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									American Philosophy
Editor: John Lachs
Editor: Robert B. Talisse
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Alphabetical List of EntriesAA priori / A posteriori: KnowledgeA priori / A posteriori: MethodA priori / A
posteriori: PragmaticAbductionAbsoluteActionActual OccasionActualityAdams, Elie MaynardAdams,
Henry BrooksAdaptationAddams and Hull-House, JaneAdjustmentAdler, FelixAestheticsAfrican
American PhilosophyAgapasmAgent / AgencyAllan, GeorgeAmbiguityAnabaptismAnalytic:
Analytic/SyntheticAnalytic: KnowledgeAnalytic: TruthsAnancasmAnomalous MonismAnti-
NomianismAntinomiesAnti-RealismApel, Karl-OttoArchitectonicArgumentationArgumentum ad
HominemArminianismArtAsian Philosophy, Influence
WilliamBeautyBehaviorismBeingBeliefBertocci, Peter AnthonyBlanshard, BrandBlau, JosephBoas,
GeorgeBodyBody/MindBowne, Borden ParkerBrain-in-a-vatBrightman, Edgar SheffieldBuchler,
JustusBurke, KennethCCalkins, Mary WhitonCarnap, RudolphCarus, PaulCategoriesCavell,
StanleyCertaintyChangeCharacterCharity, Principle ofChicago PragmatistsChisholm, RoderickChristian
ScienceChristianityCivil DisobedienceCivil WarClassificationCobb, John B. Jr.Cohen, Morris
RaphaelColumbia NaturalismCommunicationCommunitarianismCommunityCommunity
PsychologyCompatibilismConcept / ConceptionConditionalsConditions and
ExperienceContextContingencyCorporate PersonalityCosmologyCreativityCritical
CommonsensismCriticismCultureDDanto, ArthurDarwin, Influence ofDarwinismDavidson, DonaldDavidson,
Donald: AutobiographyDeismDeledalle, GérardDemocracyDemocracy as a Way of LifeDenotative...

The Encyclopedia of American Philosophy provides coverage of the major figures, concepts, historical
periods and traditions in American philosophical thought. Containing over 600 entries written by scholars
who are experts in the field, this Encyclopedia is the first of its kind. It is a scholarly reference work that
is accessible to the ordinary reader by explaining complex ideas in simple terms and providing ample
cross-references to facilitate further study. The Encyclopedia of American Philosophy contains a
thorough analytical index and will serve as a standard, comprehensive reference work for universities and
colleges.Topics covered include:Great philosophers: Emerson, Dewey, James, Royce, Peirce,
SantayanaSubjects: Pragmatism, Progress, the Future, Knowledge, Democracy, Growth, TruthInfluences
on American Philosophy: Hegel, Aristotle, Plato, British Enlightenment, ReformationSelf-Assessments:
Joe Margolis, Donald Davidson, Susan Haack, Peter Hare, John McDermott, Stanley CavellEthics: Value,
Pleasure, Happiness, Duty, Judgment, GrowthPolitical Philosophy: Declaration of Independence,
Democracy, Freedom, Liberalism, Community, Identity

'A most attractive research tool'--

'A most attractive research tool'--

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