have to be ready for these, we must be innovative... as the revolution has just begun.
    Limited resources may be a problem. However, it is a problem NOT without a solution. We have to look
beyond our individual & institutional interests. We should do a leapfrog: look at the global products of research &
development and choose those applicable to our local setting. The idea is actually very simple: “Why go wired
when wireless is readily available?”


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Volume 4 No. 9	            	         	        	        	         	        	        	         	             December 2005

It took me a while to think of what I can contribute to fi# up this empty page. I tickled my neurons while consolidat-
ing my thoughts. Suddenly, a sheet of paper inked with my own scribblings came loose (om the stack of rubbish on my
desk and it read....

The Qualities of a Successful Surgeon
[Surgical Reminiscences]
Morton, John H. MD

A SHORT while ago, I was asked to speak at the funeral service of a close friend, a general surgeon. In preparing my
remarks, I began to think about the characteristics of an ideal general surgeon, and I identified 10 desirable traits.

The surgeon should be interested in other people. Patients respond best to surgeons who treat them as human beings. The
martinet who feels superior to everyone else invites trouble, both from patients and from colleagues.

The surgeon must be well informed about the anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology of surgical disease.
Understanding the scientific basis for an operation separates the surgeon from the skilled technician.

The surgeon should understand that the patient's best interests take precedence. Serving the patient appropriately is more
important than satisfying the insurance company, completing a research protocol, or assembling a large clinical series for

The surgeon should realize that a major operation is not a 1-person affair. No matter how talented the surgeon may be,
the active participation of associates and assistants is essential before, during, and after the operation. Better cooperation
is received from individuals who feel that their worth is recognized and appreciated.

When caring for a patient with a malignant tumor or critical sepsis, the surgeon should understand that the biology of the
disease process and the patient's ability to respond are more important for recovery than any surgical procedure.

In deciding whether an operation is appropriate, the opinions of the primary care physician, consultant, and anesthesiolo-
gist are important. However, the ultimate decision to operate must be made by the surgeon.

The surgeon must look objectively at a bad result and attempt to learn from mistakes. Careful analysis of errors in judg-
ment or technique leads to better care for future patients. The tendency to blame problems on others rather than profiting
from the experience is reprehensible.

Changes in medical and surgical care through the years have been profound. A surgeon, however initially well trained,
who does not keep up with newer concepts soon becomes obsolete. Not every new approach is a true advance. The sur-
geon should make an effort to evaluate new ideas, incorporating appropriate developments to provide better care.

By the very nature of the discipline, the surgeon is called on to react decisively even under difficult circumstances. The
surgeon must have the confidence to operate when the patient is in danger of losing life or limb. The possibility of failure
should not be a deterrent when the patient's critical condition might be improved by an operation.

It goes without saying that the surgeon needs the technical skill to carry out the proposed operation expeditiously and
safely. A change of pace is important: the ability to proceed rapidly when it is safe to do so coupled with deliberate action
during the critical phase of an operation.

Fulfilling these characteristics is not easy, but they represent appropriate goals for the successful surgeon.


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Volume 4 No. 9	           	               	         	         	         	              	         	          	               December 2005

                      Treasurer’s Report
                      Reynaldo M. Baclig MD, FPCS, FPSGS

      Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements for the month of September 2005

    Association Dues	







    Accreditation Fee	







    Accreditation Plague	



































  Registration Fees	







  Booth Space	








  Hospitality Suite - Fresinius Kabi	


























































 Administrative Expenses	






     Food Expenses - various Committees	




     Travel Expenses	


























     Golf tournament - PCS	







     Golf Tickets - PCS	
















     Bonus of Staff	








     Food for Secretariat	




































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Volume 4 No. 9	          	       	        	       	        	        	       	       	            December 2005

