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                               Over the past five years, Sarah Register has carved a unique niche into
                               the world of mastering. From rock legend Lou Reed to recent indie-
                               pop duo Mates of State, Sarah’s diverse discography of solo and assis-
                               tant mastering work continues to expand, as does her reputation for
                               lending an amazing ear in the studio.

                               Knowing instinctively that she would be surrounded by music, teen-
                               age Sarah found New York University’s Music Technology program, and
                               dove headfirst into the NYC audio scene. There, she participated in
                               countless recordings, various sonic adventures, and some production
                               and sound design projects both in and out of the classroom. Sarah’s
natural talent and diligence led her to a well-earned position at The Lodge where she became helpful
in many different arenas, both creative and professional. Her driving work ethic combined with an
intuitive knowledge for sound and its inner-workings advanced Sarah swiftly through many studio
roles to a engineering position.

Sarah has assisted Chief Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar on over a thousand records, many criti-
cally acclaimed, such as David Bowie’s “Heathen”, The Shins’ “Chutes Too Narrow” and Morrissey’s
“Ringleader Of The Tormentors”. Avidly interested in the possibilities of audio as a solo mastering
engineer, Sarah has had the opportunity to work her subtle innovations into hundreds of projects
including: Lou Reed’s “Island Of The Misfit Toys”, Laurie Anderson’s “Hidden Inside Mountains” and
Depeche Mode’s SACD version of “Playing The Angel”. She has had the honor of working with some
other of her own personal favorites in addition to the above, including Say Hi To Your Mom, Human
Television, Calla, Kid Koala and more.

Current articles on Sarah Register include features in Cool’eh magazine, Pro Sound News and Deli


                                              AUDIO MASTERING FOR STEREO & SURROUND
                                              740 BROADWAY SUITE 605 NEW YORK NY 10003
                                     t212.353.3895 f212.353.2575

Mastering Engineer                          The Boggs “Forts”                                         The Freshmaka “Hawaiian Shirt Day”

