Human Blood Plasma Proteins by P-Wiley


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									Human Blood Plasma Proteins
Author: Johann Schaller
Author: Simon Gerber
Author: Urs Kaempfer
Author: Sofia Lejon
Author: Christian Trachsel

Edition: 1

Human Blood Plasma Proteins gives an overview of the proteins found in human blood plasma, with
special emphasis on their structure and function and relationship to pathological states and disease.
Topics covered include:

introduction to blood components and blood plasma proteins

blood plasma protein domains, motifs and repeats

blood plasma protein families and posttranslational modifications

blood coagulation and fibrinolysis

the complement system

the immune system





cytokines and growth factors

transport and storage

The information of each protein discussed in this book in some detail is summarised at the end of each
chapter in a Data Sheet, where one can find the most important data of each protein at one glance. Full
cross-referencing to protein databases is given and many of the proteins discussed are accompanied by
their 3D structure.

Attractively presented in full colour, Human Blood Plasma Proteins is an essential atlas of this proteome
for anyone working in biochemistry, protein chemistry and proteomics, structural biology, and medicine.

"A major addition to the protein library, with an attractive and authoritative display of critical information
about each plasma protein and a color schema of its three-dimensional structure from PDB."

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