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Product Development & Quality Issues
    An ISO 9001: 2000-certified company,      Fields of Speci alizati on for OEM/ODM Pr oj ects:
Angewei Electric Appliances Co., Ltd
was established in 2000 in Foshan, a               Heavy & light-duty vacuum cleaners
prosperous industrial city in the Pearl            Mini refrigerators
River Delta. The location enjoys
convenient transportation and easy access          Coffee makers
to suppliers of raw materials, contributing
to better control of costs and product

    A professional manufacturer, Augewei
always insists on putting emphasis on
quality and technology for business
development. At the moment, the company
specializes in electrical home appliances
featuring easy operation and fashionable
design. The line-up comprises vacuum
cleaners, coffee makers, thermoelectric
coolers & warmers. All the products are
approved by UL, GS, EMC, SASO, CE, CB
and TUV, and comply with RoHS directive.                     A view of Augewei's
The unit price ranges from $10 to $150.                      electronics workshop

    Augewei's bagless vacuum cleaners          types may incorporate handle-mounted
rated at 1,800W features the combination       controls to facilitate operation.
of a water tank and a HEPA filter. This
cleaning method ensures that no dust will          Augewei has engaged in handling OEM
be vented out with air. The bagged versions    orders for nine years. Currently, 80 percent
also feature a high power rating. Both         of its products are of an OEM basis, and
                                               the remaining 20 percent are produced
                                               under its brand. Since its establishment,
                                               the company has been cooperating with
                                               Midea Group Corp., one of the leading
                                               electrical home appliance manufacturers in
                                               China, in producing vacuum cleaners on an
                                               OEM basis. After nearly five years' effort,
                                               the company has established long-term
                                               relationships with numerous OEM
                                               customers in China and abroad. Some
                                               famous enterprises such as LG, Sanyo,
                                               Delonghi, Dayu, Tauvus, Carrefour,
                                               Hyundai and Boxford are named as its
           Its fully-equipped                  major OEM customers.
           testing room
                                             accredited by TUV to carry out strict
                                             inspection according to IEC/ISO17025 and

                                                 The company's annual sales turnover is
                                             more than $20 million, 90 percent of
                                             which is originated from export sales.
                                             Europe, the U.S. and the Middle East are
                                             its major markets.

                                                 Confronting the financial crisis and
                                             fierce competition on the market, Augewei
                                             puts emphasis on cost reduction and
                                             product quality control. The company
                                             believes that good quality product starts
                                             with good quality components, and so
                                             major materials such as ABS plastic are
                                             sourced from South Korea, and the motors
        Augewei has handled the              are produced in-house. Besides, the
        production of vacuum                 company employs an experienced QC team
        cleaners for famous brands.          consisting of engineers and management
                                             personnel, which implement strict quality
                                             throughout the whole production process.
                                             The company has been certified to ISO
    To meet customers' large demand,
                                             9001: 2000 and ISO 14000 since 2004.
Augewei now runs nine factories in Foshan,
which occupy a total area of 150,000 sq.m.
                                                 Augewei expects that the annual sales
and employ nearly 2,000 workers. In
                                             in 2009 will have a 20-percent rise over
addition, the company has introduced 18
                                             2008. Minimum order is one 20-ft
advanced production lines and production
                                             container and delivery takes 25 days. A
equipment including injection moulding
                                             sample can be completed in six days.
machines, soldering machines, spray
painting lines, metal detectors, electric
                                                [Tel: 86-757-2632-2136
discharge machines and test equipment.
                                                 Fax: 86-757-2632-2100
The monthly production volume is 120,000
pcs for vacuum cleaners and 30,000 pcs for
coffee makers.

    For supporting product development,
Augewei established R&D centers
respectively dedicated to vacuum cleaners,
mini refrigerators and coffee makers and
electric motors as well as a technology
centre. Every year, the company can
launch six new items and develop more               Augewei's espresso coffee
than six projects with customers. In 2003,          machine and motor
its vacuum cleaner testing center was