“Across 155th St. The EBC at Rucker         Brand Nubian “Fire In The Hole”                           Frisbie “The Dust”
Park” Soundtrack Featuring: Nas, Fat Joe,   Bridges & Powerlines (TBA)                                Garbage “Greatest Hits (TBA)
  Mobb Deep, Jean Grae, Dead Prez, etc.
                                            BT “This Binary Universe”                                 Garbage “Absolute Garbage- Special Edition”
Against All Authority “Restoration Of         (Stereo & 5.1 Surround)                                 (US)
  Chaos And Order”
                                            Built For The Sea “Built For The Sea”                     Garbage “Absolute Garbage- Special Edition”
Akir “Apocalypse”                                                                                     (UK)
                                            Calla (B-Sides)
Akir “Legacy”                                                                                         Gauge “December 31st Nineteen Ninety
                                            Calla “Collisions”
Michelle Albano “Second Guesses”                                                                      Nine”
                                            Mundo Cáo “Untitled”
Aleister X “Bangers & Beans EP”                                                                       Robbie Gil “Stumble Inn”
                                            Canibus “The Curriculum”
The Alrights “High School”                                                                            Goose “Live It Up, Turn It Goose”
                                            Canibus “Rip The Jacker”
Laurie Anderson “Hidden Inside Mountains”                                                             Grade 13 “Sidewalk Chalk”
  (Stereo & 5.1 Surround Sound)             Kristen Chandler “Bird”
                                                                                                      Halph “Ode To You”
Anthem “All In A Day’s Work”                Circle And Square “Circle And Square”
                                                                                                      The Harlem Shakes “Burning Birthdays” (EP)
Asobi Seksu “Asobi Seksu”                   Con Art “Pilgramgasse”
                                                                                                      Hifiklub “How To Make Friends”
Asobi Seksu “Citrus”                        Crazy James (2 Song)
                                                                                                      “Hippo Abuelo” (Compilation)
Asobi Seksu (7”)                            Cruiserweight “Sweet Weaponry”
                                                                                                      Holler Wild Rose! “Our Little Hymnal”
Eric Avery “Help Wanted”                    D & A “Love Goes”
                                                                                                      Stevie Holland “More Than Words Can Say”
Awesome Color “Awesome Color”               Da Heataz “Light It Up / Get Up Off” (Single)
                                                                                                      Stevie Holland “Restless Willow”
Awsome Color “TBA”                          Dark Room “Dark Room”
                                                                                                      Hollywood “Hollywood”
Backlight Media Compilation “Other Songs    Daylight’s For The Birds
                                                                                                      Honorary Title “Anything Else But The Truth”
  And Dances Vol. 1” Featuring:               “Daylight’s For The Birds”
                                                                                                       (Bonus Tracks)
  Duncan Sheik, Peter Field, Vesper, etc.   death.pool “death.pool” (EP)
                                                                                                      The Hotcakes “The Hotcakes”
Band Marino “The Sea And The Beast”         Depeche Mode “Playing The Angel” (SACD)
                                                                                                      House Of Blondes “House Of Blondes”
Basin Alders “Untitled”                     Dina D “Astro-Not”
                                                                                                      Human Television “All Songs Written By:
Bedroom Walls “All Good Dreamers            DJ Tiesto “Elements Of Life”                              Human Television”
  Pass This Way”
                                            The Doors “Hello I Love You”                              Human Television “Look At Who You’re
Zoe Bently “On The Road”                      (Adam Freeland Remix)                                   Talking To”
David Berkeley “Live From Fez”              Electric Tickle Machine “Blew It Again”                   Humanos “Live”
David Berkeley “Strange Light”              Elephant Parade “Home”                                    Hydrophoniks “Holy War Single”
Lisa Bianco “Post Data”                     Ellis Ashbroook “Assemblage”                              Hydrophoniks “Hydrophoniks”
Sam Bisbee “Live At Arlene Grocery”         The Emergence “Please Rise”                               Icewater Scandal “No Handle”
Bitch “Blasted!”                            The Epochs “Self Titled”                                  I’m In You “War Dreams”
Black Swan Green “The Lake EP”              Eugene “Demos”                                            Image Entertainment Compilation
Bloody Panda “Bloody Panda”                                                                             “Afro-Punk Volume 1” Featuring:
                                            Eva “First Take Sessions”                                   Yaphet Kotto, McRad, Eternals,
Bloody Panda (EP)                           Ex “Take That”                                              Kimya Dawson, etc.
Blue Man Group “Las Vegas Sampler”          501 Click “Country Girl / Country” (Single)               Immortal Technique “Bin Laden”
Blue Stone “Worlds Apart”                   Falcon Five-O “The Past Behind”                           Iran (TBA)
The Boggs “Arm In Arm” (12”)                The Figgs “Follow Jean Through The Sea”                   Ivory “Ivory”

                                                              AUDIO MASTERING FOR STEREO & SURROUND
                                                              740 BROADWAY SUITE 605 NEW YORK NY 10003
                                                     t212.353.3895 f212.353.2575

