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Minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice


									                          Minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice


The minor in Criminology and Criminal Justice allows students in other undergraduate programs
at ASU to explore issues of crime, law and the criminal justice system. The minor provides
students with the tools to analyze complex issues and policies within the criminal justice system,
enhancing students’ ability to understand the nature of crime and the system response to law
breaking. In addition to the three required courses, which provide a solid understanding of the
field, each student will be able to select electives to meet his or her specific interests. Students
should meet with a School of Criminology and Criminal Justice advisor prior to registration.

The requirements for the minor include the following:

      Complete a minimum of eighteen (18) hours of coursework;
      A minimum of nine (9) hours for the minor must be taken in the School of Criminology
       and Criminal Justice at ASU;
      Earn a grade of “C” or better in each course;

      Required Courses

 Course Number           Course Title                   Lower Division Upper Division
 CRJ 100                 The Justice System             3
 CRJ 230                 The Police Function
  or                                                    3
 CRJ 240                 The Correctional Function
 CRJ 260                 Substantive Criminal Law       3
 Three (3) additional upper division CRJ courses                            9
 must be selected from 300 and 400 level courses.

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