The Minor in Women and Gender Studies

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					          The Minor in Women and Gender Studies
The WGS minor affords students the option of augmenting their study in
another field by completing a minor in Women and Gender Studies.
Students choosing to avail themselves of this option must successfully
complete 24 units. Students, in consultation with a faculty advisor, will
choose 5 upper-division courses that form a coherent thematic track.
               The minor requires 6 classes, a total of 24 units.

Lower Division
___Core Course in Women’s Studies (1 courses/4 units)
Choose from Women's Studies 20, 50, 60, 70, 80

 Course Subj/No.                     Title                   Quarter Taken        Grade

Upper Division
___Subject Requirement (2 courses/8 units)

Ethnic Studies: Women of Color in the United States
African American and African Studies 123, 133, Anthropology 139, Asian
American Studies 112, Chicana/o Studies 111, 122, 131, Native American
Studies 134, 180, Sociology 134, 172, Women's Studies 160, 180.

Cultures Outside the United States
Anthropology 130, 131, 148B, Comparative Literature 135, 138, 159, English
185A, 185B, French 133, German 112A, 128A, 129, History 102G, 102H,
148A, 148B, Italian 141, Russian 142, Sociology 145B, Women's Studies 102,
182, 184.

    Category         Course                  Title                Quarter Taken   Grade
W/o Color US
Cult. Out. US

___Cross-listed or Women’s Studies Courses (3 courses/12 units)
  Course Subj/No.                    Title                   Quarter Taken        Grade