              Secretary’s Report
              George G. Lim, MD, FPCS, FPSGS, FPSCRS

      Foremost, I would like to thank you all for the op- Finance
portunity of serving the Society. As your Society Secre-
tary, it has been my pleasure and privilege.              The Committee on Finance has prepared an elaborate
                                                          presentation for the membership regarding various
      The national PSGS Board of Directors met three options available to the Society in the event that it de-
times after the 3rd Surgical Forum, the last of which was cides on acquiring a permanent home for its Secretariat
on November 5, 2005. The next meeting will be held by as an investment for the future. This will be presented
the 2006 Board of Directors. The important issues during Annual Business Meeting scheduled on the eve-
taken up during the last three meetings include the fol- ning of December 5, 2005. Everyone is enjoined to at-
lowing arranged according to the topic involved.          tend this gathering in order to get hold of a consensus.

Continuing Surgical Education                              Accreditation

The scientific sessions of the Surgical Forum were very     The Board granted Full Accreditation to the following
well attended. In fact, the Plenary Sessions were stand-   hospitals based on the recommendations of the Com-
ing room only. Audience evaluation revealed generally      mittee on Accreditation: UP-PGH, Gov. Celestino
satisfactory to very good ratings. Session Chairpersons    Gallares Medical Center, East Avenue Medical Center,
and speakers/panelists likewise received satisfactory to   Manila Central University-FDTMF, St. Paul’s Hospital,
very good ratings. Information derived from this new       and Dr. Jose B. Lingad Memorial Medical Center.
evaluation system will serve as inputs for the Society’s   United Doctors Medical Center and Our Lady of
future educational activities.                             Lourdes Hospital were each placed on Warning due to
                                                           various deficiencies.
The Fellowship Night was truly overwhelming. The
response, enthusiasm, and camaraderie were unbeliev- Research and Guidelines Development
able to say the least. The Board hopes to sustain the
spirit in the future.                                    Following the Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guide-
                                                         lines on Common Bile Duct Stones last year, the Sub-
The program for the Postgraduate Course of the 5th committee on Research and Guidelines Development
PSGS Annual Convention during the PCS Annual Clini- has finalized the draft for the Guidelines for the Man-
cal Congress has already been finalized and everyone is agement of Hernia. This will be discussed at a Public
encouraged to attend the PSGS sessions. The program Forum scheduled during the December PCS Annual
will be available for all PSGS Fellows during the meet- Clinical Congress. This is intended to clear many of our
ing.                                                     Fellows’ apprehensions and concerns regarding hernia
                                                         By-Laws and Amendments
Elections for the national Board of Directors will be
held on December 4, 2005 at the EDSA Shangri-La The Committee on By-Laws and Amendments will be
Plaza Hotel. The candidates’ brochure has been distrib- conducting a referendum regarding the proposed
uted to all accredited GS training programs. All Fellows amendments for the PSGS Articles of Incorporation and
are requested to participate and exercise their right to its By-Laws on December 4-7, 2005 during the PSGS
vote.                                                    Annual Convention. All Fellows are requested to par-
                                                         ticipate in this activity since the outcome of this exer-
Annual Business Meeting                                  cise would determine the Society’s future.

The PSGS Annual Business Meeting is scheduled on           Surgical Training
December 5, 2005 5:00 PM at the Garden Ballroom of
the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Hotel. Agenda includes the       The Committee on Surgical Training is now ready to
President’s and Treasurer’s Reports, Chapter Reports,      implement the Skills Evaluation part of the Compre-
and other matters. This will be followed immediately by    hensive External Residents’ Evaluation System (CERES)
dinner and the Induction of the 2006 PSGS Officers &         through the different Chapters nationwide. This would
Board of Directors and Chapter Officers & Board of           allow greater involvement by the Chapters in the train-
Trustees. The invited Inducting Officer and Guest          ing and evaluation of GS residents.
Speaker for this year is the eminent Dr. Willie N.


