Opportunities and Resources Dealing with Issues Faced by for Women

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					         Opportunities and Resources Dealing with Issues Faced by for Women
                           at the University of Nevada, Reno
                                    (Summer 2009)


Scholarships are available to men and women, however, the majority of these
scholarships are awarded to women.
    Awards from the Jean Ford fund are awarded on an annual basis to an
       undergraduate student who declares a major or minor in the Women’s Studies
       program. Students must be Women’s Studies majors in good standing. Funds
       may be used for research projects, materials or computer equipment related
       towards educational expenses. An award of $1500 is given to a student each year.
       (Contact: Mary Stewart 784-6742)
      Non-traditional scholarship – three $1000 scholarships are awarded to students 25
       years or older, based primarily on need. Undergraduate students must have a 2.5
       cumulative UNR GPA and be enrolled in 12 credits (Contact: Christina Gunn 784-
      Day care scholarship - three $1000 scholarships are offered which recognize a
       need for day care financial support. Undergraduate students must have a 2.5
       cumulative UNR GPA and be enrolled in 12 credits (Contact: Christina Gunn 784-
      Graduate Student Association child care scholarship – Graduate students must
       carry a minimum 3.0 GPA and be registered for 9 credits or 6 credits and an
       assistantship. The child must be enrolled in a Nevada state licensed child care
       facility or provider. Awards are given on the basis of need. Priority is given to
       new applicants, those taking more credits, single income families and those with
       the most financial need. Proof is required. (Contact: Greg Nuttle 784-4629)

Child Care

      Campus Child Care Connections – Provides information on how to choose quality
       child care, support for parents, referral to community and network child care
       providers and access to early childhood resource materials. (Contact: Marci Hosier-
       Behmaram 784-4400)
      Child and Family Research Center provides an infant/toddler program, preschool
       program, kindergarten, summer day camp and early head start. All programs
       require a $25.00 registration fee. Tuition is calculated on a sliding fee scale based
       on family household income and the age group of the child. Early head start is a
       federally funded program. (Contact: Calena Greenspan 682-7641)

Academic Course Work

The Women’s Studies Program offers a major and a minor in Women’s Studies. Students
who are pursuing graduate or professional education may elect to complete an Honors
Thesis in cooperation with a faculty advisory board. In addition, as a member of the
Gender, Race, and Identity Program, Women’s Studies cooperates in offering a Masters

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and a Certificate in Gender, Race and Identity. Students take a core of required courses
and select among a number of electives to construct their areas of emphases. Courses
include “Introduction to Feminist Theory”, “American Women’s Movement and capstone
courses, “Men and Masculinities”, “Women & Literature”, “Feminist Theory &
Methods”, “Francophone Literature and Film in Translation and Gender Literature &
Arts: The Immigrant Experience.”

The Women’s Studies program is active in sponsoring a variety of events for campus and
community audiences. Women’s Studies participates in the New Faculty Lecture Series,
and works closely with other programs in the university, including International Students
and Scholars and the Center for Student Cultural Diversity and community groups such
as American Association of University Women, to organize events such as guest
speakers, panel discussions, photo exhibits and films, in recognition and celebration of
National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.

Resources for faculty and staff are available including guides to Women’s Studies
Library research, film and video information, bibliographies, newsletters and publications
and information about national and international Women’s Studies programs and events.

Contact: Mary Stewart 682-6481

Legal Assistance

ASUN provides free legal services on domestic issues including divorce actions, child
custody, etc.

Contact: Sandy Rodriguez 784-6589


Women Without Borders

A joint effort between the Center for Student Cultural Diversity and The Women’s
Studies Program, the Center provides an academic internship (3) credits per semester for
two interns, with the objective of providing the programs, services and activities typically
associated with campus based women’s resource centers. Women Without Borders also
presents events and programs that support ending violence against women, women’s
rights, and women and their families in local women’s shelters.

2007-2008 Programs
    Coat Drive
    International Women’s Day
    Take Back the Night
    International Violence Against Women Week

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In addition, Women Without Borders provides free ESL tutoring to foreign born women
and their families to address the educational and employment disparities that foreign born
individual face due to the language barrier.