Andrew James “Somewhere To Begin”               Blues”                                                 Christina Rosenvinge “Foreign Land”
JC “Corazon Latino”                           MV & EE with the Golden Road “Gettin’ Gone”              Rotten Cheri “9 Song”
Jedi Mind Tricks “Visions of Ghandi”          Nadia “Nadia”                                            “A Royal Christmas” Compilation Featuring:
                                                                                                         The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Joint Method “Roots And Wings”                Liesa Norman “Text Me”
                                                                                                       Ramon Rush “Same Job / Ring On You”
Kid Koala “Your Mum’s Favorite DJ”            Nouvellas “Nouvellas”
                                                                                                       The Sad Little Stars “The Stop Motion
Kaki King “Everybody Loves You”               Numo (EP)
Kaki King “Until We Felt Red”                 Nymph “Nymph”
                                                                                                       Saltpeter “Everything Back To Mine / Pale As
Buddy Klein “Nothing To Lose:                 Object “In Motion” (EP)                                  The Rain”
  Music Insipred By A Man Apart”
                                              Opsvik & Jennings “Commuter Anthems”                     Jon Sandler “Live At Skyline”
Jason Kronick “Bullshit Artist”
                                              Over It “MLB for Playstation ‘07”                        Say Hi “The Wishes And The Glitch”
L.A. featuring Akon “On My Trail”
                                              Own Free Will “Natural Awakening”                        Say Hi To Your Mom “Ferocious Mopes”
Patti LaBelle featuring Ron Isley “Go Solo”
                                              Pagoda “House Of Worship”                                Say Hi To Your Mom “Impeccable Blahs”
The Lights “Walk On Razors”
                                              The Papers “Great Forgettable”                           Say Hi “Oohs & Aahs”
Limbeck “Hey, Everything’s Fine”
                                              Pencilbrain “Come For Me”                                Say Hi “Oohs & Aahs” (12”)
“Living Room: Live In NYC Volume 2”
                                              Lee “Scratch” Perry “Repentance”                         Sharkey “Sharkey’s Machine”
  Compilation Featuring: Jesse Malin, Julia
  Darling, Joseph Arthur, etc.                Lee “Scratch” Perry “Pum Pum (12” Single)”               Lisa Shaw “Cherry” (12”)
Liza & The Wonderwheels “Pavlov’s Garage”     Lee “Scratch” Perry “Repentance LP”                      Pal Shazar “Shazar No. 5”
Lowbelly “A Phoenix Like This”                Lee “Scratch” Perry “Repentance”                         The Shins “Wincing The Night Away”
Lower Dens “Twin Hand Movements”                                                                       Sia “TV Is My Parent (Live)”
                                              Lee “Scratch” Perry “Repentance” (Alternate /
Magik Markers “Boss”                                                                                   Siah206 “...All Corners”
                                              Bonus Tracks)
Mairead “Dawn Of Revelation”                                                                           Sightings “End Times”
                                              Lee “Scratch” Perry “Repentance” (Radio
Malo “Willen / Ya Ya” (Single)                Promo)                                                   Sightings “Through The Panama”
Ken Martin “Tomorrow’s Memory”                Pisces “Pisces” (EP)                                     Simple Plan “MTV Hard Rock Live”
                                                                                                         (5.1 Surround Sound)
Mike Maven “Welcome To The                    Project Jenny Project Jan “City Lights”
                                                                                                       Skidmore Fountain “Break”
  Goodlife Vol. 1”                            Project Jenny Project Jan “The Colors EP”
                                                                                                       Slow Burn “Down Wit It”
Maxi Geil! & PlayColt “Strange Sensation”     Josh Ralph “Lucky Number Slevin”
                                                                                                       Slow Learner “The Backward Order of All
The Mercies “The Mercies”                     Lou Reed “The Island of Misfit Toys”
Minuit “The Guards Themselves”                Ezra Reich “Milkshake Arcade”
                                                                                                       Slow Learner “In Their Time They Are
Miracles “Colony Collapse”                    Vernon Reid And Masque
                                                “My Other True Self”                                     Magnificent”
Mirror Mirror “Heart Of A Dog”
                                              Reincarnate Records Compilation “NY2LON”                 Small Town Sleeper (EP)
Mistic Rein “Deja Voodoo”
                                                Featuring: The Ordinary Boys, The
                                                                                                       Smash Task “Kiss My Ass”
Moby “Go-The Very Best Of Moby”                 Subways, Two Gallants, The Heights, etc.
                                                                                                       Springhouse “From Now To Ok”
Mood Bungalow “Mood Bungalow”                 Bill Ricchini “Tonight I Burn Brightly”
                                                                                                       Soft (B-Sides)
The Morning Benders “Boarded Doors”           Rafter Roberts “Music For Total Chickens”
                                                                                                       Soft “Untitled”
Me’Shell NdegeOcello “The World Has           Rolo Tomase “Plan B”
                                                                                                       Soft “Gone Faded”
  Made Me The Man Of My Dreams”               Andrea Rosario “Sunshine”
                                                                                                       The Sound “Dear Heartbreaks &
MV & EE with the Bummer Road “Green           Joshua Rosenblum “Bush Is Bad”

