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									Kirsten Faisal
Work experience: 13 years experience doing crisis intervention work and as a domestic
violence trainer. Since 1995 has been the state trainer for the Iowa Coalition Against
Domestic Violence, where she helps develop public policy, and provides technical
assistance and training to agencies that impact battered women and their children.
Currently is a member on the steering committee for the Batterer’s Education Program
for the Iowa Department of Corrections. Been a trainer for the Iowa Law Enforcement
Academy and the Department of Human Services; and has served as an expert witness in
civil and criminal domestic abuse cases.
Education: B.A in anthropology from Iowa State University

Jackie Santana
Work Experience: 6 years of experience working at a battered women shelter with
primarily immigrant women and children and a year experience working with batters.
The program coordinator for MUNA, a legal clinic and a program of the Iowa Coalition
Against Domestic Violence, where she works with immigrant communities to develop
community organizing groups, and aids communities in starting and maintaining groups
in which women benefit from educational and hand on programs. Provides training and
technical assistance to all members’ projects of the coalition, diversity trainings, and is
responsible for developing multicultural materials for dissemination.

Adam Stark
Work Experience: 12 years experience in the field of domestic violence. Five years
experience working with the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Five years of
experience as the Shelter Coordinator and Shelter Director for ACCESS (Assault Care
Center Extending Shelter and Support) in Ames. Currently focuses on the REACH
AmeriCorps Program, which provides technical assistance to Iowa’s domestic violence
programs, specifically in the coordination of information technology and elder abuse
initiative training at the Coalition.
Education: B.S. in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice from Iowa State University

Annette Williams
Work experience: Twelve years experience in the domestic violence field. Two years
working specifically on area of domestic violence and child protection. Coach and
mentor for new Family Team Meeting facilitators. Trains Family Team Meeting
facilitators on domestic violence. Recipient of the Maryland Network Against Domestic
Violence 2001 Service Award for efforts coordinating pilot project aimed at providing
safety for women and children during the transition out of abusive homes. Currently
working as the Community Partnership Child Welfare Specialist for the Iowa Coalition
Against Domestic Violence providing technical assistance and training around the issue
of domestic violence and child protection.
Education: LMSW
Years facilitating Family Team Meetings: 4.5

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