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Volume 4 No. 9	                	         	     	          	         	          	         	        	                December 2005

AROUND THE CHAPTERS                          Fonacier, our chapter president was             Surgeons - Northern Mindanao Chapter
                                             guest in an ABS CBN TV program over             during the observance of “Pink Octo-
Metro Manila Chapter                         Cagayan Valley where he pointed out             ber” thru a series of radio guestings and
                                             the programs of PSGS like conducting            by joining the “Breast Walk,” a walk
Its been a busy second half of the year      community activities such as surgical           for a cause held last October 23, 2005.
for the PSGS MMC.                            missions, monitoring of general surgery
                                             training programs, continuing surgical          On November 12, 2005, our chapter
A Pre surgical forum golf tounament          education of surgeons and explaining            will hold the 4th Surgical Forum and
was sponsored by the chapter last Aug
3, 2005. the winners are Dr. Bibly           certain malpractice issues.                     General Membership Assembly at the
Macaya for overall champion. Class A                                                         Kagayanon Restaurant, Cagayan de
champion Dr. Natalio Albania and             Preparations are being made for the             Oro City. The Surgical Forum is an
runner up Mr. Cesar Igual. For class B       CERES visits to the five training cen-          annual one-day chapter event started
champion Mr Jesus Versosa and runner         ters in the chapter. Dr. Egay Mana-             four years ago during the leadership of
up Dr. Lamberto Caguingin jr. and class      lastas, the CSE chairman is drawing up          Dr. Jimmy Lagunilla where surgeons
c champion Dr.Ed baltazar and runner         the two CERES teams who will con-               all over Northern Mindanao gather and
up Dr. Albert Paulino.                       duct the visits. Scheduled for Novem-           enjoy the fellowship of each other
Interesting case and research paper          ber 4, Friday will be James L. Gordon           while attending the lectures, panel
contest was held last September 30           Memorial Hospital in Olongapo City              discussions, lay fora, and other scien-
2005 at Westmont Bonaventure. Win-           and Jose B. Lingad Memorial Medical             tific activities. Unique to this activity is
ners for the different categories are, for   Center in San Fernando City. Scheduled          that the speakers are all coming from
interesting case presentation, Dr Erbe       on November 18, Friday will be Tarlac           our own pool of surgeons practicing in
M Bucay of UST. Case/cohort study is         Provincial Hospital and Paulino J.              the different key cities of the region.
Dr Mallen Gellido of St. Luke’s medi-        Garcia Memorial Medical Center.
cal center and for experimental/meta                                                         The theme for this year’s forum is:
analysis study goes to Dr. Micheal
Mapalad of Chinese General Hospital.         Northern Mindanao Chapter                       “Bridging the Gaps in the Management
                                                                                             of Common Surgical Problems in the
Surgical updates were held on Novem-         The PSGS Northern Mindanao Chapter              Provincial Setting.” Interesting topics
ber 11 2005 at Bayanihan Hall of Uni-        (PSGS-NM) continues to be a vibrant             include Common Anorectal Problems,
lab. Topics included head and neck           and dynamic force of surgeons in this           Neck Mass, and “The Multiply Injured
surgery updates delivered by Dra Ida         side of Mindanao. It kicks off in the           Patient.” This year’s panelists are a mix
Lim, surgical updates on colorectal          second half of the year with an assort-         of the junior and senior fellows of the
cancers delivered by Dr. Manuel Fran-                                                        chapter.
cisco Roxas, and updates on minimally        ment of activities for the lay people in
invasive surgery by Dr. Alex Erasmo.         the community and for its fellows.
                                                                                             The PSGS-Northern Mindanao Chapter
Block screening of Harry potter the          Thru the able leadership of Dr. Nic             has made a significant impact this year
goblet of fire was held on November          Valmoria, the officers actively cam-            and it hopes to be more active next year
16,2005 at Rockwell cinema. It was           paigned for the fellows and non-fellows         and in the future with more activities