Contact: Joel Bolling 784-4936

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood enjoys a strong relationship with UNR, offering internships to
students in like minded programs such as journalism, health and human services and
political science and connecting to medical provider preceptor ships. A student run
chapter of VOX-Voices for Choice serves as the pro-choice club on campus. For more
information contact

Contact: Alison Gaulden 688-5560 X255

Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Support
       QSU- lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex

The Center also works with the LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex,
Queer) community to support women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, transgendered,
and intersex. In collaboration with QSU, programs are in place that focus on high school
outreach to GSA’s (Gay-Straight Alliances), our Youth Empowerment and Support group
for early outreach to middle school students, mentoring university students who are
dealing with gender identity and sexual orientation, fundraising for the non-profit LGBT
youth center, providing a “safe space” for meeting, working for LGBTIQ rights, and
education of non-LGBTIQ persons on the LGBTIQ community.

2008 Programs:
    Dragshow
    Gay Prom
    LGBT Film Festival
    GSA Summit
    LGBT Community Mixers
    LGBT Diversity Training for the School of Medicine Students

Contact: Joel Bolling 784-4936

Mental and Physical Health

Counseling Services provides individual therapy/counseling, group therapy/counseling,
and psychological testing. 68% of clients are women. Support groups are occasionally
organized on relationship loss, eating problems, weight problems/body image, etc.
Counseling Services also serves as a referral service and works closely with community
agencies including CAAW, the Reno Women’s Shelter and Step 2 (women’s substance
abuse treatment services).

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Contact: Matt Blusewicz 784-4648

The Personal Safety and Sexual Assault Prevention (ps ASAP) Program was established
to reduce the overall rates of violence and sexual assault on the UNR campus. The ps
ASAP Program provides low-cost (via the mandatory counseling fee paid at registration),
confidential psychotherapy and liaison services to sexual assault survivors of violence
and/or sexual assault. The ps ASAP Program also presents educational programs to
increase awareness of personal safety and ways of reducing sexual assault. A support
group is in the planning stages.

Contact: Shernaaz Webster 784-4648

In addition, Counseling Services faculty were awarded a large National Institute of
Health grant on Adjustment to College and Life. Classes will be offered to entering
freshmen on how to adjust to college and life and are geared toward helping students
learn how to deal more effectively with college and to prevent emotional and relationship
problems down the road. Classes and textbooks are provided to students at no cost. Both
freshman male and female students are welcome.

Contact: Jacque Pistorello 846-5540

The Student Health Center provides the following services for women:
    Pap smears
    Pelvic exams
    Breast exams
    Pregnancy testing
    Sexually transmitted disease testing
    HPV vaccine (Gardasil)
    Family planning and birth control.

Special presentations are made to female athletes, sororities, residence hall women’s
groups and others on various women health issues in the past by request. More women
health programming will be available in the fall.

Contact: Julee Dangel 784-6598

The Center for Student Cultural Diversity holds the Minority Health Fair that provides
healthcare access to and information on women’s health issues in collaboration with 23
state, county, and national health agencies and non-profit organizations.

Contact: Joel Bolling 784-4936

Living/Learning Communities

The WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) living learning community was created
specifically for first-year women majoring in science, mathematics, or engineering.
Programs created specifically for WISE members include a forum for members to

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explore educational, professional and leadership opportunities. It is housed in Argenta
Hall and shares a floor and resources with the Honors Residential Scholars Program.
WISE members have enhanced access to associated faculty, academic advising, and
study groups.

In addition, Manzanita is a women-only residence hall. Family Student Housing at
University Village is available to married students with one child or a single parent with
2 children.

Contact: Teri Galvin 784-1113

University Committees

       Status of Women Committee: this committee reports to the president and is open
        to all members of the University community. Their mission is to identify and
        communicate issues and concerns regarding their experiences in and expectations
        of the University. The committee’s goal is to ensure that gender is not a barrier to
        full participation by women in the academic, professional, social and cultural life
        of the University.
       Work & Family Task Force: this committee reports to the president also and is
        open to all members of the University community. Their mission is to assist
        faculty, staff and students in balancing their work/school and family lives. The
        goals are to improve the family-friendliness of the campus in terms of policies
        resources and services.