                                                               AUDIO MASTERING FOR STEREO & SURROUND
                                                               740 BROADWAY SUITE 605 NEW YORK NY 10003
                                                      t212.353.3895 f212.353.2575

  Controversies”                              Aesop Rock “Labor Days”                                 The Concretes “Lady December”
Daniel Stampfel (3 Song)                      The All- American Rejects                               Crosstide “Life As A Spectator”
                                                “The All- American Rejects”
Steel Phantom “EP”                                                                                    Cuban Link “Chain Reaction”
                                              Ambulance LTD “LP”
Stone Lions “Ooooh”                                                                                   Cuban Link “Talk About It”
                                              Ambulance LTD “New English EP”
Strange Radio “Special Betty”                                                                         Evan Dando “Stop My Head” (Singles)
                                              Anti-Flag “The Terror State”
Tall Firs “Too Old To Die Young”                                                                      Def Jux Compilation “Fondle ‘Em Fossils”
                                              Apples In Stereo “Velocity Of Sound”                      Featuring: Kool Keith, MF Doom, Cage,
Taxi Taxi “Maps And Legends”
                                                                                                      El-P, The Arsonists, etc.
                                              Astralwerks Compilation “New Music
Tee Pee Records Compilation “Guerilla
                                                Sampler 2005” Featuring: Kraftwerk,                   Def Jux Compilation “Def Jux Presents II”
  Jukebox Vol. 1” Featuring: Nebula, Sleep,
                                                Chemical Brothers, Royksopp, Athlete,                   Featuring: El-P, Weathermen, Aesop Rock,
  Black Nasa, High On Fire, etc.
                                                Audio Bullys, Black Dice, The Beta Band,                Mr. Lif, RJD2, etc.
These Are Powers “Taro Tarot”                   etc.
                                                                                                      Depeche Mode “Playing The Angel” (Stereo)
These Enzymes “Henry EP”                      Astralwerks Compilation “New Music
                                                                                                      Destiny‘s Child “8 Days Of Christmas“
                                                Sampler 2004” Featuring: Phoenix, The
Amon Tobin “Foley Room”                         Concretes, Radio 4, Graham Coxon,                     The Donnas “Gold Medal”
Trezher “Confused”                              Fatboy Slim, VHS Or Beta, Caesars, Kings
                                                Of Convenience, etc.                                  The Donnas “Spend The Night”
Trina Taylor “Natural High”
                                              Atmosphere “God Loves Ugly”                             El-P “Fantastic Damage”
UE “Tragedy 2 Triumph”
                                              “Banana Republic Christmas”Compilation                  The Essex Green “Cannibal Sea”
Universe “Universe”                             Featuring: Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington,               Anthony Evans “Letting Go”
Utah Carol “Rodeo Queen”                        Mel Torme, Louis Armstrong, etc.
                                                                                                      The Exit “Home For An Island”
Valerian “Intimations Of Sorrow”              Bedroom Walls “All Good Dreamers
                                                Pass This Way”                                        The Faint “Dance Macabre (2003 Remixes)”
Valeze “Come Undone”
                                              Beyoncé “Work It Out” (Remixes)                         Marianne Faithfull “Marianne Faithfull Live
Valeze “Liar” (EP)                                                                                     In Hollywood” (CD & DVD)
                                              “BiRD UP: The Charlie Parker Remix Project”
Various Artists “A Song For My Father”          Featuring: Dan The Automator, Choco And               Five For Fighting
                                                RZA, El-P, The X-Ecutioners, Me’Shell                   “The Devil In The Wishing Well”
Various Artists “Face Of A Fig Tree”
                                              NdegéOcello, etc.                                       David Fonseca
Various Artists “Jingle Jam”                                                                            “Our Hearts Will Beat As One”
                                              Blue Note Records Compilation “Blue Note
Various Artists “Sundry Notes”                  Revisited” Featuring: Kenny Dope,                     Garbage “Bleed Like Me”
Various Artists “Ecstatic Peace Sampler”        DJ Spinna, Madlib, J Dilla, etc.
                                                                                                      Mark Gardener “These Beautiful Ghosts”
Viva Voce “The Heat Can Melt Your Brain”      David Bowie “Heathen“
                                                                                                      Allen Ginsberg “Wichita Vortex Sutra”
Andrew W.K. “55 CADILLAC”                     David Bowie “Reality“
                                                                                                      Sérgio Godinho “Ligação Directa”
White Rabbits “Fort Nightly”                  Bronze Nazareth “The Great Migration”
                                                                                                      Jean Grae “This Week”
White Rabbits (7”)                            BT “Emotional Technology”
                                                                                                      Grandaddy “Diary From The
Willem Maker “Stars Fell On”                  Jeff Buckley And Gary Lucas                               Excerpts Of Toddzilla”
                                              “Songs To No One”
Willem Maker “New Moon Hand”                                                                          Adam Green “Jessica”
                                              The Changes “Today Is Tonight”
Wooden Wand “James & The Quiet”                                                                       Hear Music Compilation “Sweethearts”
                                              Cherish The Ladies “On Christmas Night”                 Featuring: Nada Surf, Clem Snide, Iron And
Zsa Zsa “Zsa Zsa”                                                                                       Wine, Aimee Mann, etc.
                                              The City Drive “Always Moving
                                                Never Stopping”                                       Hey Mercedes “Loses Control”
Assistant Engineer / Digital Editing          Clem Snide “Soft Spot”                                  Inouk “No Danger”
Selected Discography
                                              Clip “Clip”                                             “Inside Out” Compilation Featuring:
Pedro Abrunhosa “Intimidade”                                                                            Al Green, Keb Mo, Sonny Rollins, Ruben
                                              The Cloud Room “The Cloud Room”