well attended and everyone had a good        to attend the 3rd Surgical Forum held           for the development of its members and
time. Proceeds of the event will shoul-      last August 4-6, 2005 in Manila. The            in service to the community.
der the different activities for the chap-
ter in the succeeding year.                  participation of the fellows in the ac-
                                             tivities during the forum was com-              Mabuhay ang PSGS!
Our induction of new members and             mendable and the turnout of attendance
officers for the year 2006 will be held      was exceptionally good with a _____%            Panay Chapter
on December 7 2005 at Isla Ballroom          increase compared to the previous year.
III of Shangri-La plaza. Raffle prizes                                                       Traditionally, in cooperation with the
are in store for our fellows as well as      Last August, our Chapter and the                local PCS, the 50th Interhospital
inductees.                                   Misamis Oriental Physicians Nurses              Groundrounds was conducted at the
Central Luzon Chapter                        Foundation, Inc. (MOPNFI), duly rep-            Western Visayas Medical Center last
                                             resented by Dr. Nicolson Valmoria and           July 29,2005 - a case of Thyroid Can-
Central Luzon joined the PSGS Annual         Dr. Raul Andutan respectively, signed a         cer initially presenting as motor deficits
Convention and actively participated in      Memorandum of Agreement for the                 of the lower extremities. Forty-five
its activities. The Central Luzon Booth      PSGS-NM to support the planning,                people were in attendance including a
exhibited home baked delicacies ideal        implementation and operation of the             dozen consultants.
for pasalubong from San Fernando             Northern Mindanao Cancer Detection
Pampanga. During the Fellowship              Center (NMCDC). The NMCDC is a                  August was a very good month for the
Night, fellows of the chapter came in        project funded by MOPNFI that will              Panay PSGS. As expected, delegates
blazing red camisa-chinos with wide          offer free regular monthly breast, cervi-       from the Chapter went in force with the
brimmed hats and denims like the             cal and prostate cancer screening to the        ebullient Vice President Dr. Gaudencio
hardworking farmers of the area. The         indigent patients in Northern Min-              Franco as the head of the contingent,
attire was completed with the jueteng        danao. The PSGS-NM, in line with its            the President having been marooned in
kubrador’s checklist for the winningest      advocacy on early cancer detection thru         the shores of Iloilo for acute and severe
number combinations, the never die           aggressive screening has committed to           lack of funds. A friend of the Chapter,
side line and past time of the area.         do the monthly breast cancer screening          Mr. Rhodeline Belmonte De Ala, ren-
Dr. Rodel Marquez wowed with his             to be done every 1st Saturday of the            dezvoused with the fellows at the
dashing good looks and soothing voice        month. The Philippine Obstetrics and            Shangri-la where he supervised the
during the Search for the Surgical Idol      Gynecological Society (POGS) and the            setting –up of the Chapter booth. A
contest.                                     Philippine Urological Association               wide variety of Western Visayas prod-
                                             (PUA) - Northern Mindanao Chapter               ucts were displayed, ostensibly, to
A new set of officers for 2006 was           also support this project. The NMCDC            promote our culture and have consider-
already elected with Dr. Alfredo Diansy      was formally launched last October 8,           able sales and profits on the sides. The
of Cabanatuan as the incoming presi-         2005, graced by the presence of Dr.             booth itself won second place after
dent of the chapter. He will soon an-        Cecilia Llave, Chairman of the Cancer           Davao but sales were consistently
nounce his secretary and new board of        Institute, Philippine General Hospital,         agonal. In the end, Mr. De Ala went
directors.                                   Manila.                                         home seemingly in a state of emotional
                                                                                             and mental shock. For humanitarian
During the Medicine Week celebrated          Our chapter also participated in the            considerations, the fellows coughed out
last 3rd week of September, Dr. Jojo         activities of the Philippine College of         fare money for Rhodeline. Nothing has


