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									Department of Religious & Theological Studies                                           JEWISH
Center for the Study of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations
Spring 2010                                                                          CHRISTIAN

Requirements                  Why Minor in Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations?
                              Religious ignorance is a         There are at least three              is crucial to your suc-
The minor consists of 20
                              luxury no one can afford.        compelling reasons why                cess, especially when
credits. There are three
                              Religion (like sex, money        every student at Merrimack            one realizes that nearly
required components:
                              and power) is one of the         ought to seriously consider           two-thirds of the world’s
•   four credits of intro-    great motivators of human        this minor:                           population is Christian
    ductory level religious   behavior. People do amaz-                                              or Muslim!
                                                               1. It’s the right thing to do.
    and theological stud-     ing and horrific things all in
                                                                  Religion continues to be         3. It’s simple. Every stu-
    ies (RTS 1000 and RTS     the name of their god(s).
                                                                  one of the most promising,          dent has to take eight
    15xx or RTS 1001);
                              Those who minor in Jewish-          as well as most devastat-           credits in religious and
•   RTS 3760 “Theology        Christian-Muslim relations          ing, aspects of modern              theological studies. This
    and History of Jewish-    study how these three                    life. As the famous            means the minor re-
    Christian-Muslim Re-      great faiths have                              theologian Hans          quires only three addi-
    lations” (offered in      interacted over                                   Küng once             tional courses and some
    the Spring term); and     the centuries,                                      said, “There        of them fulfill other dis-
                              not simply                                           can be no          tributional require-
•   RTS 2960 “Ethics in
                              out of an                                             peace in the      ments.
    the Abrahamic Tradi-
                              interest in                                           world until
    tions” (offered in the
                              history, but                                         there is
    Fall term).
                              also out of                                        peace among
Ideally, these courses are    concern for our                                  religions.”
taken in sequence.            future.                                                                    JCM Minor
                                                                       2. It’s practical. Di-             Checklist
The remaining two courses     One doesn’t need to be             versity awareness and sen-
are electives drawn from a    religious to adopt this mi-        sitivity continue to be a          RTS 1000 & RTS 15xx
                                                                                                     or RTS 1001
broad range of relevant       nor. Our minors include            top priority among many
studies. A list of approved   devout believers, curious          employers and graduate             RTS 3760
                                                                                                    Theology & History of
courses is on the next        seekers and confirmed              schools. Whether you are           Jewish-Christian-
page.                         atheists. What they share,         considering a career in            Muslim Relations
                              is an interest in under-           business, education, engi-         RTS 2950
Finally, all minors engage
                              standing the role that relig-      neering, law, law enforce-         Ethics in the Abra-
with Jews, Christians,                                                                              hamic Traditions
                              ions plays (both positive          ment, community service,
Muslims and others, in
                              and negative) in society           etc. you will encounter            Elective #1
active interfaith work pro-
                              and culture, politics and          people of varied religious
moting social, political                                                                            Elective #2
                              economics and the arts.            beliefs and cultures. Being
and economic justice.
                                                                 literate in religious studies
                            Center for the Study of                                              Approved Elective Courses

                            Jewish-Christian-Muslim                                                    for the Minor
                                                                                              RTS 2100 – Judaism
                            Relations                                                         RTS 2150 – Islam
                             Religious diversity proves to be one of humanity’s               RTS 2200 – Intro to Hebrew Scriptures
    Mark J. Allman
    Assoc. Professor         greatest riches and one of our greatest challenges.              RTS 2300 – Intro to New Testament
       Religious &           Merrimack College’s Center for the Study of Jewish-              RTS 2310 – Jesus and the Gospels
  Theological Studies        Christian-Muslim Relations engages in interfaith educa-          RTS 2400 – St. Augustine
       Department            tion principally around the history and common life of           RTS 2450 – History of Christian
                             members of the three Abrahamic religions.
      Coordinator of                                                                          RTS 2600 – Catholicism
    Jewish-Christian-        However, it also seeks to engage all women and men               RTS 2700 – Natural Science & Christian
     Muslim Studies,
                             who strive to be faithful to the human vocation, who                 Faith
Center for the Study of
    Jewish-Christian-        strive to live consequential lives; lives of creativity,         RTS 2800 – Christian Social Ethics
    Muslim Relations         joy, kindness, compassion and forgiveness. The work of           RTS 2810 – Biblical Perspectives on
                             the Center includes women and men in religious com-                  Marriage & Family Life
      978.837.3508           munities other than the Abrahamic religions and                  RTS 2900 – Holocaust: Theology,
       mark.allman           women and men of humane secular values.                              Reality & Aftermath
    @merrimack.edu                                                                            RTS 3000 – Buddhism & Islam: Body &
                             The Center does this through a number of initiatives
                                                                                              RTS 3200 – God in the Hebrew Bible
                             • Lectures by prominent scholars;                                RTS 3210 – Gender & the Bible
   VISIT US ON THE W EB                                                                            RTS 3300 – Life & Teaching of
                             • Exhibits on the Holocaust and                More Courses
WWW. MERRIMACK. EDU/JCM                                                                            St. Paul
                                 Darfur Genocide;
                                                                             are Coming!           RTS 3350 – Reading Scripture
                             • Undergraduate led programs          New courses that satisfy minor After the Holocaust
                                 including: young adult con-        requirements are being devel- RTS 3400 – American
                                 ferences, days of commu-             oped. Many of them satisfy    Catholicism
                                 nity service, retreats, in-       Distributional Requirements in RTS 3500 – Religious Thought of
                                 ternships, etc.;                   Social Science, Math/Science, the Reformation
                                                                           and Humanities.         RTS 3600 – The Catholic Church
                             • Networking with the Merri-                                          RTS 3610 – Sacramental
                                 mack College departments                                          Theology
                                 and with the local community;                                RTS 3620 – Theology of the Virgin
                             • Actively responding to genocide and refugee emer-                  Mary
                                 gencies.                                                     RTS 3650 – Death & Dying in
                                                                                                  Theological Perspective
                                                                                              RTS 2700 – African American Theology
                                                                                              RTS 3710 – Feminist Theology
                                                                                              RTS 3750 – Christians & Jews:
                                                                                                  Conflicts and Resolutions
Travel-Study Opportunities and Internships                                                    RTS 3800 – The Catholic Thing
                                                                                              RTS 3850 – War & Peace
There are two study-travel opportuni-        A second study-travel course, Augustine          RTS 3900 – Women’s Voices in the
ties that satisfy the elective require-      and Algeria, is currently being developed            Holocaust
ments for the minor:                         and includes a trip to Algeria in north          RTS 4400 – St. Augustine Seminar
                                             Africa, where Augustine lived most of his                        ————
SPA 3750 – La Convivencia—Jews,
                                             life.                                            ARB 1010/ARB 1011 – Introductory
Christians & Muslims in Medieval
Spain, which includes trips to Spain         Internships with Cooperative Metropoli-              Arabic
and Morocco. This is offered through         tan Ministries are available in the sum-         SOC 3350—Alternative Approaches to
the Department of Modern Languages           mer. For more information contact Prof.              Criminal Justice
and Culture.                                 Allman or the Center for the Study of            SPA 3750 - La Convivencia (a study-
                                             Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations.                   travel course).

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