                                                              AUDIO MASTERING FOR STEREO & SURROUND
                                                              740 BROADWAY SUITE 605 NEW YORK NY 10003
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Lou Reed “Animal Serenade”                       Featuring: The Strokes, The Rapture,
                                               Interpol, Le Tigre, Ted Leo and The
Lou Reed “Live In Spain”
                                                 Pharmacists, etc.
Lou Reed “NYC Man: The Ultimate
                                               Martha Wainwright “Martha Wainwright”
                                               Jeff Wayne’s “The War Of The Worlds”
The Rewinds “The Rewinds”
                                               Collector’s Edition, Remixes And Outtakes
Kyle Riabko “Before I Speak”                     (SACD Stereo & 5.1 Surround Sound)
Riddlin’ Kids “Stop The World”                 Ween “Shinola”
RJD2 “Deadringer”                              Andrew W.K. “Mother of Mankind”
Rogue Wave “Descended Like Vultures”           Victor Wooten “Soul Circus”
Rough Trade Compilation “Field Guide To        Wu-Tang Clan “Disciples of The 36
  Music” Featuring: The Fiery Furnaces,         Chambers”
Wolfman with Peter Doherty, Eastern Lane,
  Art Brut, etc.
RZA “Birth Of A Prince”
Seether “Disclaimer II: Remixed And
The Shins “Chutes Too Narrow”
Simple Plan “MTV Hard Rock Live” (Stereo)
“Six Feet Under” Soundtrack Featuring:
  Al Green, Keb Mo, Sonny Rollins, Ruben
  Blades, Gil Scott Heron, Irma Thomas, etc.
Small Sins “Small Sins”
Something For Kate “Desert Lights”
Sonic Youth “Dirty - Deluxe Edition”
The Sound “Dear Heartbreaks &
South “Adventures In The Underground
Journey To The Stars”
“SSX 3” Soundtrack Featuring: N.E.R.D.,
Fatboy Slim, Basement Jaxx, The Chemical
  Brothers, and Placebo
The Stills “Logic Will Break Your Heart”
Barbara Streisand “Night Of My Life” (12”)
Think Differently Music “Wu-Tang Meets The
  Indie Culture”
Third Eye Blind “Out Of The Vein“
Teddy Thompson “Separate Ways”
VHS Or Beta “Night On Fire”
VHS Or Beta “Le Funk”
VHS Or Beta “You Got Me”
Vice Records Compilation “Yes New York”

                                                                AUDIO MASTERING AND DVD AUTHORING
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