                                                                                                                         PAGE 6
Volume 4 No. 9	                	         	     	         	          	         	          	        	             December 2005

been heard from him since, but PSGS          Anita Jesena conducted a panel discus-          (some from Manila) and practicing
Panay will always be grateful for his        sion with the City Hall employees on            surgeons. In the third session, Dr.
efforts.                                     October 7, at the Iloilo City National          Efren Capistrano lectured and an-
                                             High School Social Hall. The following          swered questions on new modalities
The Fellowship Night garnered for the        weekend, October 15, Dr. Tidon, and             in the diagnosis and treatment of
Chapter the highest honors after Davao.      Dr. Dabao appeared with Mr. Eddie
 We won in the local costume and num-        Laczi as guests of Ikaw Kabuhi Ko talk          Breast cancer. Dr. Catherine Teh did
ber presentation. Dr. Christine Aguirre      show. Once more, Breast Cancer was              not disappoint the audience who
on the acoustic box, Dr. Joseph Dean         highlighted with the usual enthusiastic         waited patiently for the last session,
Nicolo playing the electric guitar and       participation of the region-wide televi-        when she discussed Liver malignancy.
Dr. Arnal Tabiling with his charmingly,      sion audience. And yet the next week,           After the scientific sessions, the quar-
parochial voice obviously mesmerized         October 15, Dr. Gaudencio Franco in             terly meeting of the chapter was
the predominantly inebriated honorable       concert with the PCS President Dr.              called to order to discuss the differ-
judges. Over-all, only Northern Min-         Noel Binayas, launched the Commu-               ent issues and upcoming activities of
danao bested us. The Chapters in the         nity- Based Breast Cancer Surveillance          the chapter. This was followed by
vicinity of the Convention venue whose       Program at the Molo Gymnasium of                fellowship, wherein the delegates
members planned the activities obvi-         Arroyo Elementary School. Dr. Chris-
ously expected us to take ourselves          tine Aguirre gave a lecturette followed         enjoyed the company of the fellows.
seriously in the competitions. An            by a symposium with Dr. Grace Ariete-
expectation which seemed to be di-           Albana and Dr. Amado Lavalle. A                 On July 27, fellows participated in the
rected exclusively for the provincial        demonstration of Self-Breast Examina-           free medical mission and surgical
chapters.                                    tion was then conducted by Dr. Gua-             screening during the 1st anniversary
                                             dalupe Villaret.     Finally, the local         occasion of Bauan Doctors General
At Siete Pecados in the lovely Sarabia       women were treated with a free clinic           Hospital, Bauan, Batangas.
Manor Hotel, on August 26, 2005, the         and on-site FNAC by Dr. Sombong and
PCS Panay Chapter conducted the              Dr. Stephanie Abello. The Special               On August 4-6, STC fellows joined
annual Interhospital Research Paper          Science Class, Ephyscience Club of the          other fellows and delegate surgeons
Contest. Four papers on General Sur-         Iloilo National High School sponsored
gery were presented, one from each of        a standing-room Breast Cancer Aware-            in attending the 3rd PSGS Surgical
the PSGS-supervised general surgical         ness panel discussion on October 17 at          Forum held in Edsa Shangrila, Man-
training institutions in the city. Dr.       their Social Hall. This was attended by         daluyong City. Some STC fellows
Aretha Liwag, Dr. Ricardo Dimayuga,          the faculty and students of the Special         were members of the Forum Faculty
and a doctor of mathematics, Dr. Elvira      Science Class. Dr. Demie Tidon was              and helped in the preparation for its
Arellano were the judges. On the same        guest lecturer and panelist.                    success.
occasion, Dr. Rey Melchor Santos gave
a lecture on EBCPG on Antibiotic             The last-quarter Interhospital Gran-            In celebration of the Medicine Week
Prophylaxis. Dr. Wilfredo Sombong,           drounds will be conducted by the West           in September, the local TV station
the Vice Chair of the Committee on           Visayas State University Hospital in            (STV6) showed a series of news fea-
Research provided the critical legwork       November 11. Finally, a general as-
