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Offense Theft 50 – 500 by runout


									Offense: Minor in Possession of Alcohol
Date: 07.29.07
Time: 0244 hours
Location: 14000 block of San Pedro

While on patrol an officer observed a vehicle parked at the above location. Due to the time and
location the officer made contact with the occupants. The driver related he had blown a fuse and
was attempting to fix it. While talking to the driver, the officer detected the odor of alcohol
emitting from the vehicle. The officer identified all of the occupants and determined they were
all under the legal drinking age. All of the occupants were asked to step out of the vehicle.
Three of the occupants immediately informed the officer they had not been drinking. The fourth
individual related he had a few shots of Malibu Coconut Rum earlier in the evening. The officer
conducted a search of the vehicle where he found a bottle of Malibu Coconut Rum under the rear
seat. The bottle was almost empty, but still contained a small amount of alcohol. The fourth
occupant related the bottle was his and he had placed it in the vehicle. The individual was given
a Hill Country Village Summons for Minor in Possession of Alcohol. All of the occupants were
released to their respective parents. No further action.

Offense: Welfare Concern
Date: 07.29.07
Time: 2132 hours
Location: 300 blk of Limestone Creek14000 block of Mint Trail

An officer was dispatched to the listed location in reference to a loud noise disturbance. The
resident related about 45 minutes earlier he heard an unknown person yelling and banging on the
front door of the above location. Officers made the above location where they made contact with
the homeowner. The homeowner related she was fine and no one had knocked on her door. No
further action.

Offense: Minor in Possession of Alcohol
Date: 07.31.07
Time: 0402 hours
Location: Aspen Lane and South Tower Drive

While approaching the above location an officer observed a vehicle driving with its headlights
off. The officer initiated a traffic stop where he identified the driver. A check of the driver
revealed he did not have a driver’s license. Due to the age of the female in the vehicle the officer
called and talked to her mother. The mother related the male in the vehicle was a close friend of
the family and was allowed to be in the company of her daughter. The officer requested the
mother make the location and take custody of her daughter. While the vehicle was being
inventoried for towing an officer found several spray paint cans, markers and cameras. When
the officer asked the driver what he used the items for he related he uses them for “tagging”
different locations. The mother responded and took custody of both occupants. All of the
graffiti equipment was placed in the property room. No further action.
Offense: Suspicious Person
Date: 08.02.07
Time: 0757 hours
Location: 200 block of Village Circle

A resident called the city cellular phone to report a suspicious male carrying a backpack. The
officer made contact with the suspicious male who related he was a resident of Hill Country
Village and was carrying the backpack because he was conditioning himself for an upcoming
hiking trip. No further action.

Just a reminder from your Crime Prevention Section

If you would like a home inspection from our Crime Prevention officer, please call City Hall and
ask for Officer Ben Richard to schedule an appointment.

If you need fingerprint cards taken you can have them done at City Hall on Thursdays from
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Please remember the primary way to get a hold of the on duty officer is through the Bexar
County Sheriff’s Office at 210.335.6000.

Chief Morales

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