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									                                           First Family Counseling Consultants
Cynthia M. Reynolds, LMSW, BCD: Cynthia Reynolds is the Executive Director of First Family Counseling. Her responsibilities
include the administrative and clinical supervision of all Consultants, Therapists and Support staff. Mrs. Reynolds graduated from
Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science degree in psychology. She obtained her Masters of Social Work degree from
Wayne State University, focusing on School Social Work and Child Welfare. Mrs. Reynolds is a fully licensed clinical and macro social
worker and a certified school social worker. Her areas of expertise and interest are in children, youth and families, multicultural and
multiracial diversity and leadership.

Sherrill Hall, LMSW: Sherrill Hall is a fully licensed clinical and macro social worker in the state of Michigan. Ms. Hall graduated
from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She received her Masters degree in Social Work from
Michigan State University. Ms. Hall has over 10 years of experience as a workshop facilitator and presenter. Her areas of expertise
are early childhood and youth, educating African American males, families and School Social Work. She attended Yale University’s
Child Development Center for specialized training and she was also a National Head Start Fellow finalist in Washington D.C.

Arveta Grady- Fletcher, LMSW, LMFT: Arveta Grady- Fletcher has more than 30 years experience as a social work practitioner in
mental health and school settings. She has co-authored two articles on marital therapy in the Journal of Clinical and Consulting
Psychology. She has functioned as a part-time faculty member at Wayne State University School of Social Work for nearly 22 years.
Mrs. Grady- Fletcher has given many professional training programs and consultations to a number of organizations, groups, schools
and agencies throughout the course of her career. She specializes in Mental Disorders, Resilience in Children, Parenting, Couples and
Family therapy and Positive Behavior Support in Schools.

Roger W. Manela, LMSW, PhD: Dr. Roger Manela has practiced in the human services field for over 40 years. He has served on
the faculty of Wayne State University, Eastern Michigan University, Washtenaw Community College and The University of Michigan.
Dr. Manela has also authored and co-authored several books, articles and publications. He produced and directed a video titled “Just
Say Yes” documenting the UAW’s Youth Education Sponsors Program in preventing school drop outs, for the Ford auto motive
company. Dr. Manela has written and received several grants to further his work in the community. His current areas of interest are:
ADHD, Critical Thinking, Life stages and Multiracial and Multicultural diversity. Dr. Manela was chosen as the state of Michigan’s
School Social Worker of the year for 2004.

Tracie L. McKissic, LMSW: Tracie McKissic has worked in the Detroit Public Schools as a School Social Worker for over 20 years.
Her specialty areas are: Mediated Learning, Adventure Challenge activities and Family Systems therapy. She has created and
implemented many programs for students and their families including; “School Improvement Planning for Comprehensive Reform”
and ” Mediated Learning in the Classroom”. Tracie is the current president of the Michigan Association of School Social Workers
Region D and was the Detroit Public Schools “School Social Worker of the Year” in 2005.

Ashara McKee-Williams: LMSW, PhD: Dr. McKee-Williams is a licensed MSW and a state certified School Psychologist. Dr.
McKee-Williams specialty areas are: Cultural Competency, Child development, Educational interventions i.e. Response to
interventions (RTI), Resource coordinating teams (RCT) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS). She has presented at several
conferences and trainings locally and throughout the United States. Dr. McKee-Williams enjoys presenting on Team building,
Leadership and Cultural competency.

Cynthia Kelley-Sims, LMSW: Cynthia Kelley-Sims earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Merchandising and a minor in Business
Psychology from Western Michigan University. In 1993 she earned a Master of Clinical Social Work from Wayne State University.
One of her future goals is to obtain her PhD in Clinical Child Psychology and teach at the collegiate level. Mrs. Kelley-Sims is a fully
licensed clinical and macro social worker, and she currently works as a Behavioral Specialist for the Detroit Public Schools. Her
specialty areas are: programs for” at-risk” students and their families, parenting workshops and couples therapy and workshops.

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