Women’s Athletics

The University of Nevada is one of only 10 universities in the country to be named a
Diversity in Athletics Award winner. Nevada was one of just 2 schools in the nation to
be given a positive score in the study for its commitment to gender equity. Nevada
sponsors 12 women’s varsity sports featuring more than 280 female student athletes. The
Wolf Pack has added 3 women’s sports in the last 10 years, participating in successful
legislative lobbying for gender equity funding and private fundraising to accomplish
those goals. Nevada added women’s golf in 1998 and women’s soccer in 2000 while the
University also brought back its women’s softball program in 2003 after a 14 year hiatus.

Student Groups

ASUN recognizes 21 active clubs that are specifically focused issues of particular
importance to women and in some cases exclusively to female membership.

Birth Peace- This club’s purpose is to bring awareness to the community and student
body about reproductive and maternal/child issues.

Campus Girl Scouts- The Campus Girl Scouts is a branch of the Girl Scouting Movement
established to provide service to Girl Scout councils and to girls.

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Dance, University of Nevada (UNR Dance Team) - Official athletic dance team.
Performs at UNR football, basketball, and volleyball games as well as other school
functions. Dancers perform hip hop and jazz numbers.

Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta)- The Purpose of Delta Delta Delta is to establish a perpetual
bond of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger, more womanly character,
and broaden the moral and intellectual life.

Delta Gamma Fraternity (DeeGee)- Fosters high ideals of friendship, promotes
educational and cultural interests, creates a true sense of social responsibility, and helps
to develop the finest qualities of character.

Kappa Alpha Theta (KAO)- Kappa Alpha Theta exists to nurture each member
throughout her college and alumnae experience and to offer a lifelong opportunity for
social, intellectual and moral growth.

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.- Community service and academics based sorority.

Lambda Phi Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc (LFX)- The only truly multicultural sorority
on campus. A Lady Xi is a woman of excellence both academically and in her

National Organization of Women – Campus Action Team- Our purpose is to empower
and bring together a diverse group of students to work towards feminist change on their
campus and in their community.

PanHellenic Council- The Panhellenic Council (PC) is the governing body and policy-
making organization of the University of Nevada, Reno sorority system. Panhellenic's
chief purpose is to coordinate the efforts of the individual fraternities in matters of
philanthropy, scholarship, recruitment, and university relations.

Pi Beta Phi - The Mission statement of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for women is to promote
friendship, develop women of intellect and integrity, cultivate leadership potential and
enrich lives through community service.

Sigma Alpha Iota- National music fraternity who supports and encourages women
musicians of all ages, races, and nationalities.

Sigma Kappa Sorority (Sigma Kappa)- The purpose of Sigma Kappa is to provide
women lifelong opportunities and support for social, intellectual, and spiritual
development by bringing women together to positively impact our communities.

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)- SWE is a not-for-profit educational and service
organization. SWE is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable
career aspiration for women. SWE empowers women to succeed and advance in those

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University of Nevada Women’s Lacrosse Club- For women who want to continue
participating in the sport of lacrosse and play at an intercollegiate level.

VOX, Voices for Planned Parenthood- Voice for Planned Parenthood is a nationwide
program to energize and mobilize the new generation of pro-choice Americans. Vox aims
to educate and inspire a new generation of young adults to advocate reproductive

Women's Volleyball- For women who want to continue to play competitive volleyball.

Women’s Rugby- For women who want to learn the sport of rugby and play on an
intercollegiate level.

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee- For women who wish to play ultimate Frisbee on a
competitive level.

Women Without Borders- Women Without Borders is UNR's multicultural, queer-
positive, third wave feminist organization interested in joining diverse voices at UNR in
discussion and direct political action.

Young Women In Harmony (YWIH) - Chorus for women 25 and under.

Contact: Molly McCormack, 784-6589

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