on this event. Dr. Evangeline Chua and       sembly meeting and election for the             tures for the laymen about common
Dr. Hilado won the first and second          next set of officers will be held in time       diseases with a featured physician.
places respectively. Two days later, the     for the joint induction of all Chapter          On the topic of cancer, Dr. Magnaye,
training surgical residents were given       officers in the Annual PCS Convention           PSGS chapter president discussed the
their annual local in-service examina-       at the Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluy-            nature, causes, early “danger signals”
tion at the Iloilo Medical Society           ong, come the first week of December.           of the most common cancers with
Building. For the first time since its                                                       emphasis on the early consultation
inception, the Northern Mindanao             Southern Tagalog Chapter                        with a physician. He also discussed
Chapter joined Cebu, Panay, and                                                              the various programs and initiatives
Negros in the Tri-partite Research Con-      On July 20, Batangas Regional Hospi-            of organizations like the PMA, PCS
ference and Sports last September 2-3,       tal Department of Surgery and PCS
2005. This was held in the Waterfront                                                        and PSGS for public awareness in the
                                             PSGS STC held the 11th Post Gradu-              fight against Cancer, specifically, lung
Hotel in Cebu. Dr. “Basoy” Hilado, the
Consortium pretty boy presented his          ate Course with the theme “Current              and breast cancers.
paper on imprint cytology. But it was        Trends in Cancer Surgery” in Hotel              On September 22, a joint PCS PSGS
Dr. Evangeline Chua who, once more,          Ponte Fino, Batangas City. The first             STC CSE activity was held in Hotel
took the first prize to the delight and      session on “Ethical Issues in Surgical          Ponte Fino, Batangas City in coop-
pride of the WVSUH in particular and         Practice” was a lively panel discus-            eration with Batangas Medical Soci-
the Panay PSGS in general. Bacolod           sion, wherein the moderator, Dr.                ety and MSD with the topic “ Pe-
City hosted the National In-Service          Ramoncito Magnaye presented issues              rioperative Management of Advanced
Examination for the general surgical         and situations which were discussed             Pancreatic Cancer: a Case- Based
trainees. Again, our residents went out      by the panelists consisting of Dr.
in force to hurdle the examinations.                                                         Interactive Discussion”. Dr. Alex
                                             Alberto Roxas, a member of PCS                  Erasmo was invited as speaker and
On October 1, some of our PSGS Fel-
lows with the PCS-Bosom Friends              Committee on Ethics; Dr. Celso                  acted as moderator to present and
tandem participated in a City-wide           Ramos, chair of BRH Ethics and                  discuss the case with a panel consist-
motorcade to herald the Breast Cancer        Grievance Committee; and Dr. Asis               ing of Dr. Magnaye, a general sur-
Awareness month, the so-called Pink          Encarnacion, a locally practicing               geon; Dr. Allen Buenafe, a laparo-
October. Twenty-eight vehicles rode in       surgeon. This was followed by the               scopic surgeon and Dra. Lolit Ilagan-
convoy through the main highway in           session on Colorectal Cancer with               Alves, a gastroenterologist. Fellow-
the city and three districts – Jaro, Molo,   Dr. Hermogenes Monroy as speaker.               ship followed the scientific activity.
Arevalo, and Mandurriao. Rev. Maggie         A sumptuous lunch, sponsored by
Hofilena, Founder and Chair, of the          Unilab, and tour to the different
Bosom Friends – an organization of                                                           For the last quarter of the year, CSE
                                             booths and give-aways by pharmaceu-             and fellowship activities would be
breast cancer survivors in the city – had
a symposium with our former chapter          tical friends were enjoyed by the               scheduled and we would continue to
President as guest. Dr. Amado Lavalle,       attendees, consisting of mainly of              fulfill our social responsibility. A
alongside Dr. Andres Bayona, and Dr.         chapter fellows, training residents             chapter committee on CERES was


