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Excellent location on Qingdao WuSi Square ,one of the most famous city veiw
spot.It’s belong to new and recently developed tour attraction.There are much
government bulidings ,enterprise Companies,Business bulidings,5 star hotels
and shopping centre around here.The location is very convenient.easy to reach
by Bus and car.Many car parks are available.

High quality Coffee bean from Australia.Professional coffee making technology.

Special,romatic and comfortable atmosphere flowing paino and accordion
music will be set apart from its competitors.

Appetizing ! This will allow excellent scope when updating the dish selection.

Marketing Target:
All ladies like romantic Atmosphere.and there are lots of business men working

Hours of operation:
S.H.E Coffee Shop will not be open for breakfast and not too late at night.As
bussiness grows this coffee shop will be established as a earlier opening and
semi late night venue,

As a new coffee shop ,Promotions and events will be a major factor in speading
S.H.E.and developing marketing ,hold own fixed guests.Let S.H.E Coffee Shop
become to be a first choice of guests.

Because import Coffee beanS,the prices of coffee maybe higher than other café.
Copetitors will use competitive pricing strategies to cut the bottom out of the
market.Constant effort must be made to keep costs and wastage to a
minimum.If the coffee and dishes are copied the prices must be made extremely

There are too much cafés or restaurants around,we must close contact with
guests will be needed to remian in touch with what they need and want, create
a famous and special beand!

Ideas being used:
Other establish may use some of ideas including menus,décor,marketing plan
etc,we will hold our guests with S.H.E own service and coffee.

There are so many activies will be hold in WuSi square when spending
festival.through creating and establishing a customer base to develop this

Most of guests from other cities and foreign must come here if they visited
Qingdao .They can promote us when they go back.

There are much spaces of coffee marketing in Qingdao ,Just S.P.R might be a
stronger business.

To   set up a prefect image
To   get good reputation
To   bulid a profitable
To   establish market share
To   establish a famous trademark name among the same trade
To   creative and keep every guest, let more and more guests, especially ladies
To   sevilver a quality product
To   stay in front of competition
To   hold 100 chain coffee shop in China whitin 3 years.
Expand the expend
Open more chain Coffee Shops
Found S.H.E clubs


Working style:
the quickest reaction, the quickest action, provides the quickest and best
Set and achieve the highest standards in all aspects of our business
High performance is valued and rewarded

Operating style:
Guests are always right, treat them as own family members.
Seeking need of the guests, hunting down their praise.

Morality standard:
Would rather making Coffee Shop suffer losses than making our guest to.
Would rather making individual suffer losses than making our Coffee Shop.
Customer Focus:
Consider each customer as one of our most significant assets
Our business depends on our relationships with customers

Staff Day:

The last day in each odd month.In the Day, manager and supervisors would
become to be waiter/waitress. The senior leaders can service for the staff
members. At the same time, the staff members can learn the high skills from
their leaders. They also have open communication with their leaders to give
some good suggestion or discontent.We treat every equal—EEO policy

Team Work:

All staff are working towards a common set of business goals
Share our experience and learning with colleagues to develop the restaurants
inyrllrctual capital.

I have no plan to put much Ads on newspaper.but some fashion magzine for
women should be required.

A Web site, with full details and S.H.E style of the coffee shop will set up. In
addition an email mailing list will be developed to allow S.H.E to send out
advertisements of upcoming events and specials, just for those special
customer awareness. High profile bands will be sought out to play at the venue,
these bands will bring their followers and we shall introduce them all to the
new venue, S.H.E.

We focus on image ads sothat set up our reputation and special style as soon as
possible. We will invest to set up outdoor advertising such as light along street.

We will put Ads on

    Yellow pages
    Cuisine and Style magazines
    Radio advertisements
    Flyers, brochures, street sign and outdoor advertising in business area
     and airport.
    Web
    Sey up Coffee shop in high stars Hotel
          Some Ads of outside Flyers

When I feel lonely ,I sample coffee alone .

When I feel Solitary ,I takes Coffee As companion .

  In this "instant" era ,coffee bring us the fragrant
 flavor ,but more important ,it gives us a sense

It is like melancholy literature works ,like the spring
tree in the village 、the kwela in Milan ;you can take
it as bosom Lover , as weary Jazz 、romantic
Chanson ……

A cup of Coffee is a kind of can experience
 different yourself in S.H.E.

Which constellation are you ?Do you know which
kind of coffee fit with you?S.H.E will tell you……
             Advertisement in Magazine

             S.H.E Coffee Shop

“Where you can explore and ecperience the taste of the
                   true Coffee”
   “Where belong to all ladies and their friends”

                OPENING HOURS:

    Add: 88,XiangGang ZhongRoad ,Qingdao,ShanDong,China

             Tel:0532-5878788 Fax:0532-5858777

                       Advertisement in 51 Job.

                     S.H.E Coffee Shop
                “Where you can explore and ecperience the taste of the true Coffee”

                          “Where belong to all ladies and their friends”

Are you looking for a job?

We currently seek applications from self-motivated individuals with loads of
initiative to join our team in key position for our opening on 14th,February
2005.The coffee shop is very convenient which located at WuSi square.

Are you a coffee lover?Do you need a romantic and chanllenge job?If you are
insterested,please send your applicayion to :


The successful applicant will have a background in food and beverage.Must
have experience about financial.


We seek a motivated,energetic,and responsible person.

Kitchen hand:

Self-motivated,energetic and organised person is required to fill this
position.Experience is not necessary but perferred.


Require a full-time and part-time waitperson with good personality and passion
for the industry.Experience is not necessary but preferred.


                         S.H.E Coffee Shop
       “Where you can explore and ecperience the taste of the true Coffee”

                  “Where belong to all ladies and their friends”

                                  Good News!

      Right now in your neighbourhood has opened a new Coffee shop!

Located at WuSi Square(88,XiangGang ZhongRoad ,Qingdao,ShanDong,China
        Variety of profession coffee ,and western food you can choose!
                            (With reasonable price)

                              OPENING HOURS:

Bring your family,relatives and friends to our new Coffee shop with this card,so
                you can receive 10% of food and 5% of coffee!

    Hurry up before this very special offers end. For bookings please call:
                   Tel:0532-5878788 Fax:0532-5858777



                            Valid until 15 may 2005