Human Resources, Care Giving, Career Progression and Gender by P-TaylorFrancis


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									Human Resources, Care Giving, Career Progression
and Gender
Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development

Author: Monica Lee (Series Editor)
Author: Edward J. Coyne
Author: Edward J. Coyne
Author: Monica Lee
Table of Contents

1. IntroductionPart One: Examining the Area2. Diverse Perspectives/Diverse Conclusions3. Broadening
the Debate4. Gender Free Impact of CaregivingPart Two: Some Empirical Evidence5. The Need for
Empirical Evidence6. Care Giving and Perceptions of Commitment7. Care Giving and Development
Opportunities8. Care Giving and Career Attainment9. Care Giving and Time/Freedom: Is Home Base
Covered?Part Three: Implications10. Emerging Issues11. Tensions for the Individuals (and their families)
12. Tensions for the Companies13. Tensions for the State14. Conclusions

This book presents a challenge to feminist perspectives that see the glass ceiling as the exclusive
domain of women's careers and work life. The authors address existing debates and extend them to
include original empirical evidence from several US and UK comparative studies that look at the effect of
caring for dependents (including care for children and elder care) upon the careers and aspirations of both
men and women.

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