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Volume 4 No. 9	               	         	     	         	        	         	          	         	                December 2005

activated to assist in its implementa-      The PSGS Negros Occ. Chapter                  As part of the local chapter’s thrust
tion to the three GS accredited             fellows are actively involved in the          to educate the public about surgical
training institutions. And of course        surgical training of residents. At            conditions & certain surgical proce-
we would join other fellows in the          present, there is only one accredited         dures, chapter fellows appeared in
scientific and fellowship activities of      training program in general surgery in        local TV show - The Surgeon’s Hour
the PSGS in December during the             Bacolod City -- the Corazon Locsin            for this purpose.
PCS Annual Convention.                      Montelibano Memorial Regional
                                            Hospital (CLMMRH). The training               April 18, 2005:
Northern Luzon Chapter                      program was given full accreditation          Topic -- Inguinal Hernia
                                            for the period 2005 to 2009. It is a 4-       by: Jude Thaddeus M. Garcia, M.D.
Activities:                                 yr training program with 3 residents          May 16, 2005:
1. PSGS members participated as             per year level. Two of its graduates          Topic -- Lap Cholecystectomy
resource speakers during the PCS            last year passed the Part I & Part II         by: Rafael L. Jocson, M.D.
Cordillera Chapter post-graduate            exams given by the Philippine Board               Hector G. Gayares, Jr., M.D.
course held at SLU Center for Cul-          of Surgery this year. Dr. Dean Cyril          October 3, 2005: TV show -- The
ture and Artslast September 2005.           Catot & Dr. Andrea Torre will be              Morning Show, ABS-CBN
With topics on “General Surgery for         inducted as Diplomates of PBS in              Topic -- Breast CA
the Non-Surgeon”                            the PCS Annual Congress this De-              by: Hector G. Gayares, Jr., M.D.
2. Out of town PSGS lecture. Topics         cember.
on Ethico-moral issues were dis-                                                          The local chapter fellows and the
cussed. Speakers: Drs. George Lim,          Two of the residents under the su-            B r e a s t C a n c e r Fo u n d a t i o n o f
Gene Regal, Albert Paulino. Hepatic         pervision of the fellows participated         CLMMRH had set up a breast can-
Trauma Management by Dr. Cather-            in the research paper contest which           cer risk assessment station at the
ine Teh.                                    highlighted the PCS Southern Con-             Robinson’s Place, Bacolod City last
3. Surgical and Dental Mission as           ference held at the Waterfront Hotel,         October 2 to 16, 2005. A total of 280
joint projects with the Rotary Club         Cebu City last September 1 & 2,               registrants were able to avail of the
of Baguio Summer Capita held in San         2005.                                         Gail model breast CA risk assessment
Juan La Union.                                                                            tool.
4. Participation in a Hospital based        The local chapters of PCS & PSGS of
surgical mission in Appari, Cagayan         Negros Occidental organized inter-            Several Surgical Missions were also
Booth participation during the PSGS         hospital grand rounds & clinico-              held in various different hospitals in
Forum in Edsa Shangrila                     pathologic conferences quarterly as a         Negros occidental & Bacolod City.
                                            venue for surgical education & fel-           Of note was the mission held last
                                            lowship among the residents & con-            Nov 16 in memory of Dr Patricio
Ne g r o s Oc c i d e n t a l Cha p t e r   sultant staff of the different hospitals        Tan’s 1st Death anniversary.
                                            in Bacolod City.

      Bicol Chapter
                                                                                                          2005 PSGS
                                                                                                    Committee on Publication

                                                                                                Chairman & Editor in Chief
                                                                                                     Enrico P. Ragaza, MD
                                                                                                      George G. Lim, MD
                                                                                                      Editorial Consultant
                                                                                                     Catherine SC Teh, MD
                                                                                               Christine Joy Aguirre, MD
                                                                                                      Norman Garcia, MD
                                                                                                      Vitus Hobayan, MD
                                                                                                      Elmer Jabagat, MD
                                                                                                     Ida Marie T. Lim, MD
                                                                                                      Allan Mellicor, MD
                                                                                                     Primo N. Pichay, MD


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