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                         Chairperson's Application for Approval of a New Minor

DATE: November 7, 2005

TO:        Academic Council

FROM: David Stagaman, S.J.



          Minor Title: Minor in Pastoral Leadership


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   Note: After approval has been given, and the Minor is added to the SIS
Database, this form will be returned to the Academic Dean, who will forward
an approved copy to the chairperson of the initiating department.

                                       Minor in Pastoral Leadership
                                                      February, 2005

     Baptism implies active participation in the mission and ministry of the Church, and increasingly today laity
     along with clergy are assuming leadership responsibilities in their parishes and faith communities. As a
     Jesuit and Catholic university, Loyola, in its promise to prepare people to lead extraordinary lives, needs
     to provide its students with academic opportunities that foster learning (knowledge and skills) for pastoral
     leadership. Pastoral Leadership seeks to understand and work out the implications of faith for the life of
     the Church. The minor in pastoral leadership affords a structured curriculum for students to gain academic
     capacities commensurate with their leadership experience in Loyola's University Ministry and in other co-
     curricular and community contexts.
The desired learning outcomes for this minor are:
    1. Understand the foundation of Christian theology in areas such as scripture, sacrament,
        ecclesiology, and tradition in forming pastoral leadership.
    2. Gain skills of leadership practices, social and cultural analysis, and organizational
        development as applied to pastoral leadership.
    3. Demonstrate through service an understanding of one's baptismal call to discipleship.
    4. Articulate a personal pastoral theology and model of pastoral leadership as it applies to
        a particular religious mission or ministry.

The Undergraduate Minor in Pastoral Leadership will consist of six 3-credit semester
    Three foundational courses in Christian Theology from the Theology Department (list of
        qualifying courses to be determined)
       One elective (The course should relate to the particular religious mission or ministry
        focus of the student and could be a course outside the Theology department )
       Supervised Ministry, Theology #347: an internship or ministry practicum
       Creative Ministry, #348: Integrative Seminar in Pastoral Leadership

The Creative Ministry course would be the final course of the Minor sequence. It would be a
capstone that would require the student to articulate a personal pastoral theology and model of
leadership as it applies to the particular religious mission or ministry that the student worked on in
his or her supervised ministry. The Supervised Ministry course could be taken prior or
simultaneously to the Creative Ministry course. (Students not in the minor but who wished to
enroll in the Creative Ministry course would be required to take Creative Ministry as a service
learning course so that the student would have a direct experience of service as a response to
one's baptismal call)

Ministry Support for the Minor
The minor would be sponsored by the Theology Department in collaboration with
University Ministry. In particular, University Ministry would offer the following support:
       Director for the Minor. This Director would have appropriate academic credentials
        and be approved by the Chair of the Theology Department.
       The Director would teach the Supervised Ministry and Creative Ministry courses
        with assistance from the University Ministry staff.
       Ministry would oversee the supervised ministry placements.
       Ministry would actively market the minor.

Student Market for Minor
University Ministry holds a Ministry Leadership retreat each September for students who lead
programs. Two years ago 38 students participated, this past fall 63 students attended.
Ministry believes at least 10 — 20 percent of our student leaders would engage in the minor
sequence. With the revised core, Ministry also thinks that this minor would be an engaging
option for students active in their faith and studying outside the College of Arts and Sciences
particularly in the Schools of Education, Business, Nursing and Social Work

Added Proviso
The minor would be sponsored by the Theology Department in collaboration with University
Ministry. The Director of the Minor in Pastoral Leadership will be the Director of Minors in the
department of Theology. The Director will be assisted by an Assistant Director/Administrator
from University Ministry. The Chair of the department will appoint the Assistant Director after
consulting with the Director of University Ministry. The Assistant Director will be the teacher
of record for Theo 347 (Supervised Ministry). The Chair will appoint the teacher of the
Integrative Seminar (Theo 348).

Theology Department Minutes describing the proposal adopted by the faculty:

At the last department meeting, the faculty endorsed the UPC proposal for a new Minor in
Pastoral Leadership (to be housed in the Theology Department, with collaboration with
University Ministry and the Institute for Pastoral Studies), provided that some specificity be
given to the Theology courses required. Two different proposals were considered and the
following was unanimously adopted:

    a. In addition to the two courses provided under the aegis of University Ministry,
         students will take four additional courses, one of which may be related to their
         interest inside or outside the Theology Department.
    b. Three Theology courses must be taken according to the following distribution: Theo
         112 (Introduction to the New Testament); a course in Ethics (Theo 192, 193, or 340);
         and a course in Doctrine (Sacraments or Theology of God or Christology, but
         preferably in Ecclesiology). Those students who choose to take Theo 340 must have
         completed the other two courses.
    c.   One additional course (an elective) may be taken in the Theology Department or in
         another department, when the course fits a particular theological or pastoral
    d. Two of the six courses must be at the 300-level

The Minor in Pastoral Leadership:
The Minor would be a joint undertaking by the Department of Theology and University
Ministry. Its aim would be to educate interested Loyola undergraduates for a more active
participation in their parishes after they graduate. This preparation would be achieved through
course work at Loyola and a service experience supervised by University Ministry. It would
include the courses the students take as core requirements but also require more breadth of study
than the core might stimulate.

Required courses:
    Three 3-unit courses in theology at the 100 level to be distributed among Bible, Christian
      ethics and history or constructive theology.
      A 3-unit service courses supervised by University Ministry
      A 3-unit capstone course team-taught by a member of the Department of Theology and
       the University Ministry
      Elective courses: a course in theology at the 300-level (These service course and capstone
       course would be 300 level courses that already exist)

The total number of credit hours would be 18; the courses at the 100 level should precede the
courses at the 300 level.

The resources for implementing this minor already exist in the Department of Theology